The Handsome Collection PS4 Community!

Not really sure where to put this or if there’s another post like this but, here goes.

So the PS4 3.0 update gave us PS4 users the ability to create these small, yet useful, communities for players to interact and find others to play with quickly and easily. Now i’m not sure if we have one yet or if anyone has had the same idea, but I think having an official PlayStation 4 community would be really helpful and fun for everyone. To be able to make a small post asking for others to play with or make some trades would be really helpful. Especially if we had one overseen by some prominent users from the Forums. We could even possibly have two different communities; One for making trades and the other for finding people to play with.

Now I know anyone who has a PS4 and plays a lot or almost daily knows about the communities, but I was thinking it’d be nice to have one made for, and by people on the forums. Since there are tons out there already and most of them are full of people you may not know or trust. Or may be cluttered with people constantly asking for trades while others are looking for people to play with and not getting what they want out of it. Having our own little fortress of solitude where we know we can go without all the hassle feels nice.

Anyway TL;DR A PS4 community, made by forum users, for forum users. :smile:

Update: The community in question is up and running! All we need now are some Vault Hunters to join or apply to our little ‘Sanctuary.’ I have given our safe ‘Haven’ the name; The Borderlands Handsome collection Find a Friend Community! Has a nice ring to it right? The only thing you need to apply is a PS4 and The Handsome Collection. It really is that simple sometimes. You can leave your PSN I.D for me below or if you can find it before then please, feel free to join. Mi Casa es Su Casa!

I thinks it’s a good idea, and I’d easily joins

Yea i was thinking of making a borderlands community. But if you make one ill join.

Is there a search button for the communities? I didn’t see one, all I saw was a tab for “friends communities” or “create” community.

Pretty sure i saw a way to search. I could be weong though

I’m in 3 different ps4 handsome communtiies, but you can add me here too.