The Gold Weapon Skins Pack on a PS4 Preorder

I preordered BL3 (Super Deluxe Edition) through the Playstation Store, and I’m not certain if I have received the Gold Weapon Skins pack.
I will have the Early Adopter Pack, but those aren’t the same thing, right?

Does anyone know for sure if this is something I will have when I download the game?
If I won’t I’ll just try to refund my purchase and order it again through the actual Borderlands website

The Gold Weapon Skin/Trinket is a Pre-Order bonus and different from the Early Adopter Pack.
If you Pre-Ordered you should get it no matter of what platform you used or whether it was on the PS Store/BL Website etc.

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All the items that come with the Pre-Order will be activated once you log into the game upon release. It’s not added before that time.