The Holodome Onslaught: Canon or Not?

[DISCLAIMER, skip this if you’re just interested in the topic. I just wanted to say that I’m aware that analyzing continuity in a game franchise with talking snowmen and people like Face McShooty’s understandably considered pointless by many, but I love doing so, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one, so here we go.]

I didn’t think there were any reasons to doubt the canon status of the Holodome DLC, but by now I’m mostly skeptical about its existence. I don’t have much proof against it, but I think the little that I gathered is pretty convincing.

First off, no one ever directly refers to the Holodome: Pre-Sequel NPCs (like Jack), the playable characters, even Athena who’s telling the story, nobody (except for H010-TP, obviously) mentions it.

Then I also stumbled upon these tweets from the ECHOCASTS account, which, even though they should always be taken with a grain of salt, are supposed to be canon:

So, what do you think? Personally, my opinion is that there is no actual Holodome on Elpis’ surface (which is quite a bummer, since it has some sweet architecture, neat enemies and amazing gear).

I’m not sure I’d classify Claptrap as a particularly reliable witness (unlike Athena). Although it’s weird how the holodome taps into the story she is retelling (again!). Possible resolution: the holodome populates itself from things those triggering it remember encountering before. And the fact that it’s a holo-CL4P-TP unit running the thing explains why things are not exactly the same.

How does that work for you?

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No I don’t think the holodome itself is a canon arena in Borderlands, unlike say the Underdome in BL1. However, Athena telling Axton and Gaige the story probably is, and the arena is simply to reflect how the story told by Athena is an abridged one. More than likely, Athena simply told Axton the (abridged) tale in the comforts of Sanctuary.

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A few pints of Moxxi’s Rakk Ale might also explain away any discrepancies!

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Doesn’t Claptrap describe it like a simulation… kind of like Digistruct Peak, but hologram-structs instead of digi-structs? As in, he could very well have just spun that up on his own over there.

edit - just played it (Wilhelm crushed the Badass round, thanks for asking), and when you complete it, he (H010-TP) says, “… sim successful” (and it’s called “Digistructed Madness…”. The arena could be any Eridian setup that H010-TP decided to use for this (or whomever programmed him).

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