The guardian takedown needs checkpoints

It’s BS if you miss a jump you die and you go to the very beginning we need checkpoints in between bosses!


There is a checkpoint after the first boss, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far.

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Really I beat 1st boss and it sent me to the beginning weird.

There should be a green portal when it sends you back I think.

Too many places to fall to your death

Agreed. If you have jumping puzzles you shouldn’t get punished for falling down that severely.

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And the whole no respawn BS when playing co-op needs a serious rethinking. Miss a jump, and sit out a whole section, hoping your co-op buddy can make it through on their own so you don’t have to go back to the beginning…

And don’t get me started on the scaling. We are both carrying M10 gear, that we were wrecking everything in every other part of the game with, and we got so fed up with the sponges even even dropping to M6, that we finally just turned mayhem off so we could at least get through, and see what we needed to do, and try to go up level by level once we learn all of the ins and outs. I know these takedowns are supposed to be tough, but give me a break!


I agree. It would be nice to just have check points after each encounter. Literally no one likes the current system we all just tolerate it, however I can’t keep my friend interested in this game when the pinnical event punishes me because my character randomly won’t mantel no matter how many times I smash the x button. It’s just unfair. I want to have fun with my buddies but they have told me they won’t do guardian takedown until they fix checkpoints issues. It’s a great raid and I enjoy playing it when I’m not falling to my death for not manteling properly. Just fix it.