The Great Vault Game Breaking Glitch

So I purchased a brand new copy of the Super Deluxe Edition off of Amazon at a discount. I’ve had the game roughly a week and a half now and the disc is in perfect shape. I cleaned my cache several times, erased the game, reinstalled (massive 25 GB update included) and as soon as I get to the mission where I’m helping Tannis overtake the turrets so I can get to the Cathedral, I start experiencing noticeable problems. First the audio glitches, and then Vaughn’s picture stays on the screen for a good 2 minutes. Finally the game just crashes. Completely locks up my Xbox and I have to hard reset. This is the only part of the game that’s giving me any issues, I’ve completed all the DLC, and I’d like to be able to finish the main story mission. Sadly, I cannot progress. Is this an issue you are aware of and if so, are you planning on putting out a patch anytime soon? Hotfixes are great and all but they don’t entirely fix the problem. I’ve just gotten this game and it’s the only one, save for Fallout 4 that’s giving me this amount of problems. I even went as far as factory resetting. Could it be possible I purchased a bad disc? I’ve got a million possibilities running through my head right now. My Xbox one is not old. I’ve had it about a year. Looking up other issues with areas of the game crashing I’ve seen hundreds of reports. I’d love to keep supporting this company but I hate having anxiety in the regards that I may be purchasing Another Broken game in the future. This issue needs to be addressed.

I would like to tell you that it is something simple but if you have looked around this game, and only this game for me, crashes my XB1X. I have had my ticket in to GBX/2k now for months (second one I submitted) and it still isn’t resolved. As it seems something is wrong with the game itself that is causing your Xbox to crash. If you can I would try to return your game and get your money back because this game has been out for a year now and it is no closer to being fixed. Sorry I don’t have any other advise but you have done pretty much all you can at this point honestly.

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