The Highest Scores!

So, generally I do pretty well. When playing with newby teammates, I choose a character capable of independent DPS output, so I don’t need to rely on support that might, or might not, be present. Think Thorn, or Oscar Mike, over Montana or Attikus.

Recently, I was with a team of all randoms, two of which were rank 100, one was 50, and one was 30. The enemy team had two rank 100s, a 90, a 60, and a 30. Decently balanced, so I chose Orendi. While it wasn’t the best I’ve ever played, (that goes to a game as Thorn, where I was the only person who got a kill-save one guy with- won against a team of four 100s, and had a ratio 40-4) it is THE highest score I’ve ever gotten, and have ever seen anyone get, since the full release of the game.

Send pictures of your own highest scores, to earn some bragging rights!

(the epic Thorn game to boot, I do regard myself as the best Thorn EVER, fyi. :D)


Sweet baby jeebus O_O

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what the opposing team thought when the match ended.

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No games of your own to share, or questions/comments? I had hoped you’d all let me bask in my own glory, at least some. =P

On a side note, I’d point out that; this is not the first round I’ve gotten more than 60 plus kills (as a team) and I still don’t have the coopetition badge. Wouldn’t mind for that to be fixed.

On a SECOND side note, what do you all think? Highest score so far? :smiley:

Sooo… who’s that ?

That’s odd, I definitely don’t consider PVE to be my driving incentive in playing the game.

I was strictly looking for high PVP scores.

Message the support and they should fix this asap! (Giving you the title)
Hopefully the challenge itself will be fixed later down the road.

Oops, totally messed up. In they case, my highest is low seventies with Phoebe.