The Homeworld Remastered Collection Update 2.0 is Rolling Out Tomorrow! (6/7/16)


That’s pretty huge!

Poland, here I come!

Awesome ! Now the steam haters have no more excuse not to get this gem too :slight_smile: You guys are incredible for fullfilling so many requests made by the community :heart_eyes:


I love steam. Usually I get 6.2-7MB/s download speeds through it, but today of all days it has decided to download this patch at speeds varying between 20-100KB/s, and half the time not downloading anything at all. ETA for my download is 5 hours at this rate :sob:

Steam on Tuesdays is renowned for being slow/glitchy - because many, many games update or are released at the same time…


Details of the balance changes are up:

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Really? Tuesday? Well, good to know.

Thanks for the morning (for you) release, btw!

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It happens in regular IT also - “patch tuesday.” :slight_smile:


I know someone here who’s going to buy it again. :slight_smile:



I see this 5.2GB update and I’m wondering, and yep.

The updates sound cool. Better than I expected and basically what I merely hoped for but didn’t actually expect! (the separating RoE and Stances to emulate the best of both behavior sounds fantastic, and yay less non-sensible RNG).
Hopefully I can find time to actually play it pretty soon.

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Really excited for this patch. Hoping I have time to download and play after work. I actually didn’t mind the release version but I’m always happy to get improvements.

By the way, what was wrong with Goblins?

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They are evil so they were all killed. :smiley:

Beside jokes I suppose it improved performance quite a bit if they decided to incorporate them into the main models.

Argh still 2 hours to download! :scream: I need a remastered net access now…

What exactly are goblins ? :smiley: (in this context ;))

Small details like antennas and light superstructure that appear on the ship when you zoom enough. Kinda like a LOD of sorts.

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Well, they used to goble everything, now they are degobled …


Okay, thanks for explaining it for me :slight_smile: but why call them goblins ? ^^

Welp, just re-bought it. lol


HOLY ****! I did a test yesterday with 7 bomber squadrons vs 3 Gun Plats - took 5 mins 30 seconds to destroy. Today with the 2.0 patch same test - 25 seconds.


Bombers are now… well… BOMBERS, and not only subsystems hunters :slight_smile:
Edit - also I saw in the other post that you tested using force attack, do not ever test firepower using force attack, friendly fire had some multipliers that reduced the firepower a lot