The Hail - spawning restrictions?

Title says it mostly, but to be more specific:

Can the Hail spawn with a sight at all? I know it can have Torgue and Vladof sights in BL2 but from the now dozen of Hails I found neither of them had any of these sights.

Which leaves me to wonder: did it got a complete restriction on sight or is it just RNG giving the finger right at me?

i think, at least one of my set has an iron sight, would’ve to double check though.

Yes, I’ve gotten both Torgue and Vladof iron sights on the Hail from Iwa.

Bad luck on my part it is.
Have 3 of them that have a Dahl stock/Vladof grip, of which 2 have the Swift prefix.

Guess I’ll be farming some more. Thanks guys.

You DON’T WANT a sight on a Hail…Blocks your vision as you are pointing down as the rounds arc.

Iron sights tightens the fire pattern just fine…without the peripheral vision obstruction.

Because you are actually using peripheral vision to aim.

Want it for aesthetic reasons.
It gets hipfired anyway.

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