The Horrible Balance Suggestions Thread

This thread is dedicated to horrible balance suggestions that would be horrible in application.

Say, for example, swap Kleese’s Energy Mortars with Ghalt’s Hook (for both characters) and all related helicies.

Miko’s Healing Beam is now passive and heals everyone in range.

Montana can take friendly fire damage.

Oscar Mike’s ultimate is instead a Tactical Nuke that kills the entire enemy team and all their minions.

El Dragón has Dragonfire on his secondary instead of his Clap.

All of Orendi and Attikus’ stats, attacks, skills, and helicies are swapped entirely.

Whiskey Foxtrot is completely nude, and looking at his privates will blind you for 2 seconds.

Ernest’s Power Egg is always active in offense and defense mode, and is permanently attached to his back.

Kelvin is literally God from Christian mythology, and gains all related powers and abilities.


Benedict now fires nuclear warheads for his basic attack.


Reduce the damage of Mellka’s Venom DoT by 56% (from 18/tick to 6/tick at level 1).


Boldurs crash helmet is replaced with hellborn.

Activating Boldurdash catches Boldur on fire. Boldur takes damage but greatly increases damage reduction, movement speed and attack damage.

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Thorn just snaps her fingers and people explode into green poo


Here we go again. We’ve got a massive collection of these on the forum folks group chat somewhere in the history. I even invited a Dev in to have a look but he couldn’t handle the notifications.

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So wait, wheres the change? I thought thats what he did anyway? :wink:

I think Benedicts regular rockets should always home in and do hawkeye bonus damage.


Replace Rath’s basic melee combo with Dreadwind.

Edit: Rath’s secondary throws out the toned down knock up Dreadwinds that Rendain uses on the Heliophage.


Toby using core discharge kills every Benedict playing at the time, regardless of server. I suppose it can be restricted via platform, else it would be too overpowered… :smirk:

EDIT: You know what? Let me try something a little more… Realistic -As well: Toby’s railgun now fires continuously when fully charged, and does the damage of a fully charged shot normally. His “Targeting Relay” helix now allows him to fully highlight enemies through walls, regardless of range, and highlights them on your team’s minimap. His “Heartpiercer” helix now fully penetrates all form of terrain, regardless of thickness.

No more safe place :slight_smile:


No. when ever Benedict attacks, he instantly shoots a second rocket or hawkeye (or the ability he used) thats hits himself. Thats a better solution I think.

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Ernest’s egg bombs can be trigered by foes and friends alike, and can deal friendly damage.

Actually, whenever Benedict is choosen, that player is kicked from game. Easy.


Oh sorry. Benedict’s nuclear warheads start individually splitting atoms around them as they travel.

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Edit: Added a few more.

  • Each of Deande’s clones last indefinitely. Each holotwin is able to use her skills (helix upgrades included) and receive a 5% dmg buff for every other twin nearby.

  • Mell’s venom spreads to every nearby player and attacking Mellka with melee will also infect you with her venom. Venom does 36 dmg per tick. She’s also immune to any form of CC.

  • S&A’s shield now scales on lvl up. Gain +300 shield each time. Aurox can’t be ‘destroyed’ in his fetch animation. If S&A are together, they receive a 10% dmg buff.

  • Pillarstorm now affects all enemies rather than just Battleborn.

  • Toby is deemed to ‘cute’ for battle and is immune to all incoming dmg.

  • Benedict gets a health and dmg buff. Hawkeye effects now last for 5 seconds.

  • Ernest mine fields are permanent and you can only destroy the mines by detonating them. For every mine detonated, dmg scales by 250 each time. Starting dmg is 500.

  • Each time Phoebe’s shield is broken, Phasegate CD is reset.

  • Pendles is immune to reveals.


I LOVE how your second suggestion is a direct counter to your first one, haha! Intentional?


Not if they’re on the same team. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s amp this up some more shall we?: Pillarstorm now also spawns pillars on allies alike.

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THERE you go.

Also, killing a Deande clone spawns two, and so forth. I think you know where i’m going with this…:


Kudos to anyone who gets the reference.



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