The Health button

Is there one? I’m a beginner and I 've discovered the "health Now " syringe in Claptrap’s Palace, good for an immediate 25% increase, but I start out with 90% returning from the Windshear Waste after losing battles with the Knuckledraggers. I could use at least one during the fighting (as well as a grenade or two). I checked the Keybinding in Settings and found no health activating mechanism. I’m looking for confirmation and alternatives if any.

Health vials will be used as soon as you pick them upp. They will be picked up automatically when you walk over them when your health is below 100%. They can’t be picked up at all if you have full health, and therefore they can’t be stored in your inventory.

Health vials drop all the time, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding them. Most of the characters have skills that restore health, and it’s a good idea to drop 1-2 points in them.

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Another thing: the loot pool system gives extra changes for all loot sources to drop health vials when your health is really low. That includes enemies, boxes, lockers, the various poop piles…

If you’re new to BL2 - and especially if you’re coming from BL1 - you may find this helpful:

No inventory-stored health confused me also when I first started playing BL2, it’s different than nearly all the RPGs I’ve played in decades.

But you soon get used to it. As others have said, there is usually plenty of health vials dropped by enemies. And as your character progresses there are many healing skills that you’ll be able to pick up, as well as gear that can provide health regen.

Interestingly, in BL1 my characters usually carry 2-3 health vials in their backpacks, and I never use them, other healing methods take care of everything.

As you get into play you’ll find you don’t miss it.