The Great Pandorian Bazaar: an idea for BL3

I am running into an issue that many here have mentioned: TOO MUCH CLUTTER! Some people sell, some donate, som continue to hoard…

For BL3 I’m posing an interesting suggestion: a multi-platform “trading” post. Online capabilities would be required, so as so be able to contact the Gearbox (or 3rd party) servers. The main server should be able to be queried by all platforms (Xbox, Playstation, Steam, PC), and handle all transactions.

Basically there would be a few things you can do:

  1. Currency Exchange - Change one currency into another at rates based on supply and demand.
  2. Donate Items to the Thrift Store - You can donate items to the Thrift Shop for BA ranks, based on rarity, parts, and how much you donated previously (eventually you would just earn 1 even on the rarest uniques)
  3. Buy Items from the Thrift Shop - Guns that are donated are stored in a database and will randomly be added to the inventory of the appropriate vendor at a discount price. Also random hard-to-find items may also randomly be added (I’m looking at you Norfleet and Twister…). Prices would be listed in various currencies and users would have the option to pay in whichever they wanted.
  4. Take Random Challenges - Random Collect/Kill Quests for ongoing challenges.
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sounds like a good idea, but may require permanent internet connection.
and remember, we have GibbsHAX.exe


Modding wouldn’t be a problem much. Most modders mod for a purpose or a gain. At first they could gain a bit, but since they’d gain less with each donation, the time spent would quickly outweigh the gain.

Additionally, if you are modding then you have no need for anything other than the Challenges.

Sure they could try to flood the market, but some strict limits on the rise and drop of currencies would eliminate the brunt of it. Additional controls on the resellers would ensure that nobody could flood the market with ultrarare uniques. This is why I didn’t suggest direct person to person buying and selling.

As for the internet connection, you’d only need it when you enter into the bazaar and are conducting business there. If you don’t have a connection, it could be “Temporarily Closed”.