The hidden skill that nobody uses in Battleborn!

Alright now you guys got to keep it a secret but the hidden skill for all the characters is…your quick melee jesus…
Do you know that you can knock people back with it??? Some characters quick melee isnt as great as others but it’s still helpful. To all those complaining about Raths ult heres a tip. Use that quick melee it will knock him back. If I see a Rath starting to use dread wind on a teammate I will run up to him and quick melee him. I never see people using this it’s so helpful. I’ve knocked people off the map using it. Raths dread wind is easy to avoid you can either stop it by stunning him or quick meleeing him away.
I’m getting fed up with seeing Rath needing a nerf I use Rath my self and I don’t need to “spin to win” I can kill someone with just the two other skills and my primary. Those of you saying he needs a nerf are just complaining you’re getting killed often. You want to avoid dread wind? Stun him, silence him, or use that hidden skill no one uses.


The problem with Rath is not so much dreadwind on its own, but the knockup/silence/slow juggle on his head not allowing you to touch the ground. This negates a lot of counters.


Um you can get hit by dreadwind still even if you quick melee.


The only quick melees I can count on 100% of the time to knock Rath back, if I’m not juggled on his head, is Ghalt’s and Ambras mutation at level 4.

But a good Rath will not let you hit the ground making a lot of counters very very hard/inconsistent or impossible.

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Depends on whos you use majority of range characters quick melee does a lot of knock back

It is a nice little dirty trick to use. When I play ISIC, most people try and counter him by getting in close. I reverse it by turtling up behind my aegis and slow circling to get them caught against a corner, and then I drop my shield and just trap them in the corner, and knock them up over and over till they’re dead. Short of a high health regen, another shield or a phasing escape mechanism, it’s a guaranteed kill if I can nail the sweet spot on a wall.


While useful, I usually use stuns to cancel him. If I see a Rath as Miko, I will use the stun spores helix. Alani, geyser.

The only quick melees I find that consistently get me out of Rath’s death combo are Mellka’s with Air Stall and Thorn’s with Burst Propulsion.

Even if he’s juggling you, quick melee downwards. He gets pushed. You can land. Run :stuck_out_tongue: it pisses them off so much they usually suicide bomb after :stuck_out_tongue:

From my experience, most characters quick melee will only knock Rath back a couple feet. Since he seems to have boosted movement speed during the attack and he doesn’t even have to aim whereas you do it’s not really always a complete fail safe against Dreadwind.

I an avid quick melee-er, will say that I have attempted to quick melee rath about 7 times, and have hit him far enough away to stop him from insta killing me about maybe once. as someone who also plays whiskey foxtrot a good amount (over 9 hours with him I think, not too much, but enough to know what im doing) I can tell you that both quick melee and scrap cannon knock backs only work really well when you are slightly lower than them. This makes quick meleeing with characters like montana (who doesn’t really neeed it) ghalt, and toby, a lot harder in terms of this. if you are both completely even or if you are hitting them at a slightly upwards-pointeed angle, you will hit them much further than a downward anglee, because they hit the floor in their tragectory.

Point is though, as fantastic as quick melee is (which it is a killer move for rangeed characters, and why they aren’t that bad to play), it doesn’t negate rath. Rath in his state is the strongest character given they play well. essentially the only downside to rath is you can’t run. But who needs to run when you can just fight and gain health?

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It shouldn’t be a complete failsafe. But it worked for me five minutes ago in my last match. The only time he killed me was when I had no hp and kleese slowed me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol that last bit literally made me laugh his life steal is a joke. Unless you are 1 v 1 then yeah you’re dead. You don’t take on Rath your self unless you make him miss his 2 skills which is easy to do. Even then if you get knocked backed over and over by ranged characters it’s easy to kill rath. I’ve escaped Raths dread wind plenty of time by just using my quick melee.

I mean, you can consider his lifesteal a joke, but when it comes down to it, he’s got more health than anyone else in his category of battleborn, because he has the same health as most assassin/dps style characters (anyone who’s about serious burst damage combos) pluss lifesteal. And a good rath (which you have to understand beating a command rank 10 rath and a command rank 50-100 rath are two different things) will knock you up and silence you, crossblade for extra damage as well as slow you, and then either A: dreadwind where unless your melle knocks you back too, your dead, or B: melee attack you and deal more damage than you can since your slowed and without abilities.

And theoretically, you can quick melee people to reduce the efficiency of most ultimates. Toby, phoebe kelvin mellka ambrs etc will all have problems if you constantly melee them because they have to place their ult/ take time to use it. In fact, if you melee anyone else during their ult except WF, ghalt, and a few others, it probably has a higher chance of being detrimental to that ult’s usefullness.

For instance, if you melee phoebe, you can knock her into a place where her ult has no use, and she can do nothing about it. If kelvin casts as you melee him, his wall may be in the completely wrong place, even on the wrong level of an area.

Also, You are suggesting the only way to kill rath is to outnumber him. That’s saying he’s 1.n the battleborn, rather than the average of 1.0. Galilea could be beaten 2-1 as well, by the way.

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Yeah and majority of people don’t even or can’t even keep them in the air it’s just skill 1, skill 2, primary. Also can you explain the last part i didn’t understand the lingo. If you’re referring to health being a problem to taking him out get better. ( sounds rude but I’m no trying to ) plenty of other BB like Attikus have a lot of health but play long enough and you know how to take them out,

Ambra’s QM is quite strong with solid knockback, but I can still do it 2-3 times while Rath is in dreadwind and he’ll still spin back over to me and finish me off, overshield and all.

Attikus and rath are two different situations, in fact, attikus is considered extremely easy to kill by a lot of people, probably because there aren’t a lot of good attikus’ out there.

The point is, if one character has x dps and n health and rath has x dps and n + lifesteal health, He wins. I mean this as in total damage with skills and all, not saying that someone who has the same dps but non damaging skills can go evenly against him all the time. His lifesteal gives him a slight edge though, one you may not notice, but it definitely does. It’s one of the major reasons why dreadwind is so good, hee gains so much health from it too.

(N is the same number for both, x is the same number for both)

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I was going to put an argument but no I think I’m done. This community battleborn has with the characters is pretty annoying. Would not surprise me if everyone in the damn roster got a nerf at the rate people complain about these guys. If it’s not one character it’s another and if it’s not this skill it’s someone elses. My guess is they just haven’t played often to know what to do in certain situations.

I’ve noticed that the distance character are thrown back when quick meleeing is extremely unreliable. Sometimes they’ll fly sky high (Whats up with that?) sometimes they’ll be knocked back a few inches - aka not enough to get a melee out of the hitting range.
As Chaosolis said, they need to be slightly higher than you for it to properly work.

Not sure about Rath myself. His Knockup, silence, slow, juggle is an extremely strong combo. But a lot of characters have strong skill combos.
Only thing I think needs adjustment is the Juggle. It shouldn’t exist. It’s a “collision CC” and It’s ridiculous. Dropping on someone should force you to fall, not get jumped up in the air over and over.

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I find quick melee to be very inconsistent.

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