The Guide of Miko

(The Red Bar Observer) #21

My lag is awful when I duo with Blaine, so I was stuck in “lane caretaker Mellka” mode too… which is hard when my poor shepherd is melting in a single hit! Go gently into the night, sweet shepherd.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #22

That was one of the better games @EdenSophia and I had that night. GG

(PSN: SirWalrusCrow) #23

Mission accomplished!

I actually wouldn’t mind making more, but I’m not sure which one I’d proceed to! The biggest problem I face is simply getting raw data regarding things like attack speed, attack damage, reload speed amongst other things. I’d need people to either A) provide it for me or B) helping me find out (or vice versa) :no_mouth:

Besides, I said screw it to my team and that I’d take the risk of running Toby. After I picked him they started telling me horror stories of how you liked to harass Tobys. Needless to say I just legged it straight away as you noticed both times I saw you and Blaine charging on the radar! :grin:

Ha, @HandsomeCam would’ve been proud!

Yeah. It’s kinda too bad. Quite a few characters can wave-clear but almost all of the, are reliant on the minions fighting and stalling each other…

(Penguin connoisseur.) #24

Of COURSE i’m proud!

Just don’t get TOO attached to my character, Walrus…

(The Red Bar Observer) #25

I have to play very cautiously when I have a bad connection, and unfortunately we had a real horrorshow server for me that game, so Toby was actually a relatively safe pick. I did scope out an experimental dive on you early, but when I felt the delay on Spike, I noped back to guiding minions the rest of the game… sigh.

I so wanted to eviscerate your fat little penguin belly. :cry:

Mell especially - she needs the overshield to survive, and she needs the minions to fight inside her Parting Gift pool. I’d have swapped lanes, but Ernest is even worse, haha.

(PSN: SirWalrusCrow) #26

I think it’s too late, I do like my birds! But don’t worry, I’ll always let you have Toby when we’re together! He might just be the next character I do a guide for if I do one! :wink:

Yeah. I couldn’t see the lag myself, but since you didn’t push me harder since Melka may be one of the best counters against Toby I thought that was the case

Can’t blame ya, he needs proper babysitting in Meltdown! But come on, his an adorably gorgeous penguin of beauty :heart_eyes:

You swapped lanes just as my aim had gotten better. I just missed all the time at the start but got better later on :sweat_smile: Though you may be the only Melka I’ve seen who has really utilised Air Stall!

I’m just fantastically great at staying on topic on my own post. Yay-******-me!

(The Red Bar Observer) #27

Mellka’s a great Toby counter, but she’s really vulnerable to thumpers and stingers when she’s the only target in lane (especially with minion waves dying so fast) - so in effect, you picked the right lane and I picked the wrong one. Even if I’d been green bar, team play alone meant you guys were deservingly in the lead. I think that Caldarius on my team was also on my lane… sometimes… every now and then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, we’ll get back on topic, but it was just a fun game (and excellently played by you) so it deserved a detour :wink:

(PSN: SirWalrusCrow) #28

In hindsight I just kinda regret not saving the footage from that match as it would’ve been a good showcase video for Toby if I were to make a similar guide for him as I think I’d follow the same format as here.

Though it’s not much of a choice for Toby on Paradise. He owns the B-lane due to the oversight and long lines of sight he can get while staying in a relatively safe, elevated area with a thumper covering his back! He’s a character which really needs to be babysitted, otherwise he’ll wreck in Meltdown :wink:

Edit: Staying on topic is overrated :no_mouth: