The Great Anointed Rico Trade

I want these babies out in the world fellow VH’s.

I also would like anointed gear in return…

Anything take your fancy…

I am interested in the Cryo ASE one. What would you like for it good sir?

The one with speed while SNTNL active? Do you want any specific item for it?

I‘m interested in the shock, corrosive and crying one. What can I bring you particularly for those buddy?

Items I really want atm are:

Anointed Shock Craps

Cutsmans with all these buffs: Weapon charge + Damage + projectile speed.

Anointed Bullet Buffet (but I might have to get that one myself)

Anointed Bekahs

But I’m happy to trade for other random stuff.

Any (elemental preferred) anointed versions of

The Damned
Hand of Glory
Corrosive Moor Linage
Cloud Kill
The Boo

There’s loads…

Prefer ASE anointed

Just add me on PSN and then say what you want and willing to trade - see list above. Saves time.

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