The hot new update thread

Fists of Heaven has their first look at the patch up!!!

Should this be in news?


I posted this info too in the other section of fourms but it got deleted by someone grr. Was just sharing same link as you that the interview was posted on FoH website now. Incase ppl wanted to read about the big patch.


I nuked it - because we’ve got 3 threads about the same thing - and yours was #3 :slight_smile: I am not all that good with the Mod controls yet, or I’d have already put them all in a single thread. Ah well.


wow big plans! reads superb, the ballistics are a real surprise - cant wait to play!

if everything is back in the game and it runs smooth like the article tells us, i hope and im sure all the lost homeworld souls over the world will notice and come back to play it for the next decades. good work from every programer and gearbox to work on a game like homeworld with all that attention!

not sure if it was already asked: the patch changes are also in the campaign or just MP/skirmish?

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Oh my god, that article sounds amazing, holy moly this patch will be awesome ! :grinning:


Well it looks so much amazing that it make the waiting even more unbearable.
Still, a lot of unexpected but good news here, as I didn’t expect that ballistics could ever fit into the RNG HW2 Engine.
Surprising, indeed. In the most sweestest way, that is.


okay that was an awesome read!


I’m really wondering what the other surprises could be at this point !
The ballistic thing is a really big one just by itself !


Intelligent Formations!?
This is amazing!!
Bravo, bravo…

I can’t wait!!!
Thank you so much.


Match Making would be nice.


Idk about you guys but I am super pumped about the explosion damage and the automatic fleeing that ships will do now when others go critical!


Yep, that sounds awesome :slight_smile:

Yo @BitVenom I’m just wondering if some of the minor issues I raised in another forum thread have been fixed for the patch (ie timing of lines, lines appearing as a text wall and some lines being completely missing from the game). I’ll understand if these are not fixed, but it would be nice if they have been fixed (I’m suspecting that they were fixed :D)

Here’s to this. I love having the subtitles on in the classic HW manner, but when they show up as a wall of text (ex. khar-selim recording) or have off timing it really hurts the atmosphere and feeling of the cinematics. Would love to see this fixed.


I was overflowed with work, and couldn’t post, but… you know… I WAANNNNT :smiley:

You’ve made it so and I owe you so shut up Wesley, F* YOU WESLEY AHHHHHH…I broke my little ships**.

I need to see it to believe it but thank you guys so much for doing this, Homeworld needs and deserves it. Now if only those bastards at the record company would relent on the Yes song.

I’ll see about buying HWR at full price to reward you, normally I’d just wait for the summer sale.


Wow, did not expect ballistics to be put in, awesome. Tactics makes for great news as well! Interested in how the battleball problem has been fixed.

HWRM physics don’t allow a ‘fast’ ship to direct/drive slower ships, and HW2/HWRM’s core flight model is VERY different from HW1. The result is really just that battleball doesn’t ‘work’ - plus a ton of ships grouped together is slower, more likely to take heavy damage from even inaccurate units, and nearly a full half of that sphere is going to have a problem shooting through their compatriots…


I wonder how this will affect balance in terms of ship roles. For example is the Assault Frigate going to go back to being a generalist like in HW1 or is it going to retain its HW2 anti-fighter role?

If its going to stay anti-fighter but use the ballistic combat model it’s going to require significant changes to its weaponry like more agile turrets, faster projectiles maybe, etc. Frigates also also quite weak vs. other capital ships in HW2 but that’s due to some arbitrary damage bonuses afaik which should be gone in HW1R with the new update.

There’s also the HW1 vs. HW2 multiplayer issue since the intention was to have all the factions playable vs. each other. So will ballistics now be applied to HW2 as well or will they be restricted to the HW1 campaign while mp and skirmish stay the way they are now, there’s a lot of moving parts here.