The hotfixes are making B3's true problem worse

This isnt a nerf rant, it’s a constant hotfixes is hurting the overall health of the game. Here’s why…

Before the hotfixes, the nerfed legendary droprates, before the gear balancing there was very little incentive to do TVHM, do side missions, and be a completionist overall. I think most people would assume the most efficient way to play the game is to rush the main story as fast as possible, turn on Mayhem mode, Farm Graveward/loot midgets… profit. Before the nerfs it was very easy to get the gear you wanted. Some say it was a bad thing however there was a silver lining. People who got what they wanted actually played the rest of the game and didnt need to farm bosses anymore. You can do things like side missions and proving grounds even though they are completely unrewarding becuase the game was about fun at the point…not farming.

  • Legendary drop rates nerfed…Graveward and boss farming becomes even more important to get the gear you want…you’re not playing the rest of the game.

  • Hotfixes nerfed you’re build. You have to farm bossing more to get new items for your next build.

  • You spent the week farming and the…

Thurs hotfix nerfed your next build…you see where I’m going with this. Combined with small bank space and the vast majority of legendaries being world drops this approach is hurting the longterm health of the game. Eventually people are going to get mentally burned out trying to keep up with Gearbox moving the goal posts every week.

By constantly resetting the meta on a weekly basis youre keeping the player base in a very small part of the game’s content…the content that gives the best loot payouts. Until the next Hotfix nerfs what’s the meta this week. It’s a vicious cycle.


  1. Less frequent and more impactful balance updates. Maybe instead of every week…do them every month. Give us a chance to catch our breathe alittle bit.

  2. Give us more than a couple hours warning. Even something like 24 hours will be more helpful than what’s going on right now.

  3. Give side quests and mini bosses a lootpool.

  4. Broken Record…Increase bank space.


I have been more ticked about these nerfs than I every remember being about in any other game. You may be on to something.


I am glad to have words that explain what I am feeling. just grinding for gear has not been satisfying and I have been desperate for a new way to play but I dont have a lot of time to gear and play with builds.

The fact that the game sold way too many copies at launch doesnt help to encourage the devs to actually fix the game.


This will probably be there last game if they don’t get the community back on track soon, they may have record sales with BL3 but they lost a lot of trust from fans who put trust in them.


During the last couch co-op stream, they announced more bank space, and fewer hotfixes.


Yeah there was some really good news in that stream. They’ll also be doing some version of dedicated loot drops and reducing some of the annoying penalties in mayhem mode (like bullet reflection).

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Nobody has anything against hotfixes or frequent hotfixes!

However these hotfixes should fix stuff!

They should be tested, despite how hot they might be! (for example Leave no Trace)

Hotfixes should be kind of consistent and reasonable. Not like reducing by 70% or 1/4 or reducing a magsize from 4 to 1.

I mean did Nerfbox reall f-up that bad? That they need to adjust by 70% SEVENTY PERCENT???

70% are no “fix”. That is a “let’s break everthying down to the ground, keep the basement and build on it a new house!”


Kind of yeah, they said in the patch it had the wrong modifier on it.

There are different kind of grenades, some are more impact focused and some are more dot focused.

Well the hex and firestorm are dot grenades but they got the impact of impact grenades.

So the impact was fixed and the dots left alone.

So the 70% nerf sounds worse than it is. It’s more like a 20% nerf . In fact glitching queen did a video, pre nerf it took 4 hex grenades to kill traunt, after it took 6.

So 33% would be a better total number to use for the Nerf.


The reason they went Epic is so glaring at this point. A launch on Steam would have destroyed this game critically because at this moment in time it feels a lot like a buggy beta being patched into an increasingly worse state.


Epic paid for the exclusive release on PC, it was pretty simple. This happens all the time with games.

No secret agenda there


The loot nerfs were because mayhem mode was overtuned and it was bound to happen. They were being far to generous and you get so many more legendaries then in any other borderlands game so for the longevity of the game it had to happen. You could say the real farm is for annointed gear but you dont need that for anything in endgame, thats just a strawman people use to say the original loot gains were perfect. Also the nerfs were well deserved and builds are still functional if you are good enough so whats the problem exactly? Ive been using the nerfed gear and been doing just fine so what is everyones excuse on how the nerfs went to far?


Ok I see, so they really f-ed-up the Hex. Fine. Things happen.

Same with the firestorm, well you could do the same mistake twice, so reduce damage as well by 70%

What about Flakker? Did they really break it so bad in the first place that they needed to reduce the mag size from 4 shots to 1 (you know ,14 bullets per mag 3 per shot).

Did gearbox went so wrong with the crossroad to reduce damage by a quarter?

Was it such a broken gun the layuda?

Was Leave no Trace really so unthinkable bad implemented in the first place that a cooldown was needed to be implemented?

Was guerilla in the mist really 1/3 too long?

Makes me think…

Did Gearbox really ship a game that broken and unbalanced that they needed adjustments like 70%, from 4 to 1, from unlimited to cooldown.

Sounds like they released a game with really bad quality to their paying loyal fans. Seems they screwed them real hard.


Yeah because we all know GBX are just a bunch of money grabbing capitalists who care nothing about their fanbase. I mean, why try to fix stuff if all they’re going to get in response is accusations like this. It’s not like they invited to community to their last two launch parties or responded to community feedback about upcoming fixes and adjustments. Oh no, they’re counting all of that money and thinking about the next big thing they can sign an exclusive deal with Epic over.

Yes, the above is sarcasm. I’m not saying that GBX didn’t drop the ball, but these types of accusations don’t accomplish anything besides the accusers being ignored. You have every right to express your displeasure, but don’t expect false accusations to get you anywhere.


Seems like the same error hit both of them


Well they re worked the flakker quite a bit from bl2, and it was way more accurate therefore doing a ton more damage, then some skills broke it.

Maybe. There again are so many things to test so I’m sure they knew it was strong but maybe not that it would be used so much other SMGs were not used.

Testing all of this pre release is impossible. The amount of time the game was played in week one I’m sure dwarfed all the play testing they could dream of.

This is a very complex game with so many items, parts, and skills.


I didnt say any of that, i said it doesnt encourage fixing, look at No Man’s Sky, thats the perfect example. Im not saying ppl need to cry all the time neither, but they indeed sold way too many copies, the game is already a success, want another example of exatly this ? Diablo 3, all the hate, everyone hated the game, there is noone playing it since like 3 months after release, but the game sold like candy, it was an insane profit for them, same for boderlands 3, its already a huge profit, they are not forced to fix the game ASAP because thats what companies do, they work for a profit, the world works this way, we cant deny that.

They are indeed going to take it slow and probably end up fixing most o the issues, but dont have the preasure of doing it quicky to make the project profitable.

Im ok with that, ist a reality i accepted and im waiting for the fixes, the only thing that grinds my gears is that we already went through this with the pre sequel and it was an abomination, im hoping we dont have to go through that again.

No one was screwed. We are early adapters with technology.

I don’t install a new windows update day one because I don’t want to deal with bugs and security issues.

Some software I do get day one and I’m ok with bugs and updates.

I’ve got all 4 borderlands games at launch and battleborn. all 3 before this had bugs, so I’m ok with that in this.

If I wasn’t I would wait 30 or 60 days.


have you used the flakker, crossroads or lyuda since the adjustments? doesnt feel that different. The flakker really doesn’t. It was strong in other titles and now i think it is pretty on par with TPS.

Also i think this was in the OP, but if these slight adjustments “broke” your build… it probably wasn’t good. But, i guarantee, whatever build you were running before probably works just fine still. If a skill is bad now, I am sure they will re-adjust like they did with Fl4k. Or if a gun got nerfed too hard they will bring it up, like the Maggie.

There are a million ways to play each character, look at these adjustments as a way to try new things.

(p.s. this game isn’t very hard currently… you don’t need to be “OP” to kill things"


I dont buy arguement that things cant be played tested…by the way the game released I dont think the did any testing.

There are these things called “Betas” , “PTS”, Early Access…or dare I say…they could have delayed the game.

But you know…cant make money doing all that.


Yeah and they do things like that.

But all of that you can possibly do will still dwarf the playtime done in a few days and new things will come to light