The Guide of Miko

Inspired by @EdenSophia’s guide post on Melka, I thought I’d give it a go for Miko!

TL;DR - Miko is awesome!


  1. This is “guide” is incomplete as one can tell. There are no statistics regarding DPS-potential nor its DPS-growth rate over levelling. I do not trust myself to do DPS tests nor do I have anyone to do it with, so if there is interest in it I would advise turning to others in the community who are better at just that. If so, I would be happy to add it to the top of this post above abilities and give credit accordingly.

  2. There are no DPS gear recommendations as I have close to no experience running a purely DPS-centric Miko. If anyone would like to fill this gap, I will go ahead and add it into this post as well and give credit accordingly just like the earlier example. The gear sction of this post is what I’m most insecure about (and not extensive).

  3. The stated numbers are all base values at level 1 unless specified otherwise.

  4. The stated base values in this post may seem false upon looking at the character screen. I am not sure why this is the case, but it seem to treat the character in the character screen as a level 0. I pulled the numbers from in-game, or in-match rather. And following the strength increase pattern in relation to levelling one can see that it is as if though it has worked backwards.


To start things off, Miko is a primarily a single target healer who can heal any friendly target at any time as he’s not relying on abilities to heal. He is a fundamentally simple character, yet more than capable of carrying a team if played correctly.

The most essential aspect of being a good Miko is the ability to read, understand and predict the course of the match while having your fellow teammates as your main concern. To learn to prioritise the correct target at the correct time.


##Molecular Mycology
Passive ability

  • Miko’s Kunai poison enemies on impact, dealing 50 damage over 2 seconds

  • 25% of the damage is dealt every 0.5 seconds

  • Total base damage increases by 2 per level

##A. Mikollopria
Alternative ability

  • Healing Beam which heals a single target for 116 per second when locked onto a target

  • Heals for 50% of the Healing Beam’s amount every 0.5 seconds

  • Healing per second (H/s) increases by 5 and 4 every other level, starting with 5
    Level 1 healing 116/s
    Level 2 healing 121/s
    Level 3 healing 125/s
    Level 4 healing 130/s
    Level 5 healing 134/s
    Level 6 healing 139/s
    Level 7 healing 143/s
    Level 8 healing 148/s
    Level 9 healing 152/s
    Level 10 healing 157/s

  • Indefinite use, no cooldown


  • 12 second cooldown

  • Heals oneself for 200 over 5 seconds.

  • 10% of said amount is healed every 0.5 seconds, the exception being when Residency is chosen, as it makes it 5% of the total amount. It’s the same healing per second, but it the total amount is doubled along with the duration of the skill, thus the percentage drop.

  • The total amount of self healing is mostly increased by 8 per level, with a few exceptions being 7.
    Level 1 healing 200
    Level 2 healing 208
    Level 3 healing 216
    Level 4 healing 223
    Level 5 healing 231
    Level 6 healing 239
    Level 7 healing 246
    Level 8 healing 254
    Level 9 healing 262
    Level 10 healing 270

  • Increases Healing Beam’s effectiveness by 25%

##Spore Cloud

  • 17 second cooldown

  • 134 impact damage

  • Damage is increased by 8 every level

  • 4 second duration

##Fungus Among Us

  • 60 second cooldown

  • Deployable Mushroom which heals for 94 every second to friendly targets within its area

  • Heals for 50% of the H/s every 0.5 seconds

  • Has 418 health, can be destroyed

  • Duration is 45 seconds

#Helix Tree

##Level 1

  • First Responder - This helix option is theoretically a nice buff which plays well into Miko’s overall kit. There are two problems with it though; it’s competing with Breathe Deep and the requirements themselves. It requires you to have Biosynthesis active which only lasts for 5 seconds. In addition you also need to be healing someone, so it can’t be used as a 5 second speed boost for transversing the map. This choice would, if you didn’t have to heal someone, be a lot more viable as it could make you get to teammates faster or try to get away from danger without having to place a healing beam on someone or something.

  • Breathe Deep - This helix option greatly helps Miko’s CC efficiency, allowing him to be a more effective support on the field. Slowing down minions, thralls, players, you name it. The applicability of this helix option is the reason why it is great. It works against everything every time. Because unlike First Responder, this applies to all usages of Spore Cloud.

##Level 2

  • Regenerative Aura - This helix option may indeed be one of the most overlooked helix options in Miko’s tree because Heal Thyself is the alternative. It is worth considering though in various contexts. It is certainly the more risky option out of the two, but may indeed be the most rewarding option. This is because Miko is enabled an AoE healing which heals minions, allowing them to push up further. But more importantly, it heals all allies, meaning you’re nearly guaranteed an assist off of a kill, ultimately netting you more exp. Because of the passive healing to all allies, it enables you to focus more on one particular player such as an initiator or tank to make necessary pushes or put on some extra pressure as you do not have to switch focus to other teammates as frequently. It also stacks with Healing Beam, giving Miko an extra buff to his H/s to specific targets. This option is recommended if you’re confident in surviving without Heal Thyself, have a team which actively protects you or if there’s another healer on the team.

  • Heal Thyself - This helix option is the safe one to go with. It’s a really good survival choice that has indeed saved the lives of countless Mikos. It’s especially good when combined with a character which goes in deep and initiates some form of skirmish. It heals you for the same hypothetical amount that you do, or otherwise would have done. What is meant by that is that you don’t need to find injured players to reap the benefits of this option. Not even a player, minions is a fully viable option to turn to if one is in dire need of healing. The usefulness of this option is also inflated in game modes such as “Capture” and “Face-Off” as Miko is more exposed and the team is rarely grouped together.

##Level 3

  • Evolutionary Emergence - This helix option helps Miko be overall more efficient on the battlefield. It allows him to use all of his abilities more frequently which results in more healing, of himself and his allies, and more CC. A straight forward skill which is really solid.

  • Swift Draw - This helix option will reduce Miko’s downtime, allowing him to be more responsive. As of now, the Healing Beam cannot interrupt the reload. This means that a quicker reload will allow him to juggle exp gaining from minions and healing more effectively.

  • Plentiful Healing (Mutation) - This helix option is simple, but really good and aids Miko excelling in healing. What is advantageous is that this ability adds the set amount to the original amount before other healing buffs are applied. This means that the actual bonus from this perk will become stronger than it otherwise might appear as if one specs for buffing his overall healing, and more specifically, his Healing Beam.

##Level 4

  • Trail of Spores - This helix option is a fantastic CC tool. It allows Miko to apply a slow over a large area, all he has to do is to throw it as far away as possible. It has great synergy with Breathe Deep and may help your team in delaying minion waves, elite bots, thralls and/or players. One of the benefits of this as well is that virtually be used as a zone control tool against certain Battleborn as they heavily rely on agility and are heavily countered by CCs. Thus it can shutout certain characters from specific areas for a few seconds. The drawback may depend on usage as one may want/need to cover as large or an area as possible and thus throw it over the enemy rather than onto them which results in a damage loss.

  • Sporeshock - This helix option will make it so that a direct impact with the Spore Cloud will result in a 2 second stun. If it’s not a direct hit, it will act the same and create the 4 second slow field. With this it becomes easier to lockdown specific targets, and is advised to use primarily against higher priority targets. Though it may also be used as a defensive tool, stunning players who are trying to kill you, giving you that extra amount of time to flee, find enough time to hide behind teammates or finish off the target depending on the circumstances. The drawback is that it may prove more difficult to effectively apply slows to waves of minions as you can’t directly hit any of them. And if you throw ahead of them, they will be exposed to the foeld for a shorter period of time.

  • Stick Spores (Mutation) - This helix option is one of the worse options Miko has. Its uses are very limited and may prove to be counterproductive as it will not detonate on impact. If you throw your Spore Cloud between all enemies to slow as many as possible, it is simply going to lie there until it’s damaged or touched by an enemy, making it quite unpredictable. And using it as a trap is not effective either as the slow is typically not necessary for alternate routes, it will simply delay the enemy flank. The damage is typically neglect-able and you are not notified when it bursts either.

##Level 5

  • Toxic Transfusion - This helix option is also one of the worse options he has. A 15% heal of the poison damage dealt is a close to a nonexistent heal. At level 5 when the Kunai Poison deals a total of 58 damage per proc, the heal from this option would result in a 9 heal per each cycle of the poison. This option is not viable at all at the moment.

  • Pandemic - This helix option greatly helps Miko exp farming through minion waves. A drawback Miko as a character has is that he quite easily falls behind on levelling. This option will not necessarily fix that, but will certainly help him to keep up and just maybe even catch up. It is also proportionally speaking a hefty damage increase for him when used at minion waves specifically as the Kunai Poison will spread to all minions granted that they have not moved away from their original pattern.

  • Pervasive Poison (Mutation) - This helix option is theoretically quite good but falls short due to the Kunai Poison being weak itself. When chosen, it will apply the poison to his quick melee and Spore Cloud. If Vicious Strain is chosen at level 10, Fungus Among Us will also apply the poison. Because even though it is not good, it is not necessarily bad and may be the only good perk to take if you are playing capture for instance. Reason being that Toxic Transfusion remains unviable and Pandemic will not see too much usage.

##Level 6

  • Probiotics - This helix option will help Miko staying alive during the match. The buff will make Miko heal himself for 275 at level 6 rather than 239 in the same amount of time. It also synergises with Regenerative Aura, increasing Miko’s AoE healing capabilities. Keeping friendly targets topped off more easily helps Miko to otherwise focus on other things.

  • Spore Strike - This helix option will make Spore Cloud deal 209 damage upon impact rather than 182 at level 6. It gives Miko more burst damage potential and will make him more effective especially against minion waves as you can quite easily hit 5 enemies with it.

  • Healer’s Oath (Mutation) - This will add an additional 25% bonus on top of BiosynthesisHealing Beam increase, ultimately making it a 50% increase. This is fantastic for single target healing and synergises well with Heal Thyself as it ultimately increases self-healing as well, allowing Miko to follow and save allies from more dangerous situations.

##Level 7

  • Fight or flight - This helix option will help Miko’s survivability as movement is a cornerstone in Miko’s gameplay. He needs to avoid incoming fire and aggression from enemies while still healing and staying on top of his own teammates. If someone then gets to by whatever means and starts attacking you, you will become quicker and be able to navigate to safety more easily. But this only requires Miko to take any form of damage, regardless of where it comes from or how much it does. Miko, being behind and around teammates most of the time, is often subjected to collateral damage, enemies missing shots and AoE skills, effectively rendering this option being active most of the time.

  • Bladeslinger - This helix option will make it easier for Miko to assist in damage and may make it easier to land hits with the Kunai as well as the time between each thrown Kunai is shortened. It can greatly help against targets which are relatively easy to crit such as the Thralls as Miko is a character which highly benefits DPS-wise from crits.

##Level 8

  • Biosynergy - This helix option will grant up to a 30% cooldown reduction to Biosynthesis if one is healing with the Healing Beam, and it is difficult to say how exactly it works as it seem to backtrack some progress made if one stops healing after a while. If one is healing the entire time though, it will make it into a roughly 8 second cooldown. The cooldown ratio goes from 5:12 to 5:8, but that’s only when the Healing Beam is applied when Biosynthesis is on cooldown, not when it is active. If this is utilised, it can be used more frequently than if one would have chosen Residency. The drawback is the requirement of using Healing Beam during its Biosynthesis’ cooldown, which otherwise is typically when you want to focus on other things than healing depending on situation.

  • Residency - This helix option will double the duration of Biosynthesis and thus double the total healing from the skill. However, the H/s remains the same as the only increase in the selfheal is from the added duration. This converts the cooldown ratio from 5:12 to 5:6 (10:12->5:6). The added duration allows Miko to worry less about his Biosynthesis being active and will have longer burst of stronger heals, especially when specced for AoE healing.

##Level 9

  • Spore Storm - This helix option is, for pure CC purposes, good but slightly unnecessary as Spore Cloud has enough AoE on its own for most purposes. Especially if one has specced into Trail of Spores. It works well though if one specs for damage output, and could turn Spore Cloud into a more offensive skill if also specced into Pervasive Poison and Spore Strike. If this is the case, the Spire Cloud has a damage potential of at least 303 damage per target at level 9. This helix option is rendered unused if Sporeshocked is specced into.

  • Resilient Strain - This helix option will allow Miko to get a considerably stronger CC, especially when also specced into Breathe Deep and Trail of Spores. It makes Miko more than capable of slowing down enemies passing through areas becoming slow for a relatively long period of time. If one hypothetically threw Spore Cloud as soon as it became available, the slow duration to cooldown ratio goes down from 4:17 to 10:17.

##Level 10

  • Barkskin - This helix option is also a bottom tier helix choice. Fungus Among Us’ survivability tends to be an all or nothing deal. Increasing its health would primarily just delay the process of it getting destroyed rather than actually saving it.

  • Vicious Strain - This helix option quite good when placed around chokeholds where minions comes through but also gives Fungus Among Us more versatility and can give it a more pure wave clearing purpose. And as stated earlier, this will, in combination with Pervasive Poison apply the Kunai Poison for an additional 68 damage.

  • We Are Many (Mutation) - This helix option will allow Miko to be more responsive and flexible with where he places Fungus Among Us. The uptime to cooldown ratio goes from 3:4 to 3:2, allowing Fungus Among Us to hypothetically stay active at all times. It allows Miko to move more with Fungus Among Us, allowing him to move it from lane to an ally on a ledge who is otherwise far away from the team and vice versa more effectively. The reduced health is typically not a problem it is primarily used as a healing burst when the regular healing is not efficient enough to heal everyone.

Recommended helix loadouts


Level 1: Breathe Deep
Level 2: Heal Thyself
Level 3: Plentiful Healing
Level 4: Trail of Spores/Sporeshock
Level 5: Pandemic/Pervasive Poison
Level 6: Healer’s Oath
Level 7: Fight of Flight
Level 8: Residency
Level 9: Spore Storm/Resilient Strain
Level 10: We Are Many

This build is recommended when there is no other healer on the team as this may be the strongest Miko build set for healing. It allows him to quickly heal his targets and stay flexible on the field. Heal Thyself should allow him to take more risks and save allies who are in worse situations and also push in deeper. As this primarily focuses on healing allies above anything else, how one specs Spore Cloud is dependant on the team composition. Does the team need more assistance with wave clearing or locking down enemy players? If wave clearing assistance is required, then Trail of Spores and Resilient Strain are recommended. If assistance regarding locking down players is required, then Spore Shocked and Spore Storm are recommended. Pandemic is recommended for Incursion and Meltdown whereas Pervasive Poison is recommended for Capture and Face-Off.

Game modes: Any


Level 1: Breathe Deep
Level 2: Regenerative Aura
Level 3: Evolutionary Emergence
Level 4: Trail of Spores/Sporeshock
Level 5: Pandemic/Pervasive Poison
Level 6: Probiotics
Level 7: Fight of Flight
Level 8: Residency
Level 9: Spore Storm/Resilient Strain
Level 10: We Are Many

This is recommended when there is another healer on the team, then Miko do not necessarily have to focus as much on healing with his Healing Beam and can revert into AoE healing which will also heal minions for that bit of extra health. Having another healer also slightly relieves the pressure Miko can experience without Heal Thyself. Regarding Spore Cloud’s spec and level 5, it is the same as for Single Healer.

Game modes: Incursion, Meltdown, Face-Off

##Wave-Clearing Support

Level 1: Breathe Deep
Level 2: Regenerative Aura
Level 3: Swift Draw
Level 4: Trail of Spores
Level 5: Pandemic
Level 6: Spore Strike
Level 7: Bladeslinger
Level 8: Residency
Level 9: Resilient Strain
Level 10: Vicious Strain

This is recommended when there is not enough wave clearing on your team and/or when there is another healer on your team. It should make Miko a quite decent assistant wave clearer. This build should help slowing minions, do a bit of damage and healing your own minions at the same time.

Game modes: Meltdown

##Assassin Support

Level 1: Breathe Deep
Level 2: Heal Thyself
Level 3: Swift Draw
Level 4: Sporeshock
Level 5: Pervasive Poison
Level 6: Spore Strike
Level 7: Bladeslinger
Level 8: Residency
Level 9: Spore Storm
Level 10: Vicious Strain/We Are Many

This is recommended when you wanna pair up with one particular player and help said player score kills. It allows for some risky situations, but also to stun, create large slow fields and assist in doing damage. Miko’s ultimate is somewhat irrelevant for this particular role, but could choose dynamically between Vicious Strain and We Are Many depending on what the team needs. Damage on minions or healing.

Games Modes: Any


A lot of the time, healers are faced with decisions as to who should be healed. And while there is certainly not a definite answer as to who to always save on a team, there are generally guidelines one can follow. Please note that these are just generic guidelines, there are certainly exceptions and they are consciously vague at times as being too specific would make it false.

  • Percentage of health in relation to size - How much health does the player have in relation to how easy the target is to hit? A Melka at half health is not too bad (though not good), but a Kleese at half health can die relatively quickly depending on what situation he is in. Kleese may have more actual health than Melka, but a much easier target and thus he shall be prioritised.

  • Is the player being focused? Allies with full health might very well have to be prioritised above those who are weak/semi-weak depending on the situation that he/she finds thyself in. If in Meltdown for instance, the side which Miko is on has two weak players, Attikus and Ernest for instance. Attikus has a big health pool, lifesteal and an escape and Ernest typically stays back and is not a major target. If there then is a Montana and a Whiskey foxtrot on the other side, both who are at full health, and Miko sees that Montana is starting to take increasingly more damage, then he may be to be prioritised even though he is on the other lane. The traversal time needs to be taken into account, meaning that if he is indeed being targeted then one has to go quickly. Chances are he is otherwise going to die. Check the radar, listen to callouts and try to determine where all the enemies are. Miko should typically be on the most hectic side.

  • Know the characters - Know which characters have lifesteal, self heals, shields and escapes. Not only which characters have what, that is pretty easy on its own after a while in the game, but to know which character have what at their disposal. Did Deande just use her Holotwin? Does Kelvin have his Sublimate ready for an escape? Have Boldur’s shield broken? Miko (along with other healers) needs to be highly observant of the actions of his fellow teammates more so than other characters.

  • Save the territorials/wave clearers - This is especially prevalent in Incursion. Wave clearing is a top priority, and if two or more are about to die, and only one can be saved, save the character who can clear waves effectively. If ISIC, Orendi and Phoebe is about to die, Orendi is typically (but definitely not always) to be prioritised as she has the best wave clearing potential. But player skill obviously is a crucial part as well of this, so if Orendi is not doing well, but Phoebe is. Go for her. After all, most character may not excel at wave clearing, but they can still do it and after all Miko is capable to help with them as well.

  • Heal minions - If no one on the team is in need of a heal, do not be afraid to heal minions. It can prove to be very beneficial to keep a Shepherd or an Elite bot alive as it will further advance the minion or draw more enemy fire which will result in your fellow teammates getting a damage relief so they do not take as much damage as they otherwise would have. Especially in the case of the Shepherd, who will periodically ant an overshield to nearby allies which will help everyone stay alive and relieve Miko certain healing priorities.

Two main sources of survivability

  • Teammates - Being one of the weakest characters in the game with a base health of 1046, Miko is in need of survivability. The main source of his survivability? - His teammates. They should protect you, and you should hide behind them. Just remember that they’re health pools are your concern as well. They will be your shield, you will be their sustainer. Ghalt is one of Miko’s biggest counters, but he has a lot harder to try and pull Miko in if he is always hiding behind teammates.

  • Mobility - Miko relies on high mobility to stay alive. Jump around, run around and virtually never stay still. Both for the purpose of staying alive but also to stay on top of them and heal them. He will take a lot of damage but will be able to heal through a lot of it, if not most of it. But maybe the biggest reason why he needs to stay mobile is to avoid players to hit his crit-spot which may be the biggest in game proportionally to his own body.

#Gear Archetypes

  • Heal Power - Heal power is always an excellent choice for Miko and is always recommend stacking. It will play well into his kit and also affect his self-healing. So even if one is not playing as a primary-healing Miko, it is still highly viable.

  • Movement - It allows further helps Miko trying to reach as many members as possible as quickly as possible while also increasing his own escapability and evasiveness in combat.

  • Reload speed - This is primarily to compensate for Miko’s downtime when he is reloading. Making it smoother to juggle exp farming through waves of minions and healing.

  • Maximum Health - This will make Miko harder to burst down and make him more durable. It allows him to stay in lane longer and survive more difficult situations.

#Legendary Gear

  • Spores of Mikollopria - This is good for all builds of Miko. It gives an extra burst of healing which can grant over 400 health in one ping. It is capped, though not sure what it is, so one cannot heal someone by 2000 in one go for instance. Regardless it is a really solid legendary which can really help Miko to recover and save teammates from high bursts of damage.

  • Dr. Fist’s Medic Bag - This is also a really good legendary for all builds, though especially Single-healer and Assassin-support as you are going to be more reliant on Healing Beam which will grant up to 230 additional health with a max roll.

  • Solar Sustainer - This is recommended for Assassin Support to ensure that the player you are assisting will be able to take down the target. This way you will aid the player in damage output without having to stop healing for that effect.

  • Symbiotic Spores - This is primarily recommended for AoE-healer and Wave-Clearing Support as Regenerative Aura will capitalise the effect of this legendary. It is good overall though and one cannot go wrong with choosing it, and can become more useful if there is another healer on the field.

#Playing with a Miko

  • You are not invincible - This is a pretty common mistake which even more experienced players fall a victim to every once in a while where they overestimate Miko’s healing capabilities, resulting in overreaching and thus jeopardising both oneself’s life as well as Miko’s.

  • Take breathers - This is mostly happens when you are playing with randoms and/or teams who are not communicating. If Miko heals a Kelvin for instance who has a big health pool which takes a relatively long time to heal, it is not too uncommon for the Kelvin to take for granted that Miko will keep on staying on him resulting in Kelvin being more aggressive and does not get a chance to get his health back properly. This sort of play can be crippling to a Miko as there are three other players who may need healing as well. Therefore Kelvin needs to take a break or play more passively for at least a few seconds every once in a while. Not because he needs it, but because Miko needs it.

  • Big characters because of Miko - This phenomenon seems to be common. If one of the first players to pick a character picks Miko, the team tends to pick big, tanky characters. One of them is good, but two of those tend to prove to be difficult for Miko to keep up with as a general rule of thumb. It is better then to have tanks such as ISIC and Boldur who has shields which will help relieving the healing necessity for them.

#Video example

There is no commentary in the video, it is pure gameplay. Comments on the video, pointing out actions and mistakes out in various highlights is found below the video in this post.

  • This match was played without communication to and from the Miko, I was solo-qeueing.

  • The other 4 players were a pre-made.

  • Am not sure about the opposing team, @FlamesForAll might remember.

Gear used
+21.00% Reload Speed (+17.50% Recoil)
+14.00% CC-Reduction (+7.00% Heal Power)
+14.00% Heal Power (+4.20% Damage Reduction)

  • 1:10 - Assisting Rath in trying to kill/scare off Alani. Sees Galilea approaching Rath to defend Alani and so I immediately start healing him to keep him topped off. He went back quickly but realised I had healed him making him turn back to help with the minions. Rath is not in any particular danger for a few seconds, allowing me to throw a couple of barrages of Kunais for some exp gaining. Then as the minion wave is being cleared I keep my healing beam locked on Rath so he could continuously harass and potentially kill Galilea and/or Alani to get our minion wave through.

  • 2:05 - I took a couple of seconds to decide between Regenerative Aura and Heal Thyself and predicted that I would not suffer too much in lack of survivability which made me choose Regenerative Aura for the AoE healing. At this point I also start making my way to the other lane as I there is not too much more to be done on our lane and I see that both Melka and Montana is in need of healing. I decided to prioritise Melka over Montana first as Montana is not being targeted at this point and Melka getting Melka to full health does not take long and allows for her to play more aggressively. When I have healed Montana for a bit I turn as I know I left Rath alone in lane. He is getting hurt and need to get back to him ASAP. Then I stay on him to make sure he survives. I briefly turn to Kleese at 2:57 as Rath was not being focused and I could not tell if Kleese was or not. To make sure Kleese survives, I turned to him to check his health, signify that I got my eyes on him and Montana is a strong counter to Kleese.

  • 3:00 - I am comfortable with this lane now being secured and that I can leave if so necessary so I check the other lane. I see Montana being weak so I make my way over there straight away to ensure he will stay alive. Since I do not have any communication with the rest of the team, I do not know whether he is being targeted or not. Regardless I make myself over there since, as I said, I was comfortable with leaving Kleese and Rath. When I get there there are no other enemy Battleborn. So I heal him quickly throw a Spore Cloud at the minions to help him out and get some exp while I make myself over to the other side. If the enemy are not on that side, they are likely on the other side. I see that Rath has taken damage so I know that there has been or is a skirmish going on and that they need my help.

  • 3:30 - This is a perfect example of why one should prioritise certain characters in certain situations. Kleese is about 80-85% health when I start healing him, but he had both Montana and Alani focusing on him and possibly some minions. He is a big, slow and easy target who then got body blocked by minions which quite severely delayed his escape. Now I have topped of both Rath and Kleese and can check the other lane. I see Montana being weak though so I try to assist my teammates to kill him, after of which I can more properly check their lane.cI make the judgement that they are not in need of help and turn around to see Rath getting targeted by Alani and Galilea. I should at that point have been more attentive to the lane to make sure it was on lockdown.

  • 4:28 - I see Rath and Kleese get pulled into Desecration. Both of them are at full health, but I cannot tell how much damage they are going to take from Galilea and if they will get target by other players as well so I turn to them and heal them straight away in case of the worst.

  • 5:20 - I make a horrible move to switch lanes. I was completely blind to their Deande and proceeded to Rath and Kleese though there was no reason to which almost cost Montana his life. I go back to help Melka as quickly as possible when I realised they were under heavy pressure.

  • 6:32 - I should have seen Rath and gone to him by then already.

  • 7:16 - I see that Melka has gone to our lane now, at which point I make sure that everyone is healed to then make my way to Montana who is now alone on the other lane.

  • 9:09 - I see Montana is weak but am not sure whether our skirmish is over or not. I stay for a few more seconds, throws a Spore Cloud at the minions and starts to make my way over to him. But he dies just as I get to the lane. This is, along with the mistake at 5:20, the two most prominent ones.

  • 9:50 - I decide to heal the Shepherd as neither Kleese or Rath needs healing badly, and keeping the Shepherd alive will allow it to push in further and grant an overshield to all allies following the push.

As one can tell, I have not written all times I checked the opposite side, made sure to heal someone or not. I simply did so for the first few segments to illustrate the mindset of a Miko, especially in Meltdown. Thus the diminishing amount of text after the first 4 highlights.

Thanks to @vegancookies5 and @ChemicalConundrum for contributing to the gear section.

Thanks to @loving-hatred for pointing out the error of not being able to heal MK. Elite Bots.


Good guide, and I really like how you have different skills for different styles of play. I think it’s smart to understand how to play a character in many different ways and figure out which ones you like the best and find most effective in your own hands.

I would like to highlight the importance of Regenerative Aura. In incursion with only one lane, you will rack up way more assists than if you don’t take it. The healing to everyone around you is somewhat noticeable, but it’s nothing like the beam or an Ambra Sunspot. The real value is getting all the experience with everything dying around you. If you’re not attacking, you need to get XP somehow, and if you don’t bring a bonus shard item, you can get that through kills and assists (against minions too). And on a similar note, I just throw a Cloud of Spores into the lane just to tag the minions, even if the damage is negligible.

With that being said, I always bring the same three items and take this skill set every time R,L,L,R,M,L,A,L,L,A (the A’s are for any because it is situational).

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The heal power shouldn’t be a surprise because it just makes him a better healer, but I like the max health because he can stay in the lane longer. And by level 6, the increase in self-healing with biosynthesis is well able to get him back to full quick. The thing about my build, and with the recent buff to cooldown reduction items, he has almost no downtime in Biosynthesis with the level 3 cd reduction. Also, if your Fungus Among Us doesn’t get destroyed, the cooldown is about the same as how long it lasts, I would say about 95% uptime for that.


I take a similar setup but epic cooldown with heal power and epic attack damage with health. For more heals

Yea, but you know me and how much I love cheap load outs. I was actually thinking about creating guides to each character I play, but instead of a guide, it would be more of series of tips and tricks rather than use this build and take these skills. The main reason I haven’t is most people love their legendaries and epic items where I have found the most useful items are 0 cost, blues with a negative, blues, greens with a negative, purples with a negative, and finally purples. The rest I either don’t use, wouldn’t consider using but keeping in case something in the game changes, or for PvE purposes.

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The increase should be the same at every level, but visual rounding and UI inaccuracies results in these apparent variations. For example, the game shows Claw Lunge to be 142 damage at level one, but it’s actually 141.40.

For my part, I know nothing about Miko - but I have been healed by you before, and I trust you haha :wink: I know where to come if I ever decide to learn to mushroom…

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Yeah, I wanted to argue that there is not necessarily one “master spec” for Miko and he can be more versatile than some might think. [quote=“vegancookies5, post:2, topic:1553461”]
I would like to highlight the importance of Regenerative Aura. In incursion with only one lane, you will rack up way more assists than if you don’t take it. The healing to everyone around you is somewhat noticeable, but it’s nothing like the beam or an Ambra Sunspot. The real value is getting all the experience with everything dying around you. If you’re not attacking, you need to get XP somehow, and if you don’t bring a bonus shard item, you can get that through kills and assists (against minions too). And on a similar note, I just throw a Cloud of Spores into the lane just to tag the minions, even if the damage is negligible

Yeah, I wanted to do so as well. Regenerative Aura is atguably the one I went through most throughly simply because it seems to be wildly overlooked by Heal Thyself. Same goes for the AoE-healer spec I suggested where I tried to highlight the benefits of having it over Heal Thyself for instance.

Edit: Should add a survivability tab for gear though. Not sure how I overlooked that :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I was certain that it was decimals. Wouldn’t think that gap didn’t appear out of nowhere. I simply took the values given in-game as I’m not sure how one would determine the exact decimals since I’m no person of math. Some of the values I got aa well when calculating resulted in decimals, but I simply rounded up or down accordingly. At the end of the day I don’t feel like it has too much of an impact (am probably just naive), but I still wanted to be “honest” about the exceptions. I’m sure even Spore Cloud which had an increase of 8 at every level have decimals, just not enough for it to round any other way.

Ha, thanks! I’ll take that! Funny thing is though that I feel kinda cocky for writing this as I see loads of players having hundreds of hours into one character or so whereas I’m writing this and don’t even have 30h as him :sweat_smile:

Great guide, happy you showed the other playstyles, I like assassin support a lot to be honest

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I know firsthand what a good Miko player you are and it’s really nice to see such a thorough breakdown on the fungus.

A couple of things in terms of the gear section. Kitru and others have crunched the numbers and shown that CC reduction gear just doesn’t do enough as CC doesn’t last that long enough for a low percent reduction to make an impact. In terms of Heal Power, if I wanted a legendary with him, as opposed to several useful greens and the blue, I think Symbiotic Spores and the Solar Sustainer synergize better with his kit as the poison damage isn’t that much. However, I haven’t tested to see whether the combined effect with Pandemic would outweigh the legendary effects of the two items I mentioned. Similarly for movement speed, the Mossire’s Mukluks synergize well with him, though I would rarely take two legendaries for PvP.

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Holy ■■■■! I thought @Xelaris96 and I were the only ones who realized Regenerative Aura was great.

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One thing I’d like to contribute that I recently discovered, you can heal elite bots. I was messing with miko one day and when my team wouldn’t push out I’d summon an elite and pocket heal it(ended up getting an elite bot past the first sentry because it kept going)

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That is surprising…I always got ■■■■ from people about it too. Hmph!

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Yes, I’ve been doing that with Miko ever since Incursion got a minion buff.

I’ve been using it whenever I’m not constantly under fire from Ernest since… Alani. Some people are very against it. Very

Great Guide, I like the flexibility you have given to Miko and the details of skills… NICE

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Made the following changes to the post:

  • Removed false information at the analysis of Heal Thyself stating that elite bots cannot be healed.

  • Added a new section in Healing/Engagement; Heal Minions.

  • The Gear section got split into two sections; Gear Archetypes and Legendary Gear.

  • Removed CC-reduction from Gear Archetypes, added Maximum Health.

  • Added 4 legendaries to Legendary Gear; Spores of Mikollopria, Dr. Fist’s Medic Bag, Solar Sustainer and Symbiotic Spores.

  • Given credit accordingly.

  • Added two sections; Playing with Miko and Video Example.


And thanks for all the feedback, it’s nice to see it being appreciated! Let me know if there are more things you’d like to add/change/remove to the post to improve it! And that goes for the overall structure of the post as well. I’m doing everything on a (somewhat) old iPad mini, making writing more comprehensive posts a bit more awkward as the forums are not necessarily the most stable website for it :sweat_smile:



Truly excellent, informative, and well presented!

Great work!

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I actually want to play Miko after all this, haha. Good work!

Feel free to spend more time writing guides and less time murdering waves as Toby… :stuck_out_tongue:



Walrus’ numbers in that game last night were RIDICULOUS (when are they not…?)!

You and Blaine’s poor randoms!