The Grinder is a Troll

The game loves throwing Oxidizer Oz Kits at me. So I decide to toss 3 into the Grinder. The result? Oxidizer. GG! I had a funny feeling that would happen…

Has the Grinder trolled anyone else?

Kinda, moonstones, two thingys and a purp RL = unluneshined thingy, that was worse than one that I put in there…

I have goten 5 Major Tom’s in a row trying to get a Hammerbuster II…

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doesnt beat 12 viral marketers

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It loves giving me legendary Claptrap class mods. When I’m currently trying to get Athena’s. I do plan on playing claptrap more at some point so it’s not a complete waste though.

62 All Purple Grinds in a row over the last week.

0 Legendaries


Yesterday my L60 alt-f4mart shopping finally paid off:

Three purple shields = WTF
two cryo spikes + WTF = max stat Grounded Avalanche
three purples = Cat O’ Nine Tails
Cat O’ Nine Tails + Thingy + purple Jakobs Quad = grenade-damage luneshined Cryo Sledge’s Shotty.

I couldn’t be happier.

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The grinder definitely gets in your head, man. Every time I try to get a specific weapon (usually a torrent) it just spits out IVFs all day long. Same with shotguns. Never tosses me a Sledg’es Shotgun, only Viral Marketers and Flakkers at levels I already have them at.

As for the oxidizers, toss those my way, I love em!

Always non elemental ivfs, fatales, flakkers and marketeers. Pissing me off.

At this moment in time I cant even use moonstone with the grinder to turn purples into legendarys. Can someone out there please tell me what is going on? I am trying to do it at level 50, with mostly weapons got from the key chest. Thing is so far every time I have tried to grind something I don’t get the moonstone grind show up on the screen. My brother assures me it does not cost more than 100 moonstones and I have over 200…so…yea.

Redundant Logans gun with the critical luneshine. Twice. In a row. and it wasn’t even a low level one, so it will kill me when i use it for rockets. woo.