The Gravity Well Generator Discussion Thread

These little spheroids are the subject of as much flak as anything (except the lobby or lack thereof). Basically, as they are now they are strategic weapons. You plan your entire game around them. If an ally is making them, you go straight to frigates/capitals as a good HW1 player can get 2 GWs on the field before HW2 can make enough ships to deal real damage. HW1 can’t get anything besides interceptors and just maybe defenders before GWs come out.

This is a problem. Yes, you can take them out - with frigates or capital ships. Ships you don’t have if you rushed fighters early. You end up having to re-tech your fleet on the fly with nothing left to defend.

GW generators are not imbalanced in the strictest sense - they don’t give the user any advantage specifically. However, they give the advantage of knowing what ship types are going to be in use, as they disable half of them.

Something needs to be done to make GW generators effective tactical weapons but prevent them from completely shifting the strategic balance of the game.


Pretty much everything that needed to be said sbout GWs was said in this thread.

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I still think that grav research should be splited up, inb early tech and grav it self late tech

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Salvage corvettes are frozen by enemy GWs, so this only works against HW2. I consider Hig immune to it because you always build torpedo frigates with almost any strategy. Vagyr has some trouble but they get inhibitors faster, so they can be safe against an immediate rush (only 2000 RUs total as opposed to 3000 to get protection) and can also dominate the frigate/DD fight by virtue of HMFs.

Here’s a thought I haven’t seen yet:
As best I can tell, Gravwells work by firing a pseudo-weapon every time they pulse blue, and it disables strikecraft for a duration. That duration is, of course, greater than the rate of fire of the pulses. What if it wasn’t? Say, it’s 10 seconds between pulses and disables for 8. Strikecraft would still be thoroughly neutered, at best they’re attacking 20% of the time (or whatever), and probably can’t line up full attacks in the time they’re free unless they’re turreted/missiles. During the gaps you’d be able to at least get your strike group out of the field, or slowly slog close enough with bombers/lasers to kill it. It’s certainly a change from HW1, though in HW1 fighters were pushed out of the field and ranges were much longer, it’s not like it hasn’t already been changed.

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Here is an example of someone saying that the Gravity Well is over powered and then one of his team saying that its not over powered but they just made a big mistake. It’s all in the chat and this is the game I played with friends 3v3 Crimson Bond. I was the one who rushed a gravwell in center and i’ll let you guys decide for yourself by watching the video. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry for the bad audio. You guys might want to turn it down just a warning lol. And the background music is a mixture of playlist that I use when I play Homeworld. It’s mixed with Homeworld Paul Ruskay and John Murphay. Amazing music to listen to.