The Great Vault quest is bugged. Cannot progress [PC]

After looting the vault and exiting I am unable to ‘Talk to Tannis’. No fixes work. Even restarting the game completely. Tannis is unresponsive.


This is happened exactly to me as well on PlayStation 4 cannot speak to her when I go up to her and interact with her please help as I cannot go through the main mission any more

I also have this bug, I have died, left and re-entered the area, closed and reopened the game, had a friend join my game and try and talk to Tannis, and have cloned my save data and tried on that save. None of which have worked.

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Im stuck at “Find Troy” this quest wont progress to the boss fight on TVHM…


Myself and a friend finished The Great Vault, and are also now stuck on Talk to Tannis, shows Quest marker above her, has E option to talk to her, but nothing happens, we can’t talk to her, tried closing reopening game and such nothing is working, how can we progress through the story ?

Got exactly the same issue
Tried killing myself
Go to different area
Do a different mission
Restart the game

None have worked

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Same issue on xbox one, fought Troy for “The Great Vault” mission, went in to loot vault, came out to “Talk to Tannis”, Tannis is unresponsive and can no longer progress in the story. :sob::sob::sob:

The 3rd person in our group has done this quest now, all 3 of us are stuck at this point, NONE of us can talk to Tannis , these were done in separate occasions … what is going on here! please fix we can’t even complete the content of the game!

Had this same issue today with my group, we went and left the vault, went off to complete a side quest I still had up, then returned to Tannis and was then able to talk to her.

Absolute pain in the a$$ but finally got it to work for me.

I was clearing all the side missions while waiting for a response from support!!! Checking every so often if it would work.

Finally got to a mission with tennis a the main character going through angels history after completing that mission it allowed me to continue

It was the mission on Pandora where Vaughn needs help with the water

Having same issue too. Did that water side quest made no difference. Guess I’ll start making my way through the rest.
Didn’t do them as after game they scale with level and are an easy way to level up apparently

I got the same issue. PS4. Can’t continue the story. Guess I’ll do side missions until they fix it.

Ok so I filed a bug issue with support. Then I was just Messing around doing side missions like the other guy and came across a mission I had not fully completed yet. The one where you put the head on the robot on konrods hold. So I finished that half started mission and went back to tannis and it let me talk to her

I had same issue went and done “Childhood’s End” and " The Demon in the Dark" quests and now i can talk to tannis and continue with the game!


Finishing those 2 quests worked for me

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@mcqbmw had the same bug - i used the lfg tool in game to find someone at the same misson and that solved it for me… maybe that helps you

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Had the same issue, all I had to do was start the Childhood’s end quest and as soon as Tannis started talking, it made progress on the main quest. So weird.

Has there been a solution to glitched quests yet? I’m on The Great Vault, Find Troy in TVHM and I’ve found them. But the cutscene/ bossfight won’t start. I can’t fix it by quitting game or fast traveling anywhere.

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worked like you said. thanks

My “Childhood’s End” mission says I can’t complete it until I finish “The Great Vault”, “Invasion of Privacy” says this as well