The Homeworld Remastered Collection Update 2.0 is Rolling Out Tomorrow! (6/7/16)


EZ13 mission performance greatly improved
Is this same as no more general failure?

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Thanks! I think it was Sastrei who pointed out that there is probably a decade worth of new modding potential now but when you break it down a lot of things are engineered to be flexible out of the sheer necessity to avoid designing our way into a corner. Consider that we didn’t write the majority of the code we were working with so a lot of things had to be flexible months into the future depending on what sort of systems ended up working out or not. So a lot of decisions are colored by “this will still work if we don’t get around to X, Y or Z”.

Welp, I should have just said this in the first place, you put your finger on it.

Everything else ate up too much time, sorry. Minefields are embarrassingly slow at target gathering, we discovered, and that’s why HW2 originally set them up to be maintained. We really wanted to get to it too.

(Rufus Shinra) #24

Definitely so, the flexibility of the engine is probably its strongest point, combined with its accessibility. Notepad and some creativity allow anyone to do impressive things with the game, and when you add external assets, well, we see what happens. Most other games I’ve seen are just so… limited, made around hard rules while HW2/HWRM is malleable. Add to that the age of the engine compared to current machines and the sky’s the limit. Now, having an updated version of the game even more thought with modification and modular design in hand. It feels like we are getting Minecraft but bundled with something like Final Fantasy VI as its game: awesome game, awesome story, music and lore, but then you can build and create.

After more than a decade tinkering with HW2 on my spare time before actually getting into serious modding, I just cannot understand why such a school of design isn’t the gold standard for gaming.

In any case, thank you all for the greatest graduation gift I could hope for, seriously.

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In the patch notes you’ll see there have been some changes to mines. More ships can force-attack (and hit) mines, mines have a reduced performance impact, and the unit caps are less punishing to strikecraft with a small squadron size (like minelayers).

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I’m curious…after this patch, will there be any more features added, or will it just be bugfixes from here on out?

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Honestly, I’m not sure we can say with any certainty - so often a bug fix ends up being not just a resolved bug, but a new Mod feature or switch, etc. ‘Major’ features? More than likely not.

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How many updates to expect before the game engine becomes fully sentient, in your opinion? :stuck_out_tongue:

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The truth is that we had that precise event happen around… 7 months ago? And it took nearly 4 more months to engineer another AI to defeat it, then trap that 2nd AI in a carbonic crystal storage matrix - and FINALLY crush it out of existence… I think we have a vid of that…

But yeah, phew all clear now!

(A Future Pilot) #30

This. This is why I love you guys. :smiley:

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Hey @BitVenom,
You said once (Don’t worry, it wasn’t a promise) that you guys were itching to rewrite the AI for Skirmish (I think, I’m not sure), but you probably wouldn’t have time to do that (for this patch). Any change of status or perception on this matter (for now or after the patch)? If you don’t recollect, it’s because you’re probably talking about something else and I thought it was about the Skirmish mode.

(BitVenom) #32

MANY times during the process of developing this patch @thisquietreverie and I brainstormed ways to make a ‘new’ AI. We talked about something with high-granularity situational awareness, better ability to feed multiple goals/needs at the same time, etc.

I have some ideas I think would float - and frankly, MIGHT not even require code changes. Stuff related to some experiments in modular LUA programming we did last summer.

On top of that, the model used for ship movement during attacks and the way that weapons are factored in really sucks. We’d talked quite a bit about a different attackstyle - where each weapon was ‘scored’ based on its ability to do damage given the target it had chosen (each weapon can engage a different target). Then, based on the winner, the ship would maneuver as required to do that damage. I have a really solid mental model of what we’d have to do, but that is BIG engineering in the scheme of things, and rather unlikely to occur in HW:RM’s lifespan.

Never say never…

(El Rizzo) #33

Just finished reading the patchlog and it sounds freakin awesome ! :heart_eyes: This goes so far beyond what games usually receive after release, it is incredible, THANK YOU for putting all that effort into improving this already great game and giving us an even better version that will hopefully stay alive through modding for many years to come :slight_smile:

Various ships have had visual tweaks to improve appearance. (Geometry, texture, animations)

That sounds great ! :astonished: , I assume there won’t be a detailed list of what has changed for specific ships ? :wink: Was it mostly Hw1 or 2 ships ?

OpenGL initialization improved to compensate for legacy overlay
rendering performed by 3rd party software. While 3rd party overlays are
not officially supported, overlays should no longer cause inappropriate
translucency ordering or difficulty streaming.

Awesome! Now I can finally use my Afterburner overlay without fear of accidentally screwing up the game’s visuals and having to restart the game to continue ^^.

(BitVenom) #34

By far the majority were HW2 units. But there were a pretty wide range of edits all around. Making all of the turrets sub-systems involved edits to ships all over, and that was only a fraction of the edits done.

This specific line of the log was VERY deliberately written. I was furious when we found the issue with overlays late in the patch dev… We run OpenGL 3.3. We had our GL set to ‘strict’ to prevent use of old APIs (deprecated garbage). Many of these overlay programs work by injecting commends in to your GL Context. NONE of them bother asking what version of GL the context is, first. It is that simple. If you want draw an FPS meter, you can do it ‘old’ style, plotting each vertex, or you can do it with a nice fast VAO, etc. But when GL is ‘strict’, that old plotting isn’t legal. The result was that some (not all, granted) overlays would inject errors in to our GL. We were forced to disable strict GL - which isn’t a huge deal, maybe a very, very minor perf hit for some drivers… but it shouldn’t be our problem to begin with.

You’re very welcome - I’ll be lurking in the MP chat tomorrow, watch out!

(El Rizzo) #35

That sucks :confused: I guess they were developed with mostly DirectX in mind and didn’t bother much with OpenGL, but that is just an assumption ^^.

Yeah it really shouldn’t be, but I’m glad you found a solution nonetheless :slight_smile:

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Those patch notes are amazing. Can’t wait to try this out. Thanks devs.

(Chimas) #37

No probs, time is coming, for new stuff.

; ]

Thanks for the info

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Amazing work!!!
Question, is MP out of BETA?

Utterly brillliant work.
Thank you so much

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… Cataclysm maybe perhaps? =p