The "how are these issues even a thing?" thread

For the longest time my biggest pet peeve in this game has been body blocking. No, I’m not talking about legit body blocks like having a character in front of you (although even with that they could have an extra long armpit hair sticking out and it would prevent you from passing) I’m talking about what you could call “blocks from below!!”. 99% of the time people/AI don’t even mean to do it, but it’s still the most annoying thing I have seen in this game, and has gotten the assist in many a death of mine. It’s where you’re jumping or get knocked in the air, and on the way down, you proceed to spend the next 10 seconds bouncing around on someone or somethings head. A prime example of this is Rath when he goes in for his ult. he will knock you up while moving in, because melee. he then starts spinning, you’re stuck bouncing on his head unable to escape while he murders your face. It’s not a pretty sight.

My secondary issue is Pendles. Or rather, the way his invisibility works. I can be staring right at him shooting him in the head doing 100’s of damage to him, and yet it does not break his invisibility. Not only is that not rewarding good play, it IS rewarding bad play. If you expose yourself enough to be seen by just the slight shimmer of invisibility enough to be taking damage, you should be knocked out of stealth.

Don’t get me wrong I love the game, these are just some of the issues I have had with it over the course of my time playing. anyone else have things like these that just make them groan every time they occur?

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How is it rewarding bad play, you are getting killed, it is rewarding good play


Map voting not stopping even when there is a clear winner, it’s small but irritating when 9 people vote Overgrowth and you still need to wait for someone to comeback from the bathroom.


it is rewarding the player by letting him keep his invisibility so you lose track of him. if you expose yourself enough to be hit by someone while in stealth your stealth should fall off. this rewards the player that was able to hit you in stealth, not the player who misplayed enough to get hit in stealth.

Pendles is countered way too hard as it is. He doesn’t need any nerfs.


Yes this is a problem, although it rarely if ever happens to me
That would make his stealth much less useful and completely break precedence. Every aoe, stray bullet, etc taking you out would ruin his balance. Who cares if he’s in stealth? He can’t do anything there. And his kit is already weak to compensate (skill just to go into stealth really, not amazing ult, terrible secondary, etc.)

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The blocking from below thing sucks. But for me, it’s the damn sentry. That thing will travel far from the center of its little field that it roams. It also decides to do this as soon as I respawn and want to get to Lane quickly. I just recorded a great video showcasing this. That damn shield is so big that it will push you off until you slide down it and the sentry has moved you into the corner by the time you hit the ground, and you are now trapped in a corner by your own friggin sentry. I don’t want to go out the side doors, there is a big gaping hole in the middle that is a straight-shot back to lane. The sentry needs to not move so much

Secondly, with the new change that you can shoot through your own minions. I love it, but for some reason it doesn’t pass through thralls that you acquire. It’s inconsistencies like these that kill balance changes GBX tries to implement.

I gotta admit, GBX has changed too much too fast and I’m finding it difficult to adjust to

Yesterday i got the worst ■■■■■■■ pendless ever… By the end of the match everyone was lvl 10 and he was lvl 4 he quites…

Man i left many low hp battleborns run back lines hoping for pendless to finish them off. But no!

Pendless is about waiting, position and making every fight a 2 vs 1.

Pendless is weak, with a good healer and someone guarding the healer, pendless is usless. If you are having problems with pendless you should play pendless for a while.

Marquis will make you usless, orendi can reveal right after a bomb and slow you, ambra will zone and whiskey will reveal and kill you.

Pendless is weak with a huge crit zone, easy to spot and easy to target


Just don’t run in front of someone firing. They can balance his kit as needed (though I’ve taken down a sentry with Miasma), but the fundamental way they have invisibility working in this game just doesn’t make sense. there is a balance between stealth and stealth detection. If you have been detected and hit, you then are no longer stealthed. even if you go by the very definition of the word. look at other games for examples, like the assassin from Swtor. if he is hit or runs into an aoe or something like that, he is revealed.

It’s not all that big of a deal, just counter-intuitive. the bouncing on peoples heads thing is sooooooo much more annoying.

What’s the point of stealth If you have to avoid people? Especially Mellka and such. Her fire sprays everywhere now. And that makes him impossible to use against Ghalt. Again, this is under the logic that the point of stealth is to run through crucial areas (like the big shard of Overgrowth) with our being detected

why are you trying to get in front of people? he does all his damage from behind. abilities that restealth normally have something like “cannot be knocked out of stealth for the next 2 seconds” so if it’s getting hit right after you use your escape ability your talking about, that wouldn’t reveal. it also usually takes a certain amount of damage to knock you out of stealth due to no ammo limits, so people don’t just reveal you by luck instead of good play. stealth is for the very purpose of avoiding people until you hit your target. you don’t see Snake running up to people in his cardboard box. like i said, probably nothing, just something i find interesting.

Ah okay, those addendums have reassured me, thank you

This isn’t related to gameplay or anything, and I’m not sure if it happens on Xbox and PS4, but I absolutely despite it when I’m in my gear bank and I click on a piece of gear, but then my gear bank suddenly scrolls to a completely different section of itself, causing me to have to re-scroll back to the piece of gear I was previously looking at. Has anyone else experienced this? It infuriates me and has been in the game since launch.


Pendles is underpowered to me ONLY because of the fact AOE reveals don’t outline him, but decloak him (which is insanely stupid, especially marquis and orendi, the whole have a healer healing somebody with somebody protecting him has never been a problem for me as that means the other side is outnumbered while ours can rotate and beat them ( in the meantime I’m killing those two people on the other side, and with my legendary, I’m killing the protector on low health, miasma on healer, then back to stealth, really without BS for marquis, orendi, and one I can’t remember, he is actually in a very good spot, and makes the left part of your pic true)

I’m like 97% sure I also sent a support ticket but I don’t remember anymore.

But he is so easy to see in stealth once you get used to it.
De-cloaking him pretty much completely negates his kit. It also applies a slow CC since his movement speed while uncloaked is the slowest(?) in game.
The devs might as well remove him from the game completely if they decide decloaking when taking damage is fair to him. This would allow players to shut him down even worse than Marquis.