The Golden Rule mod needs a buff

Now before this mod came into this game I was thinking this mod might give Phasezerker a run for it’s money. Sadly that isn’t the case. Golden Rule has so much potential but it lacks on what it’s supposed to deliver. Taking incoming damage from enemies to reduce the cooldown of your action skill. This effect can also stack and when it’s working it’s even quicker than Phasezerker even when you’re running some of our longer actions skills cooldown rates.

However the only way I’ve seen to put it at full use is by grabbing the Sellout a lower level version and shooting yourself in the foot with it of course with other tied elements with it makes it more effective. If you tried to use it the way I believe it was intended mostly which is by jumping into combat countless enemies damaging you. You would be very disappointed because it just doesn’t seem all that effective that way. The effective way of using it also just seems boring or annoying after awhile. Do you really wanna look at your feet everytime and just shoot yourself just to make a mod do what it’s intended to do after popping an action skill? As well as in the flow of combat!? To me that seems tedious and just not fun not to mention you have to waste a weapon slot to run that.

Phasezerker just does it better in terms of dealing with action skill cooldown and it gives you more weapon damage with that. No risk required and very rewarding. Meanwhile Golden Rule has risk involved but not much great on the rewarding hand. It doesn’t make sense. All I’m saying is I think it’s about time Golden Rule got buffed so maybe it can be relevant and an actual choice for builds. Otherwise this mod is just gonna keep getting overlooked I believe. Phasezerker will most of the time be the king of reducing action skills cooldown rates.

My thoughts on buffing would be to buff the effects on what it was intended for. What I mean is incoming damage from any sources should cause the mod to boost your action skill cooldown rate a LOT (it just seems so little no matter how much I let the enemy shoot at me or try to take damage on purpose from any threats so doing this would fix this issue and stop me having to handicap myself or run a specific gun to shoot myself in the foot with to make it work.) As well as long as I’m taking damage the effects should last and really be doing some work on my cooldown rate I don’t know how long the effects last while stack but I feel it’s too short might need to go do some research but it’d be nice if it lasted just a bit longer while stacked before it goes away maybe it should stack up then go away over time. The effective boost from it currently right now just don’t do it enough justice to use it. It’s purpose is to make you be in the heat of the fight taking hits but rewarding you your powerful ability back quicker as well as making so it you can keep your anointed and other buffs up and going in the fight. I shouldn’t be taking so much damage and still not seeing a big enough boost to make me run this let along having to shoot myself to actually see it in actual work. If I’m taking hits I best be getting back good payout.

I don’t know if anybody agrees with me on this wouldn’t mind hearing others thoughts on this.

(For those looking for a shield to pair with this mod I should of mentioned this but if you don’t wanna use Sellout or anything to shoot yourself in the foot with to make this mod work effectively. My best alternative advice is to run Aegis All-in. As it increases your action skill cooldown rate by 50% and that with Golden Rule is REALLY noticable and effective. Action skill cooldown rate anointeds also are okay but not as good as Aegis All-in shield if you looking for something bigger as an increase.)

Just today I decided to give the Golden Rule a whirl since I’ve finally gotten to DLC2 and the one I got happened to boost Jakobs - and I happened to be running Jakobs guns.

Previously I’ve been using the Phasezerker.

It was pretty terrible honestly. The PZ got me cool down infinitely faster and with more TTB damage.

I’m sure there’s a practical use for it that’s not just a novelty, but I haven’t seen it.

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I been using Golden Rule ever since release but the mod just doesn’t seem too good. Only reason I stuck with it was because Phasezerker can’t get my longer action skills such as Phaseslam, Tandava, and Downfall to come back before Helping Hands ends without having some other stats to help it out as a substitute. (My whole stick is to keep my damage reduction up as long as possible of course with all the other buffs.)

It has potential but Phasezerker is just so much better. It makes me sad to see such a mod not live to what it could of been.

I think they should buff the effects from taking incoming damage from any source such as incoming fire and what not. Just make it more effective at what it was intended. Surely then people would start to see this as good option if they don’t wanna run Phasezerker but instead something more risky and effective. Make crazy builds out of it like I’ve done but without having to handicap themselves a little by wasting a fourth weapon slot.

T_T Side note: When I tried it with Hawt pain is power for the first time I got hands on the mod I was thinking maybe since guns that inflict damage on the player would be the best pairing with it. Man I was sad that day to see it wasn’t enough to make it work as intended as well. THAT BUILD COULD OF BEEN AMAZING! Rest in peace.

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The fact Golden Rule and Stone are two different COMs for what could be a similar “jump in the fray” play style never seemed right to me. Both those COMs need to be looked at.


Agreed! :+1: They just need to be tweaked to be better at what they’re supposed to do. The way I see it if you make a risk and reward play style with a mod or anything it needs to have nice balance out between each other. Otherwise what’s the point of using it. Risk can’t be non existent while the reward is too great or Risk is super high but reward is just not worth anything at all. Neither one is really balance so the focus should to make it more effective at what it was intended for to balance it out.

If it worked well it could effectively give Topped Up to melee builds :grin:


Oh I know! I personally believe this mod could be the best tool for melee builds as well as other types of builds if it was buffed. (Even now in it’s current state if you use the methods to make it work effectively it shows it could be a REALLY AMAZING mod.)

I tried pairing Golden Rule with Aegis All-in with my melee/gun build. IT’S FREAKING AMAZING! Loving the build especially when slam relics are putting in some work with Jab cross. Hawt pain is power being the best gun for me as well too HOLY! (Sorry let me stop before I go on and on about this build! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :rofl:)

However this is another alternative route to run Golden Rule and make it effective. Don’t have to shoot yourself in the foot with sellout which is really NICE. I still believe this mod needs a buff to make it effective more on it’s own rather than needing something else to aid it to actually do what it’s meant for.


Technically I can already do that when I tried it with Phasezerker and it’s stat helping out but Golden Rule exist. Why not make it an option instead of underwhelming and for some who say not viable. (I really love this mod when it works oh my…THE BUILDS ARE DEADLY MAN I GOTTA DREAM!)

Apologies for the caps. Yelling this all in my head. :joy:

There is also diminishing returns with action skill cooldown - if you take restless and have some somewhere else you probably end up getting very little from the com.

There’s probably a larger issue here that the majority of Amaras mods are just awful - a lot far worse than the rule and stone. I think the issue is she’s so OP to start with that they need to be careful not to blow the lid off with a class mod. I also think her augments need a serious look at - too many come with unfair downsides so no one picks them.

If glamour or downfall or others I can’t remember the name of were more powerful/useful at the cost of longer CD then that bonus would be a lot more appealing and maybe worth trading in more damage from another com.

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Good point. Some of the other mods Amara has are a bit questionable sometimes and sometimes it’s not the mod that struggles to be somewhat good but her augments. Cough cough looking at you Dragon class mod.

I been wondering how much more op could Amara actually get and if this change would actually be something that would be problematic or not. If Golden Rule got buffed would that make it the best mod out of all of her other ones automatically? If Stone got buffed would it make her invincible? Would she become the only vault hunter to choose for EVERYTHING you do in the game including ALL hard content? Kinda makes me wonder if Gearbox is afraid to buff these sometimes as well. :joy:

Whatever the case may be it’d still be GREAT if Amara mods got some attention. (BUILDS ARE JUST SO COOL TO IMAGINE WITH THIS ONE AS WELL. I LOVE THE IDEA OF GOLDEN RULE SO MUCH.) Risk and rewards builds have always been somewhat of focus to my attention so who doesn’t want the payout to be GREAT! :rofl: