The grinder. [I dont know if this has been mentioned before...]

OK, so I have a question about the grinder in Concordia. Is it bugged? I ask this because I feel it cant possibly be a design to have gamers constantly returning to the dashboard or saving and quitting and starting up again. Surely if gearbox wished to give us a aspect of the game which lets us make our own orange rarity weapons that aspect SHOULD be dependable. Otherwise what is the point? Yesterday I dinged 50 on my Athena character, so I used 10 keys to get a variety of things, and bought one smg. One theory I have is maybe the grinder is strange around items from the key chest…yet I have been through this process before, when getting my characters now useless level 40 legendaries was just as frustrating.

Is the chance to use moonstone completely random or is the actual grinder just bugged?

You only get the chance to use moonstones with purple items if they are class mods (COMs). This was in the March game update and, I assume, what was originally intended with the grinder - and maybe why there was an earlier problem with purple grinds randomly freezing the game and intermittent moonstone grind options. Since legendary items are supposed to be, well, legendary, it wouldn’t make sense if you could grind purples into oranges* more frequently than you can get them to drop in-game.

  • That looks really weird now I’ve typed it out!

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haven’t tried in a while but can we still moonstone grind 2 legs and a purple?

Never tried it because I’ve never had that many legendaries that I didn’t need! Getting close though - got a whole bunch of the “Call to Arms” rewards @ level 11 now, and will probably grind those once I’m through Claptastic. If you get a chance to try it first, let me know!

i dont think that was changed but ill check tonight. at work

I just tried grinding two legendaries and a purple, and it just gave me a purple back. No option to moonstone grind. Is there no way to get legendaries from the grinder now? I guess that wouldn’t be as bad now that bosses respawn, but I haven’t played this game in so long that I’m not even sure how the grinder works anymore. Seems like they’re always changing it.

Edit; Just messing around with it,sometimes it does give me the option to moonstone grind, depending on which legendaries I put in. Seems like maybe you can’t moonstone grind the new DLC legendaries? My Cheat Code and Luck Cannon don’t seem to work, at least.

I’ve gotten legendaries a couple of times without moonstone grinding, but it’s rare. There are some stats being updated on a semi-regular basis for non-moonstone grinds by weapon rarity here - contributions welcome!

I think you can now only moonstone grind certain items. Purple rarity guns can NOT be moonstone grinded (ground?) but purple class mods can. Can still get legendary guns from using 3 purples on a normal grind though.

In UK English, definitely ground, as ‘grind’ is an irregular verb:

I will grind these purple lasers
I am grinding these purple lasers
I ground those purple lasers, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

Don’t know if that’s the same in US english, but glad to finally get that off my chest as it bugs me every time I see someone say “grinded”…

Anyways yes, moonstone grind only on COMs as stated explicitly in the last patch notes.

I’ve been working on posting a brand new “Color Coded Grinder Recipes Only” topic organized by Weapon Types and Items, but it’s been taking me time to complete. And don’t have much time available for play of late. But I’m hoping to finally get it posted this coming weekend.

But to answer your question, Yes, we can still use moonstones with Weapons for a chance at getting luneshine bonuses using these combinations:
-Grinding x3Whites with at least 49m to get Greens with possible luneshine bonus.
-Grinding x3Greens with at least 49m to get Blues with possible luneshine bonus.
-Grinding x3Blues with at least 49m to get Purples with possible luneshine bonus.
-Grinding x2 Oranges + Purple + at least 49m = (Purple Wpn or Orange Wpn) with possible luneshine bonus.
And to
-Grind x3 Purple CMs + 75m = Orange CM
[Edit and added Note: These moonstone grinding examples are applicable for LV50 Weapons and Items. Moonstones quantity varies upon weapon types and levels. So it should take at least 49m to grind LV50 stuff. And there are a few other combinations possible for grinding with moonstones, but these should be the main ones.]

And these are all the possible luneshine bonuses we can get for the guns:

  1. +3% Maximum Shields
  2. Restores 3% of Shields on Kill
  3. 10% Critical Hit Damage Bonus
  4. Damaging Enemies Restores 1 Oxygen
  5. -20% Oxygen Cosumption Rate
  6. Bonus to XP from Kills.
  7. 30% chance to ignore enemy Shields
  8. Increases Grenade Damage by 5%

EDIT: Forgot to specify the Weapon Level Numbers used for the grinding examples listed above.

I’ve been working on posting a brand new “Grinder Recipes Only Thread or Topic”, but once I’m finished with that, I should be able to continue posting more purple grinding results on your topic.

Interesting stuff. When you say “at least Xm”, what level is that at? Only I’ve used as few as 11m and gotten next level rarity items. I have a few stats on moonstone grinds getting luneshine weapons but (a) they’re all low level weapons and (b) I’m stlil maxing out my storage and ammo, so I don’t have many spare moonstones for grinding right now.

Thanks for noticing, I forgot to specify the weapon level numbers. I meant to say for LV50 Weapons Only.