The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly of Borderlands Red Text Guns

imo Evil Smasher gets a pass (sort of) since it’s mostly a joke weapon meant to show how much of a greedy ■■■■■■■ Marcus is.

Nice work but a question- will this include red text grenade mods at some point or as the title says, just red text guns?

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If Im not burnt out on it I could do grenades and even shields.

Thats a fair point

I’ll be grateful for whatever you do, given that your vids have taught me a lot already.

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upgraded dahl on the OP, I’ll get to the other ones today.

Finished Torgue and Bandit AR write ups, I’ll get to the individual posts tomorrow.

I have to make this joke ask… Since your video from this morning clearly shows that wearing pants makes you bad at games, would wearing pants also make you slower at guide write-ups? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol yup, slows my typing. Life as usualy has got in the way. I get home from work record the video, sit down to update the thread and get distracted by stuff and things and things and stuff.

Today I got more done because I have not had pants on all day long and its been a wonderful and productive day.

Imagine if the world never wore pants, global efficiency would skyrocket and the economy everywhere would be fixed, all by not wearing pants.

By men not wearing pants, or by women not wearing them?

Yeah, this would probably lower male efficiency since they’d be too busy staring at booty :P.

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No :jeans: for anyone

Didn’t you people know that John Lennon’s Imagine was really about a world with no pants


I agree with your Torgue video except for two small things about the Ogre versus the Kerblaster:

  1. The Ogre won’t kill you up close and personal where K really shines.
  2. The Kerblaster doesn’t count towards AR challenges, where the Ogre does.

I like the KB for long range and the Ogre for medium/close range. But both are really fun to use. :dukeballs:

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I didn’t forget about this and Im going to start shotguns soon, I had vacation last week and this week I am taking care of my niece and nephew who are 4 and 7 so I’ll get back to this the following week with shotguns and hopefully sneak in some of the more in detail posts about guns.


Updating with Hyperion Shotguns, I have an interuption so I’ll be back a bit later to finish the OP, I only got the interfacer and butcher written up.

Ok now the OP is updated and Jakobs will be next.

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Nice work- still trying to get the hang of the Interfacer though…

Here is the Jakobs shotgun video, I’ll update the thread when I get home.

Once again, good work. Thanks for doing this- very informative…

The twister suprised me, I knew it had a damage buff but never thought the buff was that big.

Some trivia about the history of some of these Shotguns:

Hydra: Originally a legendary Atlas shotgun in BL1, and the 5 shots in a line was the gun’s special effect then. Like most orange Atlas guns, it was hard to find. After about 400 hours in BL1, I’ve seen about 6 or 7 of them, most with sh*t parts. The Hydra with the Carnage barrel is a sought after collectors weapon.

Tidal Wave: Originally a unique Dahl shotgun named T.K.'s Wave in BL1. Quest reward from T.K. Baha very early in the game. Was one of the special Unique guns that could spawn with a legendary part; in this case it could spawn with the Bulldog magazine and have a 20 round mag.

Butcher: Also from BL1, this was a legendary Hyperion shotgun, but it had a different red-text effect. Originally, like it’s fellow Hyperion legendaries the Invader (pistol) and Executioner (sniper, name is glitched and called the Invader as well (the red text in BL2 and TPS reference this glitch)), it had burst fire; more specifically a 5 shot burst. It also had only 3 pellets per shot, like it’s BL2 version.

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It feels like the striker is way better in TPS than BL2, simply because every character has a way to mitigate its only 2 weaknesses, its mag size and base damage (since its more difficult to push up the crit damage, and the recoil, and other DPS stats, don’t matter on the Striker as it is meant to be a OSOK weapon. Besides, hyperion stock exists).

Tombstone, Omeg-Senshu and Tear, First to Fight in combination with Escalation and Laser Guided, Claptrap in general (OLT, Fuzzy Logic, Surprise Stabalize, Gun Wizard), AA and CM, and everything on Aurelia with the exception of Large Caliber.

The TPS cast just excels with high crit damage weapons, since they all have ample ways to bump up base damage. Its still good with most in BL2, but Krieg, Gaige, and Axton don’t really optimize it’s strengths.