The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly of Borderlands Red Text Guns

That is some of the beat borderlands advice one can give

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I’m really enjoying the series. Looking forward for the pistols.

Ill be able to wrap up the Jakobs and Vladof parts today, and I started with Dahl next.

Dammed Cowboy

Stats compared to the Rifle it was based off of

Damage: +68.67%
Accuracy: +2.0
Fire Rate: -13.3
Reload Speed: +0.1
Magazine Size: unchanged

Red Text Effects other than stats

32.5% type B critical hit instead of 15%.

Starting off you have a lot more damage but the question remains, is the damage enough to make up for the slow fire rate.

The One Shot Math

for these tests I had on minds eye to show the type B crit damage, the 25% is minds eye

Dammed Cowboy
710880 x 2 x (1 + 25%) + (1 + 32.5%) = 2,354,790

421450 x 2 x (1 + 25%) + (1 + 15%) = 1,211,668

Now on crit it does 94% more damage but with the lower fire rate it won’t do more DPS. While the damage is respectable on the Dammed Cowboy its not quite enough for the fire rate IMO but not far off either.

My hindsight fix of a bit more damage and more crit, I would go with 100% more damage and add 50% type A crit.

Dammed Cowboy with Hindsight fix
842900 x 2 x (1 + 50% + 25%) x (1 + 32.5%) = 3,894,198

Now it would do 221% more damage than a blue Rifle yet that damage isn’t unreasonable. I think with this you would see much more use of this gun that should give it one shot one kill potential.

How to get the most out of it

  • Any fire rate buffs will help this greatly 2 fire rate can get decent quickly.
  • Critical hit buffs go a long ways with a 32.5% type B crit bonus. TTAoDK coms go nice here because of that.


Stats compared to the Cannon it was based off of

  • Damage: +11.82%
  • Accuracy: unchanged
  • Fire Rate: unchanged
  • Reload Speed: unchanged
  • Magazine Size: unchanged

Red Text Effects other than stats

The Stinkpot is always corrosive, where Cannons can only be explosive so on armored enemies it can out perform a Cannon but outside of that its weaker.

The One Shot Math

Flesh enemy as in image
880137 x 60% = 528,082
Armor enemy
880137 x 175%= 1,540,239

Flesh enemy as in image
Armor Enemy

You can see it does quite a bit less on flesh but quite a bit more on Armor, but my issue is its not enough. If you compare this to the other guns I’ve covered even on Armor enemies its not great damage.

My hindsight fix wasn’t really doing anything to the stats but make the AOE bigger so you hit multiple enemies with each shot easier and have it shoot 2 grenades without an increase to the ammo cost. With that youl kwould be doing 3 million to a target and thats solid damage.

How to get the most out of it

  • Since it shoots grenades both Axton and Krieg can get a lot out of it with their buffs
  • Sometimes shooting the ground and bouncing the grenade into your target it better than having it possibly bouncing off.
  • Since its corrosive it should go without say but only use it on armored enemies with a yellow health bar or bosses that you know are weak to corrosion
  • Corrosive Bone goes well with it for obvious reasons.

As the only corrosive Jakobs weapon, I use the Stinkpot a lot (basically whenever armored critters are around) with my allegiance Assassin. That second bullet above about how to get the most out of it makes a surprising difference, and I’m not sure why? It does seem like rounds shot straight at a target will either fly straight through or bounce off (although some definitely hit the target). Once you get the hang of ricocheting those grenades at the enemies though, I think it’s great. I find it one of the very few grenade-tossing assault rifles that I’ll use (although I’m still looking for an effective niche for the Bearcat other than weakly carpet bombing enemies).

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I think sometimes the game calculates the ricochet angle as 180°, so the shot appears to go straight through - annoying until you figure out what’s going on.

The only other thing I’d add is that IME the Stinkpot is a great weapon to have for BARex. Yes, there are better weapons for the fight, but if you run out of ammo on your whatever it is, this is good to have in reserve because the projectiles don’t come back at you.

About the Vladof: it’s worth mentioning that the Rabid prefix on the Kitten should be avoided at all coast. The gun is unusable with it. Or, to put it another way, it would be usable only at(literally) point blank range.


Will do, the kitten is interesting for prefix, damage, accuracy, and fire rate can all be the best depending on who and how you’re speced.

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There is the dahl ar video, I’ll catch up with the thread after work today, the weekend didn’t give me much free time, sorry.

Yes. Vladof ARs are such a success: so many good choices, so many good possibilities to fit a specific playstyle.

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I almost wished there was a Vladof version of the Sawbar and Veruc.

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A vladof does sound amazing

And then we have the Bearcat, bland like its skin.

I would be willing to deal with its explosive delay, and even just have one grenade per shot if that grenade was the grenade you currently have equipped. For a pearl this would be amazing, imagine shooting out quasars…or stormfronts from the Bearcat, it would be a simple boss killer just by shear brute force. Reduce the grenade dmg by half even…

Oh gawd, that would be hilarious. Although that while drunk as Zero with 100% Tw0 Fang? crazy

Updated the OP with the Vladof guns, I’ll get caught up more tomorrow.

Just popped up my bandit video, I ended up having a bit to much fun with axton last night to do any updates to the thread. I’ll try to get to it tonight.

You can NEVER have too much fun with Axton!



Stats compared to the Spingun it was based off of

  • Damage: +00.63%
  • Accuracy: -18.0
  • Fire Rate: +1.4
  • Reload Speed: +0.8
  • Magazine Size: +3

Red Text Effects other than stats

The Leadstorm shoots its pellets in an arc and on the way down they 2 pellets split off for a total of 3 pellets. It also has a type B critical hit bonus.

The One Shot Math

287907 x 2 x (1 + 15%) / (1 + 20%) = 551,821 on a single pellet
If you land all 3 on a crit = 1,655,463

268104 x 2 / (1 + 20%) = 446,840

If you land all 3 on crit the leadstorm does 270% more damage than its purple counterpart but even one does 23.5% more damage and most likely 1-2 of the other pellets will hit the body for extra damage on top of that. I should say in all fairness its near impossible to land all 3 on a crit.

How to get the most out of it

  • Practice, get used to the arc and the split, both on hitting the enemy and knowing the sweet spot range all takes practice. It’s not a gun you just pick up and its amazing.
  • Damage boosts over fire rate, with more fire rate you just blow through your ammo
  • Since it has a crit boost the penalty is pretty much wiped out stacking crits works well with this AR unlike most.

Togue video is up.

Now before I move onto shotguns I’m going to catch up on the thread, it was a busy week.