The Heal Chair Nerf

(apebble01) #1

The Healing per sec dropped to 38? Seriously? Otherwise, great Kleese buff (a bit too much health, but better than a glass water pistol).


I’m hoping to get some official word on this. It now feels like a trivial heal amount. Was this a mistake? This helix choice was nerfed into the ground…

(apebble01) #3

It really is pathetic now. Had to rework my entire gear set because of it, too.

The heals see now more of the “eh, it’s there, I guess” instead of the old “holy heals, Batman!”

A Nerf was ok, but to 38 is insane. Cut it to a third. If make it 60-80 (80 preferably). Atm, Kleese is now a dps with some support functions instead of a support with some dps functions.

(Hobo4Lyfe) #4

The devs have previously said their policy on nerfs is to overdo it. That way, they can bring it back up if they feel like it’s appropriate.

I can see the reason for putting Kleese’s heal chair way down – multiple players can enjoy it (like a sunspot), it doesn’t expire (unlike a sunspot) and it definitely healed more than a sunspot. The tradeoff of Kleese needing to be at least close to the point of engagement to bring it to bear (unlike a sunspot) probably wasn’t enough tradeoff, I suppose.

Also, they probably don’t want any character’s overall playstyle to be DEFINED by a helix choice. They want helix choices to augment playstyles, not definte the whole character. That was kind of where Kleese was with heal chair.

3 biggest things about Kleese:

  1. Shield Rifts
  2. Unblockable auto-aiming tasers
  3. Heal chair

I guess they felt for any single helix choice to be that high on the priority list of defining a character was a bad thing.

(apebble01) #5

That’s fair. I suppose they succeeded in making Heal Chair not the de facto option (10 chair energy can compete…Can’t for the life of me imagine right helix option being worth it). Just seems they nerfed his support role more than a helix.

(Hobo4Lyfe) #6

Well, by his “shielder” tag in his attributes, Kleese’s role in support was always based on his rifts.

This means he’s not as productive with Eldrid allies, of course, but like Reyna, his actual healing is meant as a nice frill, not a defining characteristic.

He and Reyna form a nice dyad of shield-based support, really. He’s territorial for offense and tick-based for support, she’s a hunter for offense and burst-based for support. He supports defenders, she supports assassins.

(apebble01) #7

I suppose. But either way, he’s now irrelevant for a large section of the playable characters (eldrid). With his newfound ability to dps like no other, it’s ok (Just a slight role change), but I feel they’ll have to buff his shield support or the health chair if they Nerf his damage or health bar in order to keep him relevant.

(Pain_Parade) #8

kleese was out healing and out dpsing healers and dpsers. he should be a shield healer mainly and a health healer secondary. i’m 99.9% sure they are gonna end up bringing his “heal aura” back to somewhere in the 60-80 range. fear not…just group with ambra now

(apebble01) #9

Can’t tell if you mean pre or post buff.

(Pain_Parade) #10

Pre…haven’t played him post update yet

(apebble01) #11

Hmmm, I didn’t experience his dps side much pre Nerf (the survivability kept him at bay). He definitely had the potential, but his dps was usually heavily dependant on your team protecting you or the enemy team not doing well. In my experience at least. Now Kleese is a one man army lol

(Pain_Parade) #12

I’m sorry…same old issue. I’m speaking of kleese in PVE and you mean kleese in pvp.

(apebble01) #13

Ahhh. In that case, I agree completely. He slaughters there lol

(F5 BlackBearD) #14

It looks like they buffed the range of his tasers too,

They turned him into a tank while sacrificing his supporting abilities.
I dont mind this changes though.

He now lives longer to support the team so they had to nerf his healing

(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #15

One of the developers mentioned on reddit somewhere that the ‘nerf’ to Kleese’s healing may not have been intended and so they are looking into things. If it turns out it is indeed an unintended change they’ll look into what went wrong and correct it.

(ThisWasAMistake ) #16

The man is practically un-killable now. The nerf was warranted and in fact he needs more nerfs to his damage. He’s a tank now, he shouldn’t be healing as good as other medics.