The Hunt 2018 - 1st: Flare2v, 2nd: LazyData, 3rd: Mopioid [$120k for St. Judes!]

Is B0re shotting Bunker and Hyperius allowed?

Yay my first hunt ever :DDDDDDDDDD YAY!!!


Looks interesting. Thinking about joining


I’m taking it the infinite money shot is probably not allowed under the “no glitch/exploits” rule?

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i’m participating in the hunt for the first time I will be streaming it but I don’t have a good enough cpu and it is veary blocky at times when streaming. Is that ok as long as the clips show good enough evidence that the weapons were farmed legitimately

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So could we potentially just farm WEP for Legendaries? The Loot midget farm is efficient and if you can do that then that would be pretty cool.

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it’s good to check random legendaries of the list but with every item you drop its looses efficiency. keep in mind that alot of items arent actually in their lootpool (seraphs, tubby items, uniques etc)

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It would just mean that you would have to farm less bosses and with higher levels the Loot midgets would be easier and you could empty their loot quicker? I’ll deffo be farming it because I’ve put countless hours into farming it already, can’t wait to participate, is there a bio I could change on my profile for my twitch link or anything? Or have you guys got all that handled from the sign up?


Sup @Ganza
Just a few questions

  1. Can I use my new audio set-up on pc (japanese voices, english sub)
  2. Are you required to keep items? or just have enemies drop them on stream? since you can’t store them all

I’m getting more and more interested XD

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cant wait for this to start really excited!

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I just wanted to see if the rising shot clitch was allowed

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So I got some questions since this is my First Hunt

Is it just farm whatever you want or do have to do a certain order?
What would you recommend for PS4 in trying to get valid points?
For XP exploits what are some other examples of that so I make sure I don’t end up using them.

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@AONBPopTart It’s generally save to say that if it makes you alot stronger then you’re supposed to be and it has “glitch” in the name, then its banned lol. actually, respec machine rising sh0t stacking is even mentioned as being banned.

@sgtbill98 The order doesnt matter, you can go about it however you want. Thinking abit about a strategy before the event doesnt hurt tho :wink:

Cant you stream on Twitch with your ps4? Should be the same procedure as for people on the PC. You can probably look it up on youtube how to stream with your console.

As far as XP exploits go, is there something specific you’re thinking of? Because besides test dummy i dont even think that i know of one :thinking:

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Ok thanks I can’t wait to do this hunt I love the Bl2 and tps community

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Is leaving missions open, like doctors orders, to farm loot midgets considered an exploit and therefore not allowed?

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just signed up! it’d be fun and challenging to build a new melee zer0. It’s been ages since I made one.


I think it would be better to make all participants farm gear that is level only. People who have more time on their hands will undoubtedly get to a high rank much quicker. Once you have that high level gear, going back to TVHM with say a ‘Fleet Maya’ would give you a massive advantage and much to easy way of getting drops. And if it sounds controversial, rocket jumping exploits should not be allowed as you are bypassing the set limits of the environment. We all know how amazing Joltz is as doing this, it’s great to watch and it’s creative as hell, but not really what you’d call legitimate way of getting to some of the boss drops. Glitching through any environment shouldn’t be allowed (for the purpose of a charity based event)?

I realise it’s the fun and taking part, but i think it would be better for people watching to see the players using on level gear to do all the objectives. Otherwise it becomes a fairly mundane viewing as the player isn’t needed to show knowledge and skill at all. All the full time streamers and people like me who have no work would race to 72 then wipe the floor with anything at lvl50 - the gap is just too big.


edit: Also, shouldn’t loot drops need to be seen dropping in clips. Otherwise people could have dropped things off screen. If someone were to get a Cobra for instance, then join someone else’s lobby and drop it off screen near dead burners. Pretty easy for PC people to create things and exploit this kind of thing.

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I can give you my personal oppinion on that, but keep in mind that im in not part of the event organisation and my input weights therefore just as much as yours and anyone elses.

You brought up a few points in here that i was concerned about aswell in the beginning.

First the topic of rocket jumping: This isnt an exploit in any way and we should keep the rules straight and accessible. There is tec and gameknowledge that should be rewarded as long as we play by the rules in the playfield that the game set for us and dont use exploits. dropreloading also falls under this category. to make it simple: “if you’re ■■■■ at rocket jumping, now is the time to learn.” you have enough time to prepare, and this makes routing for a sham at the right time actually more interesting imo.

you’re only allowed to skip specific things and out-of-bounce is banned from this event.

let me ask you something in return: Do you think that gameknowledge and skill shouldnt be rewarded and showcased? and that people will find it alot more interesting to see standard gameplay that they could come up with aswell? Or should people who watch this see some cool things that are withing gamerules? As an extreme example, imagine AGDQ with only glitchless runs. Remember that the “shooting people” aspect of borderlands is very mediocre at best. If anyone wants to see some killer aim they’re better of watching CSGO majors or something.

I wanted to bring that up at some point aswell. i expected people to clip the kill aswell tho, however since the entire thing needs to be streamed and you cant be sure if there isnt just a random dude joining your stream what do you do then? You’d be banned instantly by the event staff if someone just points a finger at your stream. With alot of people watching and streaming i expect some dudes just checking out how far random people with less players are. If you’re really far ahead you’ll automaticly attract viewers so it kinda keeps itself in check atleast in the later stages of the game.

You’re partly required to do this already. We did alot of routing already and going back to farm lowlevel zones is generally a less optimal way of doing things outside of some DLC stuff (depending on the character). Keep in mind that you want to squeeze out as much time for endgame tubby farming to even get a shot at pearl completion. i’d put the entire thing as trying to get a good route for yourself, and from what i gathered on some of the more popular streams, most people will just wing it and do everything on UVHM anyway.

that doesnt matter. The only thing that matters in the end is the total playtime over the event. you dont get a higher rank “much quicker” when you sync up the runs after that.

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No your perfectly right, was just questioning certain aspects and rules. I loved watching Joltz videos, very entertaining and i was pretty bad at rocket jumping myself. It was more brought up for end game exploits of getting to the peak boss and farming the Pearls from him. Its crazy easy to do that way. Otherwise i’m cool with people creating their own characters and entertaining the viewers, it’s Borderlands :smile:

Out of interest, do you have a link or any ‘scoreboard’ handy from last year?

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isnt that banned? atleast i whould imagine it is. either way you still need to farm tubbys because there are 4 pearls that dont drop from him and are tubby exclusive (as you can clearly see in my own spreadsheet nudge nudge )

Sure, just look up the 2017 hunt. the scoreboards are in there, sorted by alphabet. if you want to find the top 3, scroll down to their names and open the corresponding spreadsheet. its somewhat poorly made i have to say since they didnt bother merging them, but its fine for what it is i guess.

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