The hunt by hellz lips

Disclamer: This is not my thread. I am mearly reposting from the old forums. Credit for this goes to @Lips

Idea as a result of completely misunderstanding TanteErna

The Hunt!

Borderlands has a myriad of gun possibilities, but only a few step up to Hellz Ztandards.
see what i did there losers hahahaha
The hunt is straight forward. I will post my dream guns. You find them. You get your name in my next sig honoring you as Hellz Approved!


Post your find, must match all parts listed

Before and after pics preferred but not required. Dont be holding any maliw0n guns in the pic please

Level doesnt matter, and you can post pics from whenever (even pre-knoxx patch)

Stay honest, WT constructs are lame

Whoever finds the most of my picks wins 1st place!

BEWARE!!! I have been playing this game since release and I have never found any of them as an exact match!


Atlas DVL590 Pearl Cyclops- barrel5, mag3 (3 round mag), heavy acc. (looks like a ballsack under the barrel)

Jakobs AX10 ZZ Savage Unforgiven (Masher)- Scopeless, Mag5 (2 shot), Masher acc.

Hyperion AR500.W Punishing Destroyer- Pounder mag, Scope 5, Intense Acc (+50% Critical damage)

Jakobs ZPR15 ZZ Hunter’s Striker- Scopeless, Terrible Acc. preferred

Dahl PPZ370 U Liquid Penetrator- x3 Corrosive, 10 round mag

Dahl TK5 U Nasty Swatter- Barrel5, scopeless, stabilizer acc., Action 5

Torgue HX130 Iron Gasher- Scopeless, Vector acc. (21.8 ROF)

Jakobs Elephant Gun- damage over 1900
Update: Found as of 8/5/2018 by user @Iggybuggydo. Post proof: Your Item Find(s) of the Day (Original Game)
2nd Found: @billthebetta As of 1/7/2020. Post proof: Your Item Find(s) of the Day (Original Game)

Hellz Holy Grail
AX10 U Caustic Anaconda- Scopeless, mag4 with 2.1 ROF, corrosive

Good Hunting Duders


So wait, you want us to restart this and start looking for these items? Orrrrrrrrr…? Yeah? Or do we list our own “holy grail” thread? Cause honestly I’d love to see one of those.

This was more of a “here look at this list now go find these weapons” thread. Hense the word hunt. Though if you want you could always start a holy grail thread. Also no one ever actually did find anything from this thread I’m pretty sure so the hunt is still on.


Just for the fun of it I looked for these in my 41,498-weapon craw drop spreadsheet. So, have I found any of these? Let’s see.

Atlas DVL590 Pearl Cyclops:

  • closest is DVL9 Pearl Cyclops w/ Barrel5 and Long accessory. Not bad.

Jakobs AX10 ZZ Savage Unforgiven (Masher):

  • the only ZZ masher is a DL10 (yuck) w/ no sight. I did find an AX300 XX w/ sight 4 though…

Hyperion AR500.W Punishing Destroyer:

  • Hmm, tough one. I’ve got 2 Punishing pounder Destroyers but both are mat1, sight1, no acc.

Jakobs ZPR15 ZZ Hunter’s Striker:

  • ZPR1 ZZ w/ terrible accessory is closest. Not bad but the mag is really important…best with mag5 is SPR15 XX, no acc.

Dahl PPZ370 U Liquid Penetrator:

  • This one is impossible…I have 26 penetrators but none corrosive. Closest is PPZ7 U w/ mag5 but no accessory. I guess that’s not that far off.

Dahl TK5 U Nasty Swatter:

  • I’ve got one w/ Action5 and no acc, or action4 w/ stabilizer. Why stabilized? That’s stupid!

Torgue HX130 Iron Gasher:

  • Why Iron? Steel is better…i think. No fire rate or prefix bonuses on Iron, right? Anyway, I’ve got an HX12 Double. Nor really even close.

AX10 U Caustic Anaconda:

  • I’ve got this in fire but not corrosive.

So, takeaway - all these things are pretty rare :smile:

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The penetrator is crazy rare honestly I would say its more rare than his holy grail. Ive gotten VERY close to it though. Mine was mat 1.


Anyone else want to share some of their own holy grails? Here are a couple of mine:

  • HX540.W or 550.W vectored bitch, sight5.
  • TK6 V3 Double Rebel, barrel5, action5, sight 2 or 3.

Closest I have come is a HX42.G Bitch, vectored but not sight, and a BLR6 Rebel w barrel2 and action5.