The GOLDEN skins

woahhh, those are some really neat skins, but whiskey had a golden skin, does this mean that all battleborn will have golden skins??? that’d be totes neat dood. :smile:
The reason I made this quick topic was because when pre order bonuses were shown, it said for FIVE battleborn only, those being rath, mantana, I forgot the rest . Some people were sad that their other favorite battleborn couldn’t be boasting their golden glory BUT with this evidence, their dreams of being the golden hero/not hero can be hoped for, basically I’m just trying to show people some cool skins.


This makes me happy!! Caldarius gold plated? Yes! And PLEASE!

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I really like that Ambra skin. Not sure whether I prefer it to the default skin. I also think that Isic looks interesting.

Slightly more on topic, I suppose the Golden skins could be available to the five characters listed in the pre-order documentation, but there could be gold skins for the other characters for mastering that particular character?

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I’m more focused on that ISIC skin. That’s what a skin should be, it’s great to see we might be getting more than just palette swaps


From what I’ve seen there are some color schemes that are universal for all characters, but have to be unlocked. I believe the 5 gold skins in the pre-order are available to those who do not pre-order. Pre-ordering probably just unlocks them instantly. Pre-order. I just hope that there are some badass and unique skins that are hard to unlock but worth it, for each character, similar to BL2.

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This is fake as all hell!

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by that. What’s ‘fake’?

Specifically the ISIC skin and the gold Whiskey skin. If you look at every other gold skin they have they each have another color not just gold. As seen here

Those skins may just be limited to those who pre-order and the other golden skins are different. I can see GBX having exclusive skins for pre-orders because those of us who did pre-order would be rather put out if we found out we could have earned them just by playing. In other words, it wouldn’t be much of an incentive to pre-order.

So i was watching a vid and at 8:32 you can see a GOLD skinned oscar mike link here and i can tell its a real one because it has hints of red in it like all other golden skins. Also at around 7:13 you can see a gold boldour as well!

They are not fake. When doing private multiplayer maps the bots all take a random skin from ALL the skins which if you pay attention are actuall all in the games code so its just a matter of how we OR gearbox unlocks or rewards them. So ya its just a matter of time till someone breaks open the game on pc and shows us all the skins. Still kind of spoiles the fun

So far 10 characters have gold skins that are unlockable all via promotion.

Montana, Thorn, Marquis, Rath, and Reyna are unlocked via redemption code for pre ordering the game.

Shayne & Aurox, ISIC, and Benedict are rewarded via Shift code that was rewarded for the battleborn beta community reaching the goals set by gearbox.

Miko is given for linking you Shift account (this little account right here) with you PSN, Xbox live, or Steam account.

Finally Orendi is given to you via Shift reward for linking your Battleborn Tap (the new IOS game and Apple stuffs) with you Shift.

I am 100% sure they are all in the code as when I go to my copy of battleborn in the ps4 library there is no add on content despide me redeeming a pre order code. There is also the fact that I fought a Diandi with a gold skin in a bot match. So just wait we will have the ability to get them in time :slight_smile:

There is also this:

The 3 skins look gold-themed to me, so with the pre-order 5 skins there would be 8 total.

But yeah, having the golden skins unlock for everyone is a good thing in my book. I’m not really a fan of having things in-game that are exclusive to some kind of event or as a purchase reward. :slight_smile:

I have no issue with this as long as the items are purely cosmetic.

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I know that I read it somewhere that everyone does have a gold skin, I imagine they probably all have one of the cyber skins too that come with the premium bundle. For the most part I assume they are all available through the packs, even in the beta I got a couple of skins, one for Kelvin and one for Phoebe I think that were not one of the unlockable ones. They were basically still just pallete swaps but still nice to have ones that I never saw anyone else with during that time.

They are.

Oh yeah I don’t want to overstate things here, it is far from a big deal to me. But I can think of exclusive cosmetic rewards in other games that I’d like to be able to get through some kind of task or achievement by playing the game. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen quite a few gold Caldarius’ anyword on that? Doesn’t have the red though, but it has been a shiny gold and black
Edit: I lied it’s just one of his recolors. Cal just happens to be naturally shiny. My bad lol