The handsome collection. is it worth it

So I am thinking that buying the handsome collection is worth it I would be buying the Xbox one basically just for the game and maybe cod. Is it really worth it I know 60 forms per second is goo but is it game changing. I just want some people’s opinions. Negative or positive.

Yeah, kind of. If anything it’s worth it just for BL2 alone. Don’t get me wrong, TPS IS mighty fun, but there isn’t as much to do in TPS and overall BL2 is slightly better.

Uuuuuh, not sure if you should buy the console though just for a handful of games. So use my advice for the games, not the console.

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Well, once you’ve figured out how broken Advanced Warfare is, then no doubt you’ll be wanting to play something else.
So in that respect, yes, it probably is worth it.

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Well, keep in mind that alot of people reported performance issues in TPS.
If it is fixed already, I have no idea.

I had a ps4 and and had B2 for the ps3 so I got TPS and B2 moved to the ps4 and all dlc that has came out for both games, hh packs, heads and skins, and some other starting gear for the price of one regular game. So it made sense for me to get it but I wouldn’t recommend buying a new console for it

Yeah, it really was disappointing. AW I mean.

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I was a x360 user and I bought the ps4 just for this game. I think it was worth it despite having had all the dlcs on my 360 I was actually impressed by the visual improvement when I played the ps4, even though it’s pretty much a upconverted port it was a much bigger improvement than I thought it would be.

The screen tearing and frame drops is a bigger issue with tps whole bl2 runs well 95% of the time.

On the ps4 version of tps it is playable but the screen tears and frame rate drops are noticeable, all you have to do is spin your character in Concordia and youll get the screen tears.

I also think the screen tears and frame rate problems are worse on the Xbox one vs the ps4, they both have it but watching some of the videos on YouTube the Xbox one videos seem to be much worse than what I am getting with the ps4.

TPS is more demanding than BL2. Much more.

But it looks better.