The Hunt 2017: Battleborn Edition

I always mess up the opportunity to make a good pun great :wink:

I see your point.

btw. Everyone plays solo, loot drops do get better when more ppl join ?

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[quote=“MentalMars, post:24, topic:1553438, full:true”]Everyone plays solo, loot drops do get better when more ppl join ?

In Borderlands, yes. In Battleborn, no.

Also, I should be able to pull in both Twitter and Discord into a single media feed to go with the stats page idea. I might be able to pull in screenshots posted from other sources but I won’t know until I’ve had a look (ie I could probably page scrape a forum thread). It gets more tricky when you start dealing with private access stuff.

ill be playing pve after the update anyway to try for diamond scores across the board. this would just be a +bonus for me.


Pinging @Ganza in case you guys have any questions that he might be able to help with.

I think this is a great idea and we’ll be happy to support this as we are with #TheHunt2017. Ganza has really refined the process over the years as you guys may know, so I would highly encourage you to pick his brain (although maybe let him get through the week first). You guys are way smarter than me, so I trust you can figure this out easily and make it great!

Sometime after the Winter Update would be very smart too, I think.


A PvE event about farming loot? Playing my favorite half of the game as part of a larger community event? Count me in!

ATTN: @lowlines, @MentalMars, @Kaleidodemon et. al. I’m in.


Talking about the winter update… Any news? :smile:

Did some light concepting today…

The “spreadsheet” of Legendaries included in The Hunt (this isn’t a final list or anything, just a quick query to !gear boss drops) with their point values listed underneath. I’ve made the assumption here that non-max rolls will get a set percentage penalty value to their score that is applied to all gear. Perhaps 60-70% of its full value?

When you tap on a Legendary, it brings up a popup with a list of all the times you have logged it dropping. Underneath that is the PNG gear card with max roll stats and information on where it drops to the side. I wanted this quick access information to be right next to you as you are hunting for drops. At most you are 1-2 taps from away from the information, and you should never have to leave the page while you are hunting for gear.

This is the interesting page! It would display global stats for the entire event (I’ve listed a couple of possible stats I could track as examples) and underneath are the most recent recorded drops. Not shown here, but I’d also look at tracking the number of times each unique legendary drops so you could see globally what has been either the most popular/rare/sought after items overtime.

All of these pages are already functional at least from the front-end side of things. I reused a bunch of stuff from other parts of my website, and most of my time actually went into the Sign Up form (not visible here).

The process I have in my head would be as follows:

  1. Enter a username and hit “Sign Up”. This will add you to the system and also store your details locally in much the same way as the collection system works. You can also specify which social media streams you want to get tracked (more on this in a moment).
  2. If you happen to jump between devices, you can also grab your Username and your Sync Code and use the “Sync To This Device” tab to download your settings so you can jump between devices.
  3. Then once the event starts you can use whatever screenshot upload method is easiest for you and just focus on playing the game!

If you are familiar with how to make queries to lowlibot on the Discord, I was thinking screenshots could be attached with a similar command like descriptor that can be matched against my Gear API and then logged with a link back to the original submission.

ie for Twitter
“I got a max roll codex! Whoo! Go me! #TheHunt2017” ~lowlines

I could set up a bot to watch that particular hashtag looking for posts made by registered participants who have specified a Twitter handle and have correctly submitted their drop. When it finds a match, it will then log it and automatically update your progress. The less user input the better and after the initial sign up (which I have tried to make as simple as possible), these pages basically just become a quick reference page for checking your stats and seeing what gear you still have to get.

I still have to set up a bot and get it talking to my website (both are things i have already done before with lowlibot on the Discord), but would having this make the event more fun?

A few more thoughts:

  • I like @Kitru’s suggestion of a binary Max Roll or Trash scoring system (it would also be easier for me to implement and for people to be able to determine the quality of their roll since they can just refer to the gear card)
  • We will probably need to decide on a short name for each Legendary included in the event so there’s less room for error (ie codex = Codex Fragment, ones like the Vow of Vengeance and Zealous Fury will need some extra care because their names are similar), I could include the short name in the popup so when an item drops, you can take a screenshot and refer to Event Page to find the correct short name to guarantee it gets logged by the bot.
  • Do we want to track what platform people are playing on?
  • What sort of sorting/filtering options would people like on the page? By default it orders the gear alphabetically.
  • I feel fairly confident I can create a bot that will support tracking on both Twitter and on the Discord, so would it be okay if I just prioritize the 2?
  • I think if I can pull this off, we will then have a system in place where we can do more Treasure Hunt type mini events in the future which we can iterate on as we go. Such a fun way to start the year! :sunglasses:
  • Once I get the bot up and running, I will probably need some guinea pigs to test it and break it so I can fix it again. If you are a regular on the Discord, then this probably isn’t news to you :wink:


  • Oh and I need to add some ranking to the global stats so people can see who’s in the top spots >_<

I really, really could do with some badass Gearbox APIs right about now :sob:


I am totally on-board with this! I’ll have to get a Hunting Party together on Xbox so I can stream it.

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I’m not as versed as many people here on the Battleborn section of the forums, but if anyone needs any references or any ideas/models, anything at all I’ll be willing to assist. You know where to find me. :grin:


I’ve made some progress with my event bot.

Discord submissions work.

Twitter has this pretty cool thing called a Streaming API which basically gives you access to a direct feed to tweets as they happen. Through this, I can set up my bot to watch a hashtag and look for valid submissions by people who have registered for the event. I thought that by adding support for Twitter, it would allow people to also engage with others on social media and to have a quick way to submit screenshots directly from your console, however it seems there are quite a few people (especially on the Discord) who are opposed to using social media. Fortunately for us, the Unofficial Discord is an awesome place to hang out! To keep things simple, screenshots taken with your phone will also be valid submissions as you can more easily upload them through the Discord mobile app.

To get some decisions happening about the rules, here’s a WIP list of Legendary Gear based on the discussion so far.

Basically, Lootpack drops are worth 5, Normal drops are worth 10 and Advanced drops are worth 15. Getting a “Trash Roll” (non-max roll) will award you 70% of its points rounded to the closest whole number (ie 4, 7 and 11 respectively).

I wanted to put emphasis on actually running the PvE missions but to not totally discount opening Lootpacks as a way to score points. Speaking of scoring, your total score will be cumulative of every Legendary you log into the system. I want people who put the time into finishing a 20-40min story mission to be able to earn points regardless of what Legendary drops for you each run. I think it is more important to not have to worry about and/or getting frustrated if you keep getting doubles of the same gear.

However, rather than simply tracking who’s got the most score, there will also be leaderboards for people that have had the most Legendaries drop and the most Unique Legendaries drop for the duration of the event. The latter would be the hardest leaderboard to top since it will require diversifying what story missions you play as well as opening lots of Lootpacks. If 2 people tie for a place, then your total score will be used to determine who’s on top.

Proposed Leaderboards:

  • Top Scorer - Cumulative score of every Legendary that drops
  • Most Legendaries - Total number of Legendary drops regardless of rolls(*)
  • Most Unique Legendaries - Total number of Unique Legendary drops regardless of rolls(*)

(*) unless 2 people tie for a place

Given the information revealed in this week’s Battleplan I think we can safely say that January is pretty much out as a possible time to hold a Hunt Event, which works out well for me since I am going to be busy with updates and stuff. I would also like to do a dry run of the event to test out my system and see how people respond to it before doing a full dress rehearsal. So when the time comes, I’ll do a call for sign ups and turn on the bot for a day or so to see how it fairs. Assuming that works out, and i don’t have any critical issues to resolve, a date can be set for a full week long run some time in February!

Perhaps I will even be able to coax @MentalMars to do up one of his awesome video guides on how to sign up, submit your drops as well as the rules of the event?


Nothing to see, just some mock ups… :wink:



@MentalMars I like the far right one the most as it emphasises the fact you will be killing lots of dudes for them sweets loots :sunglasses:


Ok so apparently Reddit has decided on its own that Battleborn Day II is happening on February 17-18th. We also have Montana and the Demon Bear coming up next week, and I suspect the final Story Operation is not too far off (like “it’s a matter of when is the right time to release it” far off).

Then at the start of March we have the Choctaw Battleborn Tournament.

I believe the HGL Winter Update Tournament as well as PAX South happening this weekend too.

Meaning there’s basically a bunch of things happening all within a month or so!

I am still very much swamped with content updates so this doesn’t give me a lot of leg room to prepare for my Battleborn Hunt Event for an early-mid February release. I still need to finish implementing leaderboards and schedule in some test runs to see how well the bots handle stuff and while actual development time probably won’t take much, I would very much like a little bit of lead up to the event so it can be properly promoted and more people will hopefully know about it and join in.

So with all that in mind, I reckon pushing this back to early-mid March might be a good place for it and will give me ample time to prepare and get everyone onboard. :sunglasses:


Nothing as of yet. The best window to do it kind of passed because I was busy with content updates and there’s been a few other events in between that would have conflicted. I’m also devoting some personal time to gaming and attempt to get in front of the pile of games I have starting with the new Zelda.

I do want to do it, but time just seems to disappear for me :S