The Homeworld Remastered Collection Update 2.0 is Rolling Out Tomorrow! (6/7/16)

A LOT of great things for modding in there ! Even for the UI side of it. Can’t wait to play with all this ! :slight_smile:


Can someone clarify this?

Why would some ships not be set so by default? Why would there be a mixing of these systems, on a per ship basis, in the first place?

What is that feeling in my heart? Is this transcendance? Why am I hearing an angelic choir all around me? :smiley:

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The patch notes say “6 June” and not the 7th. Can you confirm when it will be releasing? Ideally with a time of day too, if possible :slight_smile:

Very excite, folks. Very excite.

It would be a tasty surprise if the patch actually dropped today, though. <3


I’ll make a thread on the details of the balance changes tomorrow
Edit, here it is: Homeworld Remastered Patch Balance Changes


Getting the notes now is just a courtesy, it seems. The patch releases tomorrow on the 7th.

Speaking of said patch:

New flight maneuver abilities allow for more intuitive behavior- for instance it is now possible for fighters to slow down during their attack run to maximize time on target and speed up when coming back around. This behavior feeds into the ballistics system-ships caught going slower during a strafing run are easier to hit

Good lord that alone will make a massive difference. The lack of logic behind strikecraft never decelerating on attack runs was something that even bugged me in HW1 Classic.

Waypoints can now be closed, creating a patrol loop. Ships can leave their patrol to attack enemy units encountered while on patrol and return to the patrol based on their Rule of Engagement or even ignore enemies altogether.

Another great new feature!

Ships will now automatically try and fly away from large ships that are about to explode. (Splash damage is much more meaningful now.)

Lovely stuff.

Swarmers now refuel much more effectively.

Hmmm. Have swarmers actually been given a fuel system, or is this just another facet to the “Dockpaths for Capital Ships, Motherships reworked to be quicker/more efficient” work you’ve done for the playable factions?


There’s tonnes of good stuff in this patch!

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[quote]Lagging is much less likely to cause a desync now.

General MP game desyncs are much much rarer now.

Removed necessity to sign up for SHiFT to play MP.

MP Lobby views now auto-refresh, unless disabled.
Multiplayer fixes ftw!

No more SHiFT!
I’ve never had a problem with it but I’m glad that it will no longer be a barrier for entry into multiplayer for some people.

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Asymmetrical ship designs of HW2, primarily. HW2 weapon placement (see: Hig vs Vay Battlecruisers) and even fleet makeup (see: non dedicated repair ships unless you cut into your resourcing) were designed around the miss cone system. There is a certain speed threshold (right around the slowest frigate speed, probably) where you have to really think about your ship design and weapon placement because dumbfire ballistics are going to hit you every single time barring these factors:

speed of attacker
turret speed of attacker
bullet speed
target acceleration
target speed
target profile
engagement range/weapon range (an intertwined concept due to AttackStyles)

Again, at a certain threshold, all of those factors are guaranteed to align against you if your ship is huge, slow, has to be pointed at a target (looking at you, Vaygr BC) and presents the largest profile (again, Vaygr BC). The smart thing to do is give it enough health to survive a pounding (done) and provide dedicated repair units (HW1 knew this, HW2 never anticipated because again, the fleets were designed around the system they had).

To wit, ships that deal primarily with fighters or corvettes are going to be on the ballistic scale, where the above factors I mentioned make the biggest difference. That said, HW2’s miss cone system did not escape unscathed and is more sophisticated and has been upgraded to support accuracy ranges. Both ships and weapons can be made role-aware based on speed of attacker and speed of target so even ships where it was unpractical to alter their profile/weapon layout, coverage or weapon type/shift health of all units up or down/erase or soften their intended “hard counter” role don’t play the same and are hopefully perceived as an improvement because regardless of what is going on under the hood there are a lot more strategies and tactics available for you to utilize.


In addition to what Mr Cole said (and can you tell he’s been dying to finally talk about all of this in public?!) - the new system has a ton of flexibility. You can make bullets chase their target (HW2), or not. But you can also change how much a ship will lead their target, etc. Without too much trouble you can use that to differentiate stuff like normal vs elite units, various upgrades, etc…


The leading target thing is really interesting - certainly incentivizes the utilization of that third axis.

Thank you for the indepth explanation.

So, in translation, HW2 capital (for the most part) ships weren’t designed with the ballistic model in mind and need a bit of help from HW2’s “auto aim” to fulfill their intended roles and be effective.

I guess the difference in design philosophy is best seen in how HW1 cruiser level ships have lots of turreted weapons placed on the nose or various “bulges” for better flexibility and coverage while HW2 ones, especially Vagyr BC’s main gun, are pretty rigid in comparison.

Working on this must’ve felt like herding wild cats.

what all can be said on the new nature of minelayers, if any? are minefields still destroyed when not maintained? or are we back to the old (HW1) operational status?

also, do gravwells (HW1) still have health degredation on shutdown? just wondering

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My burning question is probably not even an issue, but a design choice…

Can we keep the extra assault frigs we salvage in HW1 mission 2 after the patch?

That is pretty much the gist of it. The rules are different now though- you can’t just surround a destroyer with a bunch of interceptors in a sphere and laugh as the destroyer helplessly shoots at (and intentionally misses) the fighters like what would happen under the old HW2 model. Fighters are supposed to be fast (and they know this) and destroyers are supposed to be good at shooting slower things (and they also know this) so when you put fighters in a stationary/near-stationary position they are no longer hit-and-run skirmishers but are frigates with very low health-things the destroyer are very good at killing.

HW2 vettes in a wall shooting at that destroyer are going feel the hurt but a non stationary formation like a Claw spreads them out a bit, gives them good coverage and keeps them moving so the destroyer has to work harder to hit them. The new weapons system is a full spectrum designed to meet expectations of what you think should happen.


Phew. You guys are pretty awesome, you know that? You’re making even better one of the most wonderful game engines I’ve ever seen and I seriously feel bad run-of-the-mill AAA games end up having more coverage and success than HW2 and HWRM, but I feel really fuzzy right here to know that there are people who realize the elegance and the flexibility of the game and are willing to work on it to make it even better, here to assemble the great points of HW1 with HW2. I mean, in a dozen years, I haven’t seen any spatial strategy game coming close to the potential of HWRM. With a bit of time, someone will end up making a proper 4X game out of it just like someone made a flight sim with it IIRC…

Thanks for being great caretakers of the game, people!


Ah, I understand better now. You’ve actually gotten the HW2 combat system to simulate the HW1 one to get the appropriate behavior from it. Cool. The examples given are exactly how things should work.

EZ13 mission performance greatly improved
Is this same as no more general failure?