The "Hardened Veteran" Commando Build

Hey guys! I’ve done some brainstorming to try and come up with an optimum setup for the Gemini commando. I thought I would call my build “hardened veteran” for the survivability and tenacity (increased damage in FFYL) that it offers. Here is my build:

I won’t be writing a gear section as, since this soldier setup doesn’t focus on grabbing grenade boosts, it will enable you to use any top tier weapon effectively. However, this build does rely on the versatility of the Legendary Soldier COM, and I would recommend using Bone of the ancients relics, or perhaps a heart of the ancients if you are using assault rifles. With my overview covered, let’s take a look at my skill build.

Sentry 5/5: Your turret can slag, draw aggro, and activate a huge damage boost, so it makes sense to keep it on the battlefield for as long as possible.

Ready 1/5: Reload speed is immensely useful, but 48% with our class mod should be enough.

Willing 5/5: The increase to shield recharge rate and decrease to recharge delay is crucial for keeping you alive.

Onslaught 5/5: The movement speed bonus will help you get into or out of the fray quickly, and 30% gun damage upon killing an enemy is awesome to have.

Able 3/5: This is a great skill for keeping your health bar up when you’ve been swarmed.

Scorched Earth: Gives your turret rockets that deal damage and can stun lock. Take it without thinking twice.

Crisis Management 5/5: You’ll have your shield up for the vast majority of the fight. But this will take effect if you go down, which is why I chose it.

Double Up: Allows your turrets to slag enemies so you don’t have to, massively important in UVHM.

Impact 5/5: A 20% damage increase, one cannot question the usefulness of this skill.

Expertise 1/5: Once again, the +5 boost from our legendary soldier COM allows us to get away with putting only one point here, and saves precious points for other skills.

Metal Storm 4/5: The 48% fire rate increase after a kill tends to turn you into a wrecking machine.

Battlefront 4/5: This gives you a 24% gun damage boost when your turret is active, every good commando build utilizes this skill.

Longbow: The 100% turret health increase is necessary for keeping your turret alive, and the ability to teleport your turret anywhere is a must-have.

Preparation 5/5: This is one of only two health regen skills available to Axton, another must-have.

Last Ditch Effort 5/5: This will greatly increase your movement speed and damage while you are in fight for your life. If you do go down, you’ll be very glad you picked this.

Pressure 5/5: You will be hard-pressed to get through any OP8 fight without getting health-gated, and when that happens this can prevent you from going down.

Quick Charge 4/5: This is very useful for giving you time to ward off a DOT or get out of sticky situations.

Mag Lock: When combined with longbow, it will allow you to place your turret virtually anywhere. It will help keep your turret alive and hit enemies that are behind cover.

Resourceful 5/5: Extra turret cool down is great to have.

Gemini: This will give you an extra turret to place, and help you to control the flow of battle effectively.

That just about wraps up my build! Any likes or comments would be greatly appreciated. I hope everyone found this useful.

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With Willing, Pressure and Quick Charge nearly maxed out, Crisis Management will be practically useless. Most of the shields in the game would never stay depleted for more than a couple of seconds with those skills active. It’s a little counterproductive to nearly max out on all of the shield buffing skills and then max out on a skill that only gives you any benefits when your shields are depleted. In my opinion, those 5 points would be better spent elsewhere.

I specifically said that I chose it because it will be active if I go down. Meaning if you go into FFYL. However, putting 4 of those points in Ready, and one in Able would work very well too. There will probably be one skill in every one of my builds that can be dropped to free up points for other things. In this build, Crisis Management is that skill.


I didn’t think about Fight For Your Life. Yeah, that makes it a bit more useful.