The Heliophage (advanced) at 7pm EST

Hi everybody, i see alot of threads about people interested, but its either for now or some random time. I am at work all day but am free in the evening and want to see if i can get a few others to help me out.

Looking to start at 7pm(ish) eastern time tonight 5/5/16.

Please put your gamertag in your response so i can add you and keep track if we have a full group for later. Mic would be great and a decent idea how to play as a group :slight_smile:

Still low level, but I have a mic and know how to stick to role and communicate. - Buk0wski77

Sounds awesome, no problem on level, as long as your are level 3 or above and have some gear to unlock during a mission we’re good!

Counting you in! I will add you after dinner before we start around 7pm. Thank you!

My gt is :cocooom
If you need 1 more.

Gotchya Golden, with you we have 3 total so far. I will add you a little bit before 7pm tonight. Thank you!

need 2 more people for a 7pm Advanced Heliophage run, anyone interested?

Just finished it solo, took me 65 minutes.

I got pretty far solo with Galilea but couldnt clutch it, which hero did you use?

Oscar Mike.
Cloak too stronk.

Wow nice! havent heard of anyone soloing it with him yet, good deal! Thanks for the details

I’ll be on! Shoot me an invite/message! Ive already beat it, but I’m looking for friends to play with this evening

Gt: The Dope Knight

Ill be on as well! shoot me a message or invite in game LxLChromagLxL

Sounds good gootz I’ll send u an invite a little bit before 7