The guns you love, and how you like to use them

We’ve all read the ‘Top Gear’ threads, seen YouTube videos, noted post after post about which weapons are most ideal for a given job, etc. Sometimes, those line up with what we are magnetically drawn to. Other times, they don’t. This thread isn’t necessarily about what is most optimal. It’s about the guns we keep going to, simply because they are SO COOL, and the skills or support gear we like to put around them.

For example…

Soon after hitting 70 with Jack, I was lucky enough to get a perfect, purple, cryo Anarchist (Vladof parts, except for the awesome Maliwan sight!) with the +10% crit luneshine. Now, I have always been a fan of Anarchists. I love the firing animation, the sound, the overall look… all of it. It’s awesome. The only drawback has been the speed with which they melt ammunition reserves. That isn’t a problem for Jack, though…

I have an absolute blast running around with that Anarchist, 11/5 Absolute Advantage, and Sponsored By to throw shock or explosive damage on top. With that set up, it feels like an endless bullet hose, and I get the added fun of freezing things with it. I’ve had many play sessions where I’ve used it as my go-to for multiple zones worth of mobbing, as well as boss kills. I’ve even used it to kill Eclipse and EOS, despite the fact that it’s not an especially fast option against them.

So… how about YOU? Which guns and set ups get you fired up?

As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of the party popper. It is my favorite gun in this game by a long shot, it’s such a funny gun to use.

My second choice would probably be the too scoops on nisha, just because I think it’s also a really funny.

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I like it too. I use it on my Jack (Darth Timothy spec) and it actually carried me through the mutator arena a few times. Its an awesome gun.

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Some of the themed guns like the party popper are awesome. The first time I picked up a Party Line, I wound up doing Hall of Heroism mobbing with it for about 3 hours. I love the look of it, and the visuals in use.

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Torrent for Athena (she’s using 2 of them actually) and the Plunkett for Nisha.

Torrent is pretty much a “what if S&S/Vladof would make SMG’s” and it makes for a excellent mobbing gun imo.
Specially with skills that give you free ammo. Love it.

Plunkett looks pretty good aesthetically, is Jakobs, and it is pretty much made to abuse Nisha’s Crackshot and Magnificent 6 when using the Six-Shooter COM.

I tried to keep it to some of my more obscure one’s to make this post more interesting.

  • I like ‘One Last Thing’ looping the Plunkett as Clap-trap.

  • I also enjoy jumping really f*cking high with the Moonscaper.

  • And its also fun telling Axton he can suck it, as IMO Nisha is now the best grenade character thanks to the Excalibastard.

Awesome posts. The Torrent is a huge favorite. I haven’t used the Plunkett much, but OLT and Nisha’s skills (so many…) make it look extra appealing.

[quote=“Handsome_Dad, post:1, topic:1203754”]
Which guns and set ups get you fired up?
[/quote]Literally: all of them but one: I haven’t yet found a lethal niche for the Party Popper yet.

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I remember when the game was still new and I was hellbent on finding that thing. Just couldn’t wait until I had Athena at cap.

Claptrap, SWAB-ing with a Too Scoops. Nearly forgot that one, but the Too Scoops was one of the reasons why I started a Claptrap playthrough.

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Claptrap and the Flakker is a lot of fun.

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Another lucky find* of mine has been a glitch x2 Pepperbox with 04L4M0A0. That thing is stupid fun. I use Sponsored By to toss shock on it and go nuts mobbing.

*I actually spend quite a bit of time running around in the Clappy DLC, and I collect glitch guns until I’m full, then grind the undesirables until I get cool stuff.

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Taser - Cryo on Aurelia, shock on Athena and Claptrap. One of my personal favorites.

Glitch Crowdsourcing - Cryo on Aurelia, shock on Athena. Aurelia’s is a Critical one, wrecks everything; with her Duchess stacks combined with Hyperion recoil, you can basically snipe with it. Athena’s is pretty basic, but once you get some Maelstrom the thing doesn’t stop firing.

Fatale - Pretty standard but it’s such an awesome gun. Carry it on everyone, have luneshine 10% crits and 30% ignore shields. SMG-snipe hybrid.

Glitch Ravager - With Claptrap and Aurelia. Pretty self-explanatory. Crazy good with both, things die quickly.

Last one off the top of my head, Longnail and Machine - fun for the whole family. Can pick people off from far away, or with Aurelia and Athena you can get within shotgun range and no scope everything in sight.

Regarding the Fatale: that’s another example of a gun I LOVE in this game, but don’t care for in BL2. I use it very heavily with Jack, but I never use the Bitch despite having 3 classes at OP8. The Maggie is another. I occasionally run with it on Axton or Maya, but only casually. That gun is a staple for me in TPS.

Frankly, I feel like more guns are useful in TPS.

Speaking of the Maggie, I ran with a Deputy style build earlier, except with the Celestial Doppleganger and Maggie. Chucking Quasars until 0/10 grenades, with 10/5 Just Compensation, I had something like 22 in the mag (Bandit grip), plus 5/5 AA. That was a lot of shooting between reloads, and I never got below 700 ammunition.

The Spadroon is just amazing to use on Athena. But slam with Hades Shackles + Epicenter, kill the first Scav and see Overload kill the others. Freeze one Scav in the next pack, Blood Rush, repeat.

I miss playing TPS, but starting all over again is seeming painful enough to keep me away as Im already restarting BL2 due to console issues. :(pensive:

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The Hail does that for me, in BL2 I only used it once, but in TPS it is one of the weapons that i always have equiped on Athena. And hope I can gett it to work with Claptrap aswell.

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[quote=“l_gabrielcruz, post:14, topic:1203754, full:true”]The Spadroon is just amazing to use on Athena. But slam with Hades Shackles + Epicenter, kill the first Scav and see Overload kill the others.[/quote]That’s exactly how I roll with her… I wear a COM with +6 in Overload for the 99% transfer chance (among other things). Once the lightning elemental has been summoned, I’ll try to keep it alive as long as possible by following it around and working over the enemies it lands on. It’s insanely satisfying to be able to juggle it around a mob several times without letting it die.

[quote=“l_gabrielcruz, post:14, topic:1203754, full:true”]Freeze one Scav in the next pack, Blood Rush, repeat.[/quote]Are you freezing for Flash Freeze or for something else? Blood Rush sounds fun, but I’m still way too hooked on her Ceraunic Storm tree.

[quote=“l_gabrielcruz, post:14, topic:1203754, full:true”]I miss playing TPS, but starting all over again is seeming painful enough to keep me away as Im already restarting BL2 due to console issues[/quote]I’m keeping TPS in the bank for that rare occasion when I tire of playing BL2 (but dang if the Dahl Training Facility, Holodome, or Mutator Arena aren’t worth a little vacation). It’ll still be there whenever you’re free to go after it with a fresh set of eyes. Do you have a gaming PC? As in, if you’re starting BL2 over from scratch, this would be an opportune time to spice it up a little by playing on a new platform.

The Dragon COM is especially good as the DoT passed goes with Omega-Senshu boost. I stoped at lv 50 (Didnt buy the Season pass yet) and it was the best COM for DoT by far. The Storm is really good for Elemental Barrage abuse but I was tired of it already.

Yes, Flash Freeze to keep the stacks for the next pack. I was rolling a Xiphos/Ceraunic Storm build. Just skipped the first tree entirely. :smile:

PS3 only, unfortunately. Really want a PS4 :sob:

Sorry to necro this but since were both on ps3 we should play together sometime.

party popper + wintertide = good times.

its getting to the point i’d rather pay that re-spawn fee than swap weapons.

I’ve recently had a ton of fun with:

  • Jack, using shock Machine and corrosive Machine, ‘Sponsored By’ each other for stupid fast fire rate, with 11/5 Absolute Advantage. That’s a very good time, and a fast way to burn down Eclipse!

  • Jack, using the Absolute Zero + Casual Flakker, ‘Sponsored By’, and a Celestial Doppleganger COM for 10/5 Just Compensation benefit at 0/10 grenades and the extra accuracy and a Bomber oz kit. That rips up the Holodome BA round like nobody’s business.

  • cryo T4S-R with Nisha. I got it as a drop while running the Holodome with Nisha for extra XP at level 24, and picked up the Unforgiven soon after. What the eeefffffffff. They should have simply called her far right tree “All Dead Everything”.