The Homeworld Remastered Collection Update 2.0 is Rolling Out Tomorrow! (6/7/16)

And I can’t find my other post now…I tried to move it to the reaction thread and maybe it got deleted? Anyway, so what you’re saying is by actually testing the attack against enemy plats the time would have been even less than 25 seconds…

No, your first test with 5 minutes, it is very wrong :slight_smile: , if it were against an enemy the time would be way shorter, anyway, testing using force attack is very very bad you will get weird results because of the multipliers


OK…but I did the 2nd test using force attack also.

Yeap, they might have changed the multipliers, see why it is bad use force attack, results will change on multipliers on friendlys, not on real damage

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Where should we report bugs with the patch? From restarting the HW1 remastered campaign to the 5th mission I’ve already encountered a few…

  • Kushan collector was severely damaged, some of the fire/smoke FX (that normally come out of the ship) were appearing out of no where just above the front end

  • Mission 4: Resources were being collected (w/o controller), Bentusi arrived, and shortly after cutscene the first controller was completed. The controller launched out of the bay and placed itself between mothership/Bentus. Controller could not be given orders, mothership bay door did not begin closing. After plasma technology was purchased and Bentusi left controller could be ordered/bay door closed.

  • Mission 5: all enemy forces destroyed, only remaining ship is the Taiidan carrier. When it was captured fleet intelligence informed: ‘All enemy forces destroyed’, while saying so, the carrier spawned a dozen fighters as it was leaving the mothership as a captured ship. The interceptors began attacking. The hyperspace button appeared, was clicked, and game allowed me to quick dock. (POSSIBLY RELATED, I HAVEN’T TESTED: while the next mission was loading at this point, alt-tabbing out of the game caused HWR to crash. Because mission 6 hadn’t started there was no auto-save and mission 5 will have to be repeated).


We could create a bug thread in the support forums for you guys if you’d like. Just let me know.


a lot of people have been putting theirs here : Patch 2.0 - Reactions!

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Thank you Gearbox for this gamergasm.

I’ll be in my bunk.


Hehe, I got that reference

Is it possible to get any type of word on the next stated update? @bitvenom @Burly @duvalmagic

Or like a “Hello, we are working on it! Stay tuned!”


That would be much appreciated ! It has been perceived ages since we last heard anything from an official source …

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I just logged back in after a few months of life craziness.

TL;DR - theres another update comin’? =]

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We are currently waiting for some information from the GBX community manager who responded to us a day ago (see here), aside from that we haven’t heard from any dev or other official GBX member over the last few months, which is pretty unsettling to say the least.