The Handsome Collection Online server & All DLC not working

My Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for xbox is no longer working Borderlands2 no longer finds online servers and no longer finds any DLC since 7.DEC.2018 and Borderlands pre sequel crashes when I search online server. Reinstalling does not help, please help me. xbox360 Borderlands2 is going great

sorry for my English, is from Google translator
i speak too german and turkish

Are you in the XBox Insider program at all? There have been isolated reports of the same symptoms for a while and, so far, all those affected appear to be in the Insiders program. Not sure what it is exactly that’s causing the issue, but please file a support ticket here:

Also a quick question - are you playing 360 BL2 on a 360, or using the backwards compatible version on your XB1?

yes my xbox is in insider program and i play Borderlands2 xbox 360 version on Xbox One

Follow up question: is the 360 version on your XB1 the full game, or just the vanilla game?

full game Borderlands 2 is from * games with Gold * and no DLC

OK, thanks for the update. Could you please include all that in your support ticket? I’ll also update the folks via back channels since I’m starting to see a pattern here.

One thing you might consider doing is uninstalling the Games with Gold version and seeing if that gets the HC working again. However, I do not know if you would still be able to downlad the GwG version after doing that, so you may not want to try it if only that version is currently working.

i have Borderlands HC and Xbox360 Borderlands2 from Xbox Deleted, reststart. And The Handsome Collection new installed

is this version [] >Last version< or from >yeahr 2018< New ?

Pretty sure the 1.3 version is correct - just firing mine up to check. What’s that second screen?

Edit: Yes, and 23.3 GB installed for Handsome Collection BL2.

1.0.3 is this correct ? or 1.3.0

OK, I just checked the Match Browser on my version and it’s also reading version 1.0.3 with no matches found:

Weird. And I know I’ve played on-line with folks on my friends list recently. I will definitely flag this to the GBX community team. At least the game itself still runs without crashing.

I deleted borderlands 2 xbox 360 version. HC still does not work

I’m waiting for ticket now.

do you think the developers make a new update?

No. There has been no update to any of the BL2 versions since October 2015 (and a November 2015 update on one of the other platforms) The only other thing that’s happened recently is the release of the PSVR version of BL2, but that shouldn’t be affecting anything on XBox at all.

This looks more like a DRM issue, perhaps triggered by something in a recent system update that’s so far only been rolled out to those in the XBox Insiders program.

I have read on the internet that Borderlands Goty this month appears will be updated again, because 7.Dec.2018 I had to accept a new terms and conditions.

did you also see a message where you had to accept?

whats your Gamertag add me StatistikHarfe

That’s for the SHiFT service, which was updated to conform to the requirements of the EU GDPR. I’m not entirely sure what the most recent terms update was, unless GBX needed to tweak the wording, but it’s only the SHiFT agreement that’s involved, not the game code itself.

If there’s a full backwards compatible GOTY version coming, though, that might have something to do with it - maybe someone messed up configuring the DRM codes or something. I do hope this gets resolved soon though - if it is something that got introduced with the insiders program and it doesn’t get fixed, eventually it’s going to hurt everyone.

Hey @StatistikHarfe,
We just got word that Xbox is pushing out a system update today that should fix the issue you had in the Insider Program.

Update info for you: Xbox Update Notes

Let us know if you have any other issues!