The Greatest Healer? Or Is It All Situational?

Alright, between Miko, Alani, Ambra, hell, maybe even Reyna and Kleese, which one has the overall greatest utility in a team setting?

Let the great debate begin!

Miko he can heal without any limits. No cooldowns or downsides to his healing.

Right now, I’d say that Ambra is the safest pick. She can fit in pretty much any team comp and fulfill a number of roles. Miko still has the best single target healing though.



And Miko can group heal by planting Miko’s head right?

Is that Miko’s Ult?

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simply put, every support has their place.

miko has the most powerful single target consistent healing with some group healing,

ambra has the best group healing while being able to be “territorial”

kleese is the fortifier if you have a shield due to his energy rifts and heal chair.

Alani is the “save the person who’s about to die” burst healer.

reyna, honestly I’ve nevery really played into her but she’s also the rescuer type it feels like.

and for greatest utility that begs the question “Are they playing an actual support while doing other things?”

Depends. Ambra has stronger group heals, Miko has stronger single target heals. They’re both the strongest though, they beat Alani and the rest by a wide margin.


he can, but the mushroom(which is his ult) can be easily killed if the enemy is given the opportunity(iirc it only has around 200 hp). It works more like a portable healing station for your team to fall back on if they’re injured, but you have to be careful to hide it behind a wall where the enemy will have a hard time reaching it.

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think of miko’s head like one of ambras sunspots and you’re not far off

Yes he can

ill take miko any day of the week and twice on Sundays

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fair enough, but why would you take him over the others?

Great healing from level 1. He can keep any character in the fray just by pressing L. Once he’s level 2 he can let himself get to almost no health and heal himself up all the way with 1 ability. He can cover an entire line in a slow field from level 4 which can trap the other team. And he can set up his mushroom as a support station around any corner, allowing him to pocket heal somebody while the other teammates are getting healed by the mushroom. He might not be dealing the damage an ambra can, but I don’t need my support dealing damage


By a wide margin you mean in healing only right

Miko is the best healer

Yeah, just in healing. They’re all great in their own right (except I’m feeling lately that Reyna may need a buff, although I haven’t played her since the damage and ult buff).

Ok, I’ve been playing reyna lately and she feels fine, plus the most balanced helix in the game

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Okay cool, i never really played her that much, just to level 10, but I felt like without a good team she can’t perform as well. The buff probably change get that.

I feel she just a team player, however the damage buff had made some the lone wolf helixes viable to be a semi skirmisher

Everything in this game is situational. That’s what makes it so great.

Despite complaints, I still feel the the balance is fluid and unpredictable. It involves kit, gear choices, and of course, player skill.

There’s no Battleborn that’s unstoppable, and none that’s worthless. IF you know what you are doing, and put yourself in the right situations.

Note: I am not going to say there aren’t some that are overperforming right now, and some underperforming. That’s the thing about balancing a game. You’re never done. It’s a cycle. A assumes dominance, B rises as a counter to A, C rises as a counter to B, A re-assumes dominance as a counter to C, lather, rinse, repeat.

I did a thread (that I thought was pretty good) dissecting the various Supports and speculating on future characters who may fill that role (specifically “Empress Lenore”) but I can’t seem to find the darn thing. I wonder if it got closed down. The initial post was def. TL;DR (as is my style, oft times) so I don’t know if anybody actually read the darn thing.

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Who is this “Empress Lenore” you speak of?