The Hook's vertical effects need to be tweaked

I have run into 3 problematic scenarios when using Ghalt’s Hook ability.

1.The targeted player is above me and far away.
On a successful pull they are pulled over my head and put behind me.

  1. The targeted player is below me and far away.
    Either: The pulled player hits the edge and drops back down.
    Or: The pulled player is sent over and behind me.

  2. The pulled player is on the other side of a sharp incline. (The lower half of their body is hidden by terrain.)
    On a successful hit I cause damage but fail to move the enemy player.

What I want: The enemy player to end up at my height just in front of me in every successful hit situation.

I just realized you made all of the other posts.

What you want is how the ability should work but doesn’t. Needs fixed.