The Gunzerker and the last op boss

Just wondering what the basic strategy is for killing the last op omg wtf boss at op7 and op8. Is the best way just gunzerking with a dpuh, grog, and +6 moneyshot com? Or is there a better, safer way? Trial and error is just too painful.

You got it- the standard DPUH/Grog Nozzle combo works best. Once you’ve unlocked OP8 you can try something else (I usually have dual Butchers- one fire, one shock) as my secondary set of guns. A corrosive one to take the place of the fire one and OMGWTH still went down fairly quickly…

Better/safer is a relative term but there are other options.

Off-hand shenanigans: Pimpernel + Deep a Creamer, or Flakker + Derp a Creamer

Interfacer/Conference Call/Omen + Grog

Bee+Sandhawk if you don’t mind using the building for cover.

a homing mirv is handy to save yourself. meteor shower is my fav. toss around corner. boom! full health.

it is also possible to circle strafe him. i think he does less damage, but try this with a siren on call first time.

When in doubt, off-hand Orphan-Maker 11/5 Money Shot while having a Ladyfist on your main hand…

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Thanks. Just wondering, say you are in a part of the map - last part before the wtf boss - with no enemies on the ground just surveyors flying about, op7 or op8, and you are in low health, trouble, is there a shield, anything shock resistant perhaps, that can take a blast from one of those huge surveyors? Would slapping on a health regenerating com help in any way? The surveyors are a bit of a problem.

Transformer absorbs shock. That would be the best otherwise a Neogenator or Evolution could work.

At op7~8 I think only turtle shields could survive multiple surveyors or a badass one, the Transformer should resist one attack but I’m not sure about it’s performance against multiple damage sources (specially against badasses). Personally I wouldn’t worry too much on getting shields for these situations but rather focusing on dealing damage, if there is something you could farm to use against them should be some good hyperion weaponry or jakobs shotguns, landing a hit with an orphan-maker or a good quad should stagger them for a second incase they didn’t die in one-shot.

I used a level 72 The Transformer on several characters up to and thru OP8- it can handle a shot or two but one at your level is obviously better (and learning to use the blittle building there for cover so that the shots from the surveyors hit that works wonders too :smile:) …

Well, I finally got through on the third try. That last part before the final boss was really difficult, although it probably depends upon the spawn you get. Tried to hide around those building with two surveyors chasing me and they still took me down. I was lucky that I left one of those slow moving rats alive to get back up. The last boss lasted less than 30 seconds gunzerking with the dpuh, grog, and +6 com. Done and done. :smile:


Have a try at my Deputy build: I cleared the OP7 peak … With OP2 gear… And I’m a mediocre player. :slight_smile:

Uh-huh. Tell us another one, Chuck.


Step 1. Get a friend who has Zer0
Step 2. Bore
Step 3. ???
Step 4. Op8

Salvador takes care of OMGWTH even easier than Zero.

False. Can sal take out hyperopia and omgwth with one shot of the level 0 basic repeater that does 11 damage

Of course not, but with the right gear, you can take him out in 5 seconds tops… I know because… I did it.

And even though your gear is irrelevant in Zero’s case, you still have to aim at just the right spot. With Sal you just …shoot.

Ence, it’s EASIER with Sal.

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Eh, slag the bottom half, hit the joint, win. Takes two shots.

Granted, Sal is invincible, and nearly full proof with the right gear- but this is one of those situations I would say is easier with Zer0.

It’s about as long with Sal honestly. If you have a good RL and you have the right gear to pull the Pimp conbo, you can take him down in about 5 seconds…if you’re slow, no pre-slag, no aiming… Just shoot center of mass about 3-4 times. Seriously it’s dead easy.

Let’s say it’s a push :stuck_out_tongue:

Pimp + Ahab/Nukem works best for any boss with large hit boxes. Not even close