The good deals thread (sales and stuff)

Since not much else is going on in this forum, here’s a thread to talk about things that are good deals! I’ll try to update when things go on sale, but feel free to add anything if you notice something you like on sale. (Forewarning: my posts will be biased by how busy I am at the time + the items that are my favorite. Also any opinions I state in here are just mine and not official company statements.)

Right now the purple ladies Buttstallion tee is $9.99! (I have the grey one. Its probably the most asked about Borderlands thing that I wear. Its soft and nice too.)

The Fresh Meat tee is also $9.99 (“Strip the flesh and salt the wound”).


I’d love to see some knit beanies with Maliwan and Jakobs logos.

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I would buy a Jacobs beanie twice a year for life if they make it

Not joking. Mail me a contract and I’ll sign it and send it back to you gearbox.

I’d go for some BL1(for the glory of that mat3 Crimson) Hyperion shirts or ballcaps.

Also, my room is seriously lacking Borderlands posters. I mean, I can see lots of paint and while I like green there’s a problem here.

Learned what lithograph means today. Cool. (also, I might’ve gotten a bit… wow when I saw the Mordecai one)

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That’s great feedback to have @mybabysdaddy , @Ryoushinteki , and @billthebetta . I can’t make any promises, but will definitely note down any suggestions for things you’d like to see.

What about console controllers. I see them all the time for Halo, COD, Titanfall etc… but I have never seen one for Borderlands. That reminds me…I need a new controller :stuck_out_tongue:


A mordecai controller with Bloodwing would be sooooooooooooooooooo badass and should be made!


Ending today… 20% off at !

Also… enjoy this photo from sorting through samples at the office yesterday:

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I would be happy to take some of those samples off your hands @Rika :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This! I need this! I would buy a Borderlands controller. It should have gun manufactures logos on it as well!

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Let’s see…

New Claptrap hoodies are available! And they are $10 for early buyers (until Monday) -

Athena hoodie is $19.99 right now too. It’s a favorite at the studio -

The mini color block lithos are half price at $7.99. This artwork was made with love by our art director, Brian Cozzens, and until recently could only be seen on the wall in our studio. Its been really cool to see the work that Brian has put into adapting these for the fans - he checks every detail to make sure the versions you can buy are as cool as the ones we have in studio. (Ignore my fangirling, its just cool to get to see the care that artists put in.)

Also… for the ladies (and adventurous gentlemen) - if you hadn’t seen it yet - Espionage Cosmetics has an official Borderlands line, including color pigments and nail stickers.

Here’s my Espionage Siren-print nails right now (also, keyboard…)

The Claptrap hoody is awesome! Was a little disappointed with the Athena hoody though - I was hoping the hood part would actually look like Athena’s hood (more of a costume hoody than a logo one.) Just sayin’…

We are continuing to consider more costume hoodies in the future, depending what demand is like, ect. So #NoPromises, but its not beyond the realm of possibility. I think the Athena one is cool in a subtle way - different clothes for different moods/situations, right?

It would probably work if it was just the correct colour - black hood on a red hoody would be part-way there, and hopefully not as expensive as a full-on costume hoody?

THIS! Definitely this!!!

A Maliwan or Torgue controller would be amazing.


Some really coooooooooooool Posters!

Moxxi is everywhere, I see. Though I’ve always thought her as a caricature.
More than getting new stuff, I could use more information about world of Pandora. There hasn’t been new books in two years and in addition I’m getting frustrated to all of these postponements of releases.
Darnit, how I waited this day. But a new comic and a giclee from the gBx shop postponed.

I’d like a poster about Pandora Creatures from BL1, but it’s too late to find that Ultimate Loot Chest Edition.
Anyway, that Big Day Freak Out Giclee is unique and very cool. I want more that kind of art. Like, pictures I haven’t seen before. That one is even better when it has its own art style.
How about some jewelry, or maybe more watches?