The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly of Borderlands Red Text Guns

I dont know if it was mentioned, but the Volcano splash damage is buffed by grenade damage unlike others Maliwan snipers.

Also, about the Godfinger: I wish that the damage was based by distance and not time, so skills like Accelerate and Vel0city could make it great.


I never even considered that point, but its a good one.

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[quote=“Derch, post:20, topic:454095”]Cobra does not get grenade damage buffs[/quote]OMG it totally doesn’t :grimacing:

Which is why maya loves it, but axton not so much…

I’ll get Hyperion Snipers done today after work.

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It’s also lackluster on Krieg because it cannot process Blood Bath. :frowning:

[quote=“Derch, post:1, topic:454095”]Tresspasser

This is a Hyperion barreled sniper that ignores shields but has reduced damage.

Just one “s” in the first part of Trespasser. :acmcheese:

Hyperion snipers added to the OP

The Morningstar’s crit bonus only stacks like three times, no?
Plus, the nagging voice that berates you while using it is pretty funny.

Well, I’d like to add to the discussion but quite frankly, I don’t think I actually HAVE anything to add as you seem to have it covered.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but the Fremington’s edge never impressed me, even with the scoped headshots. Maybe faster fire rate?

Totally agree about the Hawkeye. I think it’s one of the coolest snipers in the game. Change the base damage reduction from -50 to -30 and I would think it’s perfect.

Also agree on the Godfinger. Just not enough areas to put it’s special attributes to use.

Moxxi’s French Gun, I dunno, the 12% of the Rubi seems too high but I do agree that 2-3% is not enough. Maybe like 8% (I just pulled that number out of my ass). As it is a sniper, you should be aiming for crits, which will in turn lead to more health. And if you happen to be using an OP 8 variant when your health gets capped at 72, that’s a big difference and could heal you very quickly.

Tresspaser does seem kind of dumb, but those two situations are VERY good uses for it.


Nice thread. Maybe you can cover the E-Techs as well later on. They aren’t red text guns, but they are unique and it’s no secret that some of them just suck.

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The version in TPS seems to be a bit better than the one in BL2, although I don’t know if that’s an actual difference in the gun, or a difference in enemy health & shields (plus no regen in UVHM).

There are also a lot fewer unique snipers, and even fewer good sniper in TPS, which makes all of the decent ones more powerful on a relitive basis

That was a let down for me in TPS, no really interesting snipers. I ended up just using sniders and the skullmasher.

Thats a really good idea. After I’m done with red text if I still have steam to keep going I’ll do those.

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One very small nit pick. You said that in TPS they added a pellet to the Skullmasher. But it’s actually more accurate to say that in BL2 they took away a pellet from it, then gave it back in TPS since the BL1 Skullmasher has 6 pellets. I know you didn’t play very much BL1, so I figured that you might not have known this. Once again, sorry for the very small nit pick.

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Casters are amazing, the snipers are just stupid why use all that ammo you already have a low supply as it is, my Lyuda at 17 does better then a moloka at 23

I’m not much of a sniper guy, but I know what you mean, there really isn’t a lot a variety of uniques in general in TPS

Dahl added, much easier to cover than Jakobs

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Dahl and Hyperion uniques are well designed compared to the others brands. I just wish that Jakobs didnt failed with their sniper rifles because they are so good on paper.