The Hunt 2017: Hosted by Gothalion - A Scavenger Hunt

##PSA: If you have signed up using the Google Docs form, consider yourself signed up for the competition. I have a live list of who signed up, their emails, and the timestamp of the time that you’ve signed up. I have created a blank version of the checklist for you to download and keep progress with offline as we try to work out the kinks with a live scoreboard:

###The live spreadsheets are now open down below. Thanks everyone.

#The Hunt 2017 - A Community Event

##Presented by King Gothalion -

###Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, to the loot filled wasteland that we all know and love as Pandora. My name is Ganza, and I’m here to provide some information about a community event that will be happening on this upcoming January. Yes that’s right, The Hunt Borderlands community event is returning! This time around the event is going to be hosted by the one and only Gothalion (, and there are awesome things in-store for this iteration of the Borderlands community event!

###Gothalion as well as many other Borderlands community streamers from past and present are going to be taking part in supporting this event, including Admiral Bahroo, Professor Broman, Bisnap, and more! Also we have a few things in store from Gearbox Software themselves, courtesy of our community manager Joe King!

###This iteration of the Hunt is going to be designed around introducing new people from other gaming communities to the Borderlands series, promoting smaller streamers and longtime members of the Borderlands 2 Livestreaming Community, and showcasing the best of what Borderlands 2 has to offer. The Borderlands community in my mind is one of the most welcoming gaming communities out there on, we have some of the strongest support in community leadership via our community manager Joe King and his associates, and we encourage anyone from any gaming background to pick this game up and give it a shot.

###So I bet you’re wondering what the deal is with all the shenanigans happening this time around, eh? Well, let’s get right into it.

##This competition will start on January 2nd, 2017 at 10 AM EDT (GMT -5), and will last for one week until January 9th, 2017.

###You must stream your progress via your Twitch channel, and provide proof of your drops for verification purposes via the highlight tool/the Twitch clips tool. This means you MUST HAVE PAST BROADCASTS ENABLED ON YOUR TWITCH CHANNEL.

To activate past broadcasts on your channel:

  • Login with your Twitch information
  • Navigate to
  • Make sure the checkbox next to “Archive Broadcasts” is checked
    **Please note that this setting does not save your past broadcasts forever, rather they are available for a limited time after the cast is over. Be sure to highlight your drops via the highlight tool, or clip drops via the clipping tool!**

How to create a highlight of your Twitch past broadcast:

  • When logged in, visit, and on your username drop down in the top right, select video manager.
  • You should see a compilation of your past broadcasts, and under each one there will be an option to “Highlight.”

How to create a clip of your Twitch past broadcast:

  • When viewing your past broadcast, click on the clips logo on the bottom right of the video screen at the end portion of the clip you want to capture. This will automatically create a clip.

#The Hunt 2017 Official Ruleset
This time around we will be making the rules a little more lenient for those who are new to the Borderlands community, and new to the game in general. We want to ensure a fun environment for all participants involved, regardless of experience with the game.

  • You must CREATE A NEW CHARACTER and utilize it for the duration of the competition
    To start everyone on even footing and to allow people who have not played the game before to be on par with everyone, we are enforcing that a new character must be created on January 2nd for this scavenger hunt.
  • You must COMPLETE Talon of God on Normal Vault Hunter Mode
    We are requiring that everyone complete the first playthrough up to NVHM Talon of God before the end of the competition.
  • ONLY ONE (1) ITEM Per Slot, No Duplicate Items for Points
    Each item is redeemable only once, and you cannot farm the same item for multiple iterations of points. Once you have it, you have it.
  • Co-Op Regulations are as follows:
    Co-Op play is encouraged, all signed up with a column must be streaming. If a drop is found during a playthrough with multiple column-assigned participants, only ONE (1) highlight is needed; please make sure to put the names of your co-op partners in the highlight description/clip title. You may play with partners that are not participating on the spreadsheet via co-op.
  • No Golden Key Items
    No items from the Golden Chest are allowed for use in the playthrough.
    You may read only farm to obtain certain items while leveling up a character, only for those items with gun rolls. You may not Alt F4 / Dashboard farm things like the Moonshot, Treasure Room Questline, etc.
  • World Drops ARE ALLOWED
    This means that if you find an item on this list by killing a random enemy, opening a chest, from a Legendary Loot Midget, etc., you ARE allowed to count this item towards your progress.
  • Items from Slot Machines ARE ALLOWED
    If you find any item on the list from the slot machines in Sanctuary, the Torgue DLC, or the Tiny Tina DLC, you ARE allowed to count this towards your progress.
  • You may buy the RAID BOSS SERAPHS from NVHM/TVHM Seraph Vendors
    We are excluding Seraph items that only appear in the shop and that are not drops from various raid bosses. The Raid Seraphs are purchasable from Seraph Vendors in NVHM/TVHM ONLY, and all Seraph Shops require that a raid boss be defeated before becoming available.
  • Legendary Items from the Torgue DLC Vending Machines ARE ALLOWED
    You may farm Torgue Tokens in order to purchase a Torgue Legendary and count it towards your progress (Please note that the Pocket Rocket is excluded from this competition).
  • Legendary/Pearlescent Items from vendors in the “Item of the Day” ARE ALLOWED
    If you are lucky enough to come across a legendary or pearlescent in a vending machine’s “Item of the Day,” you may count it towards your progress. You DO NOT need to purchase the item, rather you can highlight the item in the machine as proof.
  • No Badass Rank
    Please disable badass rank to keep everyone on the same footing during the competition.
  • No Experience Point Exploits
    Including Test Dummy EXP Farming
  • Classic Hunt Rules Apply as far as Exploits/Glitches
    This includes bans on Damage Transfer via Pimpernel/Ahab or Flakker/Ahab, Morningstar Critical Hit Stacking, Respec Machine Rising Sh0t Stacking, Buck Up/Gaige Glitches, Amp Shield Damage Stacking, Axton Co-Op Speed Glitch, and no Out of Bounds.

#Sign-ups Here
Sign ups are going to be done via Google Forms and will be posted here as well as distributed via livestreams as soon as we are ready.

#Live Tracking Scoreboards!
As with past events, we are utilizing a Google Doc for managing the item lists, point values, as well as a live count of player scores. Once your email has been approved via the Google Form submission, I will add you manually to the Google Spreadsheet as an editor and you will be assigned a column, where you update your score as you go!

If there are any issues, missing items, or other changes that need to be made, please post them here in this thread or contact myself or Gothalion via our respective social media handles.

###Griefing the scoreboard and spreadsheet is grounds for removal from this event. Please be respectful of others’ columns and DO NOT edit anyone else’s column but your own. All edits are tracked.

Spreadsheet Updates:
v. 1.1 - Edited Item Locations for some Legendary Drops to “Any.” (12/14)
v. 1.2 - Added first batch of competitors, and formatted columns.
v. 1.3 - Added second batch of competitors.
v. 1.4 - Turned one spreadsheet of 1000 into 7 separate spreadsheets, enabled editing access.

#Prizes from Gearbox Software announced!

Thanks for all the support from Gearbox Software, and our Community Manager Joe King for helping us with these awesome prizes from the team.

##1st Place: Flare2v (
The RC Claptrap - Signed by members of the Gearbox Software team!

##2nd Place: Ilovecheese2 (
Strategy Guide / Artbook signed by members of the Gearbox Software team!

##3rd Place: Lazy Data (
A Buttstallion Statue signed by members of the Gearbox Software team!

Thanks all involved for making this event a reality.

Note from Ganza: I’d like to thank everyone who has participated in these events past and present, and thanks to the Borderlands community for being one of the best gaming communities out there.


Cant wait for this to begin. Gonna be awesome participating in another Hunt.

So is the Hunt on for those on Twitch, or can anyone join? Basically, is Twitch being used just to verify what is done, or is having Twitch needed in order to participate?

Anyone can join along and play, but to participate on the live scoreboard/spreadsheet like past iterations of this event you need to create a Twitch account and livestream all your progress for verification purposes.

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Can’t wait!

My girl and I stream together, I wanted to ask if we should be participating separately? Maybe if she gets a drop I can maximize her screen and highlight it and vice versa for myself. I want it to be fair and what not of course. Also, should we play separately or can we play co-op.

I may be interested in this, but I do my streaming over on youtube. Would I need to stream on twitch for this, or would my youtube channel suffice?

I’ll have more info for you momentarily!

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I will look into it and see if we can accommodate YouTube Gaming. Will reply back with more info!

Thanks for looking into that for me.

Since Hunt 2017 tries to “start everyone on an even footing”, does that mean that you can’t use Claptrap’s stash to pass weapons that were found in previous playthroughs?

That is correct.

You can now sign up for The Hunt 2017! People will be given access to the spreadsheet with their respective column throughout the week. Thank you for your patience!

Note: We are mainly focused on this being a event, and will update if we can do something for the YouTube gaming channels. Thank you!


Any new news on the duo stream thing Ganz?

Hey gearbox. Give us another loot hunt. No money, just with specific items dropping from specific bosses


Cant wait to do this. i have never played BL2 but have always wanted to. going to be inserting going into this blind AF!

Are there going to be separate options for 1 2 3 4 player groups this year? If not will partying be allowed assuming the other player is participating?

So do the drops count if you get it in normal mode ie getting a level 1 hornet on knuckledragger just trying to make sure

Also to let people know we are participating in the hunt do we put #Hunt or something in the title of the stream