The grog nozzle

hello i bought the DLC for BL2 the 3 that my friends said were the best so i did tiny tinas and the Grog Nozzle seems to change stats/sight every time i restart is that normal? or glitched? i been farming LM’s that’s how i found this out

Its normal for mission weapon to be different every time :wink:

ahhh ok was curious thought perhaps a hacker joined my game and did something yesterday i left 3 games on ps3 cause of people speed running and stuff its a shame that there is hardly legit players like myself well on ps3 anyways

Yeah its normal. Although there is the actually is a regular versio of the weapon. You could get it through the legendary loot hunt. Sadly you can’t fet that version anymore but people are probable willing to trade.

it’s because it’s a mission item, although there are versions that do not change that you can get