The Guns Of Reliance - Clay doesn't move anymore

Hi everyone.

I’ve got a problem.
In the quest “The Guns Of Reliance” Clay won’t move anymore.
I quit the game to join a friend at the beginning of this quest, when he had just climbed the boxes and the quest says “Follow Clay” but when I went back to my game, Clay was just standing there without moving.
I can talk to him but nothing else.

What should I do pls ?

(Sorry if my english is terrible, i’m french, sorry ^^’)


SAME FREAKING ISSUE Man it sucks lmao smh, update immediately

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same here im freaking annoyed by it

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you could try to use the matchmaking function
i have the same issue and im joining randome games trying to find one that is doing the main quest

It Worked btw

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Same issue here. Come on gearbox! I have tried finding someone on a similar mission level to “fix” it but a) I havent matched with anyone close and b) the servers disconnect every 5 mins.

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Yeah I wish this would just get patched I don’t want to spend the time match making.

Haha I just started a new character. Totally gave up

Same here, I just stopped playing and sold my copy. Hopefully the person that bought it doesn’t have the same problems. And hopefully this gets patched soon for the rest of you guys

I had this happen once as well, but just going back to main-menu and then loading back into the character fixed it here. Most of those progression-hurdles are fixed that way.

I filed a support ticket because Clay refuses to budge an inch. They assured me they are working on a fix, but who knows. I haven’t had the best of luck with support.

“I have informed our concerned department about your issue and they are looking into it and I assure you that your issue will be resolved soon.”

So Mine got stuck, restarted the game, he reappeared by the waterfall and I ran staying with him really close, when he got to the stairs he got stuck for like to seconds I approached him within those 2 seconds and started bumping onto him and clicked X like 20 times and he moved and opened the door, this was after the few patches released. Hope this Helps good luck.

Same problem, I got him moving by getting an enemy up into the hut.
Clay now runs around in circles until the enemy is dead, then just stands there…

I tried restarting the game, warping to sanctuary and back, no luck.
Raiding another ticket.

Clay doesn’t fight back, as he has no gun, his hand pointing out to shoot but has no weapon in hand.

Joining an internet matchmaking thing has got me passed the ‘follow clay’ bug.
It’s jumped forward to about half way through the overall mission though (guns of reliance), but at least I can play again.