The Heros of this Story! (Jack/Nisha/Wilhelm)

I’m planning on doing a playthrough…which might make me very sick of this game so idk how well this might work. I’m planning on playing through the game—many many times as the Bad guys lol.


I’ve never played—ok I touched Jack once during my test runs and I have played Wilhelm before (never finished him) and Nisha is new to me. My plan in all this is…play them and get them to UVHM! ~Crowd roars…sparkle effects and balloons~

This however…might get very annoying. Three times in NVHM…so how should I do this? play as one of them, finish the game then move onto the next one? or one day I’m using Jack then the next I’m Nisha and so on. If so–who should I play as first?

Eh. Timothy isn’t so much a bad guy as he was forced into this situation. He even despises Jack by the end. Nisha and Wilhelm are evil, however :P.

This is true lol however Evil needs a face and Tomothy was…forced into the face of evil~

alright, alright that is kinda lame I know. It’s just I’m thinking of him as Handsome Jack other then Timothy ok xD

He’s Jack with a disgused personality :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well i mean He has SO many lines of dialogue to insinuate he’s not ok with any of this. Might kill your buzz.

I’ve now just kinda went with this idea, I’ve pretty much picked characters that most likely stayed beside Handsome Jack after everything was over.

Nisha/Jack and Wilhelm.

Claptrap at the time was shot and left on Pandora and Athena probably left on her own only to get kidnapped by the Vault Hunter’s.

Personally I felt that Nisha was Bad going on Evil while Wilhelm was Neutral going on Evil.
But I digress.

I say Play Wilhelm first, while he tends to have the longest time fighting DLC/Raid bosses in UVHM (as it’s not easy getting massive Raid Killing damage out of him, possible but not easy) he has an easier time in the beginning due to Saint’s healing.

Jack has the second easiest time but his action skill feels lacking in terms of long range combat. He makes up for it in spades with incredible kill skills and rather OP healing abilities though.

Nisha is literally Salvador; Weak in the beginning and hard to train but a sentient Armageddon later on.