The Hellwalker!

Simply open a lot of white chests, I got all Legendaries from them, tons of and also a Hellwalker.
If I find another one, I send to you.

np, already got 1

love the hellwalker, but then again I love Doom. Make sure you equip it from the floor ;-).

I got a nice annointed which gives 25% extra crit when airborne.

Works a beauty with up close and personal.

Makes me feel super awesome with my Amara when I jump in and watch red mist appear.

Works beautifully with Amara’s up close and personal

FL4K+100 damage ASE Bekah+Megavore=smoked Gravemind.

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Dastardly Maggie + Megavore + Stackbot mod = Goodnight Sweetheart.

Stackbot increases weapon damage with each crit. In testing with Maggie was hitting Jacks cutout between 130-140k per shot :slight_smile: