The Hive--does it exist?

I spent some time with Princess Tarantella II on Pandora in The Splinterlands this weekend, trying to coax a Hive RPG out of her. At Mayhem 3, spawn rate was about 60% over 50 tries. Legendary rates were pretty good with at least one legendary coming out with each kill, although the volume of loot seemed low with only 4-5 total items. I know that Tarantella is supposed to produce The Hive legendary RPG but in these tries I never saw a single example.

I am interested in other player’s statistics for similar farming.
In its current state, has anyone found The Hive recently?
Was it with Tarantella or some other random find?

I have never seen a hive as a worlddrop (dont think it can be one)
As of the queen, ive only farmd her during the rare enemy spawn week (all rare enemys spawnd all the thime plus they had a better drop chance for theyre specific loot)
Got a decent amount of hive’s back then.

But for normal play (no events) the drop rates are pretty low for specific drops.
So it could easy be just rng that you didnt saw one

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Hive does not drop as a world drop. Try farming on M0 for dedicated drops. Additional mayhem seems to prioritize world drops over the dedicated drops.

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I too have spent a lot of time farming tarantella for the hive with no success. I’m pretty sure it is available in game - probably just RNG screwing with us.

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I got one from her… Just luck.

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I spent two weeks trying to farm a Band of Sitorak from the Unstoppable with zero success. I tried every degree of difficulty. I finally had to do a trade. Dedicated drops in BL3 right now are stupid broken.


So did I, on the first try too, I believe. Just ran into her while doing something else (cleaning up Eridian writing collection??).

Side benefit of non-farming play style: fewer chances to get disappointed since you don’t know what you are missing. :wink:

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Got one after about 9 hours of farming, it was a corrosive one. The Hive used to be a much easier spawn before they added other items to Tarantella’s dedicated loot pool.

It exists, i got it this past weekend. Got a ton of Rosie’s Thorns though.

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It does exist but I think the droprate is pretty horrible. I got mine during that one event week when she was a guaranteed spawn and that still took me a bunch of tries, and I think it might have gotten even harder to get since then because of all the new assigne drops.

I’ve seen a few hives. Stats are not impressive. I wouldn’t worry about it…

Not impressive? Brooooo… u clearly dont know what this launcher can do with bunch of mobs. Until IC it was the best launcher in the game. We have 2 of them, both from Princess. Killed her like 7 times only… try MH4. Drops are insane…

I’m guessing your 7 kills for 2 hives were before dedicated drops.

Agree about Rosie’s at M3.
Drop rate was above average for what I have observed globally.
Will give M4 a try.
One thing that did “throw me”… she somehow managed to toss me up in the air, way high up, and I ended up landing on a nearby bluff. She was still down there waiting. It was weird, never been tossed like that.

The problem with this is that it’s almost sure not to be anointed so pretty much pointless.

I spent at least 50 hours over the course of different days just farming Tarantella only managed to get a total of 2 Radiation Hives. Stupid low drop, so annoying.

OMG the Hive isn’t element locked to corrosive?! Mine just happens to be corrosive, so I figured it was modeled straight after the one in BL2. Other elements though… :thinking:

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I had gotten in the habit of just taking a couple of runs a day at the Princess to see if I could coax the Hive out of her. There are few RPG’s that I use and like in BL3, but the Hive is pretty good for crowd clearing. Nice to know that it does exist.