The Hunt 2018 - 1st: Flare2v, 2nd: LazyData, 3rd: Mopioid [$120k for St. Judes!]

Is it cool if we stream on another platform besides twitch? (e.g. Mixer) My PC isn’t good enough for streaming haha.

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More for curiosity as I’ve never used that “read only” trick, but can you explain me what you mean by “gun rolls” exactly?


A gun roll would be where the reward for the mission is the same gun all the time for a specific quest. For instance the Whoops mission for the sandhawk. You can read only farm for a specific element or prefix, since the reward will always be a sandhawk


That’s what I thought afterwards, thanks for confirming :slight_smile:


I got a question, is drop reloading banned or no?

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Do in other words I️ have to make a new character to get any of the unique guns for bl2 that i could normally no get

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i dont think it is. its just a basic mechanic of how the game works: “guns are fully loaded when they arent in the players inventory” and it probably falls under the same category as nade jumping which is just speed tec. ( as long as you dont go out of bounce with it :stuck_out_tongue: ) drop reloading is also allowed in 1life which has the same no exploits / glitches rule.

@Ganza How is the stance on “hiding behind gee’s rock”? i’d imagine it falls under the “and other obvious gltiches/exploits not mentioned here.” but i wanna make sure since one could also put it under “ai manipulation”. personally im not even going to farm him but if anyone decides to do so it should probably be made clear =)

Also: im really happy how this years rulechanges turned out so far, good job on that =)

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So if i were wanting to farm a rock jumping badaboom i would have to do it in TVHM/NVHM

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Hi, I have a doubt about this rule: PC READ ONLY FARMING IS ALLOWED ONLY FOR QUEST REWARDS WITH GUN ROLLS… With “Gun Rolls” you mean rewards with two items to choose from? Sorry, but English is not my language. What I would like to know is if it is possible to “read only farming” weapons like SandHawk. Which is useful to have in all its elemental variants.

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a “roll” in games with randomly generated content just refers to what the game decided to generate. Just like a Dice in pen and paper games (like dungeons and dragons) which you whould “roll” to decide on different things.

the gun roll in Borderlands is just a different way to say what parts an item got generated with. So yes, it is possible to read only farm weapons like sandhawk and moxxy weapons.

@Teras993 exactly. once you start up UVHM for the first time, there’s no going back to normal mode anymore, in which case you’d have to farm for a TVHM badaboom.

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Is stacking the Grog Nozzle for the the drunk effect allowed?

you said read only farming to get something like the sandhawk to get the right element but is it allowed to use the gear transfer box to keep the sandhawks you farmed?

@iHaku Thanks for the full explanation! :grinning:

@tech94ta Interesting question (it’s a question, right?)… :thinking:

@Ganza Hi Ganza, I signed up two days ago, but I have not received the confirmation mail. My e-mail address works well. Do I have to wait a few more days? Or do I have to repeat the signing up?

Same for me, i do not receive confirmation of my registration.
Do I repeat it ?

This has been changed for this iteration of the hunt because in TVHM all seraphs are sold and you’d just get full seraph completion. thus rendering the challenge null.

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Me and a friend have been working on a spreadsheet to reduce the time spend looking up items on the list + having better functionality (automatic checklist and counter, overview, timestamp/vod linking column, etc)

We made it specificly for us but if anyone wants to use it, this is a shared link for the Document. I think its especially helpfull for new participants as it quickly provides the information they need to find the lootsource.
If you think that it might be a better alternative to the blank default spreadsheet, you can go over it and add it o the OP. We also corrected some errors. If anyone finds any mistakes in my spreadsheet just pm me =)

Happy hunting

edit: make sure that if you want to use this document, its wisely to copy the latest version of it right before the hunt actually starts, just in case we found and fixed any errors =)

yeah it is a question

I stand corrected, you MUST buy or obtain seraph equipment this year. You can use vendors to buy them though.

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Ok, I have a couple of questions, as this will be my first time doing this. 1. Can we farm for XP on enemies like Badmaw? 2. Can we open quest lines that have mission items (like the Grog Nozzle) and keep them open to use the weapon? Really looking forward to this Hunt, it sounds like a blast!

both of them are a yes. you’ll need to repeatedly kill alot of enemies anyway to get their respective unique/legendary drop.

there is no restriction on what quests to do and what not (except for killing warrior on normal, which is a neccessity to be accepted in the ranking in the first place)